New Layout. I need Feedback.

Hello there my dear doofuses. Hehe. So, I changed the layout of this blog and made some significant changes to the sidebar column. I need your feedbacks. I know it looks a bit girlish, but who care. I like it. I like it this way. Hehe. I need you guys to tell me what more should I add or what should I remove okay?

Gimme your feedback by posting comments on this. Thanks!

Oh yeah, updates coming up soon!



So! This time I won’t go into my emotional mood and “Missing My Friends” mood (read previous post) because for the past 3 days, I’ve been so happy!. I have a lot of reasons to be in a joyous mood.

#Reason 1#

~ Driving License? ~
Last Saturday, I asked my dad if I could register for a driving license (Heck, I’ve been wanting to since I was seventeen (-.-)). He finally yes since I’ll be doing nothing at home for another 2 months, that is before I fly to Perak. So, he asked me to call this person la itu ini. I ignored what he said and told him that I should just go there and register manually. Plus, wouldn’t it be easier like that? Thankfully, he allowed me to do what I want and he gave RM2o0 for registration purposes. My sister took me to KMK near my house, only about 1.5km away. I’m gonna start next week. Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish before I go to UTP.

#Reason 2#

~ I Saw Narnia! ~
Oh yeah! Yesterday, I went out with Ameline, Ivan, Aiman, Lalan, Hamka and Iqbal to watch Narnia. It was the first time for me to actually go out with these guys to see a movie. Nda sangka dorg tingu Narnia. Haha. Oh yeah, before that, can I swear on something here first? Eh, of course I can, this is my freaking blog. Here goes. “Napa ba Center Point ni infested with Pilak hari minggu?! Bukan sia nda besa la but this is just unacceptable! They’re everywhere! It’s an eyesore and sometimes their odour is unbearable! Ada lagi tu yang mau bergeng-geng sana. Trip betul. And them tripping like they’re fashionistas from the West is just a turn-off!” Damn. I didn’t maki bagus-bagus. But whatever. I got out Center Point with Iqbal Dude and Hamka Dude and walked all the way to Cathay Cineplex. Ko ni Van, slalu suruh sia tunggu di tempat yang salah! Then, we met up with Meline at Cathay and waited for the three other members of the Boys at the back(In case you’re wondering, I’m not part of the group. Haha.” After the Ivan, Lalan and Aiman came, we bought popcorn and went straight into the cinema. I made a big mistake though. I didn’t pee before the movie! The worst part is, the movie is about 2 and a half minutes long. Imagine the pain! my gonads was hurting like crazy. Haha. I was seating at the edge of my seat to prevent further circulation of sugar in my body. Haha. But, I did manage to hold it in that long and rushed to the toilet after the movie. Ameline faced the same situation. Haha.’

#Reason 3#

~Para Para Speed Racer!~
Kenneth called me last night to confirm my attendance and I think i said “Maybe”. Chubby sms-ed me too and asked me. Eventually, I decided to come as my sisters were going out to see Narnia as well. My sister’s friend Natalie tagged in as well. So, I arrived at Center Point at about 11.45 and thankfully, Zeff bought me a ticket for Speed Racer. Yes. I went to see Speed Racer alone. There were only about 15 people inside the cinema and I put my legs on top of the front seat because it was so damn comfortable. The movie was great too. Heck, I love action movies! Hehe. After the movie, Zeff and the others were still inside the other cinema to see Narnia. I decided to karaoke and bought 2 tokens for Kbox. As always, I sang the living hell out of the songs i chose(padahal 2 ja pun lagu). After meeting the guys back at Fun Square, I played a round of DDR and also Para2. It was fun! Heck, I made the high score for Para-Para as well. Haha. After that, we went to KFC for some after-dance break and ate there. Then, Hakim and Kenneth went home and me and Zeff went to Public Bank for a while before heading for Fun Square once again. Hakim gave me 4 tokens before he left and I Para-paraed some more! hehe. I even got the highest score for freestyle Para2! After that, Zeff went home and I met up with my sisters before heading home.

P/s: Thanks zeff for the 7 sins cd. And Kim, Para2 lae kita nanti!

That’s all for now!

Missing U Guys.

The fact is, I MISS you guys. Very much, in fact. It’s kinda weird to be missing you guys when all this while I never had what I’m having now. It’s that feeling when you miss somebody so much. I can’t explain it. I’m sorrowed because now I believe that distance does makes a difference. Know what I mean? I’m pretty sure that the thought of your best friends studying elsewhere makes you feel alone. Loneliness is what I’m feeling now. Although I know I still have friends here at KK, I guess I still want my friends from Labuan to be here. Maybe, just maybe, I’m troubled by them being around new companies. I don’t want them to go there and make new friends because I wanna preserve what we have. But, I know that sounds selfish of me. Sigh. But it is what I’m feeling right now. I wouldn’t wanna end up being the only one who still think that what we had before is still on and things are still damn fine and not awkward.

