New Layout. I need Feedback.

Hello there my dear doofuses. Hehe. So, I changed the layout of this blog and made some significant changes to the sidebar column. I need your feedbacks. I know it looks a bit girlish, but who care. I like it. I like it this way. Hehe. I need you guys to tell me what more should I add or what should I remove okay?

Gimme your feedback by posting comments on this. Thanks!

Oh yeah, updates coming up soon!


3 responses

  1. Heeee. Nice layout. Why the colour is so….hmmm. what is this. wheat? geryish-teal?

    But the text is readable. Ugh. I dun like blogs where u gotta highlight the text to read it.

    Sidebar is fine. I’d put the Fster or Fbook link thingys higher up in the page tho. Your picture is bigger.

  2. nice layout esp the font is bigger and easier to read. hehe.
    but yg side dia mcm besar dis. for me la.
    put more colours.:)

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