I don’t want to always be the one who send an sms to you guys or be the one to initiate a conversation. I don’t know if you guys are busy or not. I don’t want to be left out. But, it pains me not to be updated in your lives. Damn. I wish it wouldn’t be this hard. Wanna know how I’m feeling, I’m feeling so small right now. Why? Because every time I send an sms, I get this feeling of drifting further away from you guys because the way you state how your life is a blast over there build up a jealousy inside of me. You’re getting a new best friend and I’m soon gonna be replaced. Sigh. I want to meet all of you again but what if the awkward silence be present when we meet up? Now that’s my biggest fear.

Anyway, I guess things are gonna get harder each day. Soon, I’ll be heading off to Perak and take up Foundation in IT and Communication at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. It’ll be new and interesting. Yeah, I’m talking about the course. But of course, the surroundings will be new and the people I meet will be total strangers. Damn. And all of these, I have to face ALONE. I don’t have anybody there. Not my parents, not my bestfriend, not even my relatives. Huhu. Although, I have Jeremy by my side, it’s still a mystery if we would be sticking together then, or would fate separate us into separate rooms. Huhu. I know my best friends are just a phone call or a click away but still, pushing the technologies aside, I’m still gonna have to adjust to new sosial life and I believe, I would be getting a culture shock there. Damn.

I only have less than 2 months before I board the MAS plane to KLIA and the taxi to Tronoh Perak. Please guys, help me out okay. I can’t live without my friends. Even an sms message from you guys will ease my loneliness. I know I gotta be stronger, I gotta be matured and I gotta be positive. So, right now, all I’m asking is, please never lose contact with me! 0168048787.

I know, I know, I’m being paranoid over losing my friends. I hope I’ll get over it soon. I know I’ll be meeting new people and potentially Mrs. Lolo. Haha. But, let’s not go that far, yet. Haha. Hopefully, since UTP is an international University, I’d be meeting a lot of foreigners and be able to get to know their cultures and language. My Mum said the funniest thing to me that day when I told her that the university is an international university, “Hah? international?! Nah boy, jangan bawa balik pompuan Negro kama”. Wahaha. That’s the funniest thing my mum ever advised me on. Oh ya, my dad initially offered me a laptop and a new handphone for me to use there. But sadly, he changed his mind. He said no need to buy a new laptop because I’m gonna get one during my second year at UTP. But, the handphone offer on the other hand, might still be alive. He said no, but I’m trying to convince my dad to buy me a 3G phone in case they miss my cute-only son-awww face. Haha.

So, I guess that’s it for now, I’m really, really missing the guys at Matrix.

  1. Ivan “cTboy”
  2. Samantha “Su”
  3. Keith “Ketiak”
  4. The happy family – Pis, Erin, Dba
  5. BaTB – Amie, Fz, Atel
  6. The Bunga – Fee, Opah, Achu.

Actually, I’m missing cTboy and Su the most. Haha. Hope they are doing fine there. And, special message to Keith :

Jan macam taik sana mau msg sia guna bahasa2 asing. Wahaha. Sia tau la ko mau pok pompuan pilipin. So, jan lupa invite. Haha, nanti sia kahwin Negro, ko kahwin pilipin. wahaha”

Here’s another special message to Ameline my best friend =) :

Whatever happens, I hope we both still continue in hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model. oOps. Haha. No ba, Whatever happens, I hope we still stick together as best friend, and I hope that they will never ever be awkward silence between us okay? And since you’re rich, kalau me xda kredit, tulung2 la ah, Hahaha”

This one goes out to Hakim :

“I hope you’ll get your JPA or Shell, Good Luck Okay? hehe. And. I hate Damn u gay boy, I hope we will still be able to DoTA like we do now in the future okay?”

This one to Zeff :

“Congrats dpt JPA, jadilah Doctor Kadazan yg famous. Hehe. Anyway, Nasib dpt tingu AI and AF finals. So, good luck in your studies and don’t lose contact as well. Please inform me of your blog should you have one soon orite?”

This one to Chubby :

” Keep on blogging and I hope I get to crita with you again about crushes.. awwww.. Haha.. And, good luck in Curtin! Keep you head up and be sexy always. P/s : I still wanna slap you.”

So, I guess that’s it. To those yang nda dapat special message tu, Jan la merajuk, ada jua tu nanti. Hehe. Keep in touch. -Lolo-


I’m sorry for not updting this blog for a while. Haha. I just don’t have anything to write upon. So, I think, I’m just gonna update my blog once a week. So, every Sunday I’ll do an update. UNLESS there’s something for me to write on. Sigh. I hope I can get out more.


I MISS SU, CTBOY, KETIAK <the matrix residents> haha.. haitz..