Punya lama sia xda update.

Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I last post excluding the youtube video post. For your information, I have been trying to post an update. Each time I attempt to type out something, I end up closing the tab and continued surfing the net. Why? Ntah. Ada ja. No mood, and no stories I want to share. But whatever it is, I think I’ve gotten over all that and now I think I’ll try to make this one work and not click the close tab before I finish publishing this post. GO ME!

So many things have been happening. So, let me break it down like this( Somehow I’m into the hip hop groove now)

1. Recording some songs (*√*)

Yeah! I recorded some songs, using my camera. I bet some of you have visited the Youtube link I posted previously. So far, I covered about 5 songs. Haha. The ones that I have told my friends about are Empty(The Click Five), Bye bye( Mariah Carey) and Ku dapat dari mama(Will.i.am Malay version [Lolo’s translation]). Might I say these songs are all nice (mati la vain abis! haha) but my favourite is definitely Ku dapat dari mama. It’s just too funny to be taken seriously I guess. haha. Here’s the track. Play it! you’ll love it. If it’s slow loading, just start and pause it first when it has finished buffering, Have fuN! Haha.

If anybody wants the lyrics, I will post them upon request. Hehe. Bagus kalau ada urang mau pun. Anyway, I will record more songs. Hopefully. Hehe.

2. Tadau Kaamatan Sinakagon O&M

Okay. This was about a week ago. I was reluctant in going to this occasion. I am not used to this family of O&M( I am somehow in this family tree) and the fact that nobody close to me from my family went (this include Aunty Lydia, Cousin Enie and Ayo and, Mummy Ian and Kak Doreen) except my Mummy, Daddy and my lil’ sis, don’t help at all. My uncle asked me to come to accept prize for scoring 7As in my SPM. I thought of many excuses so that I won’t have to go. But my lil’ sis was participating in the Unduk Ndagau Kinomulok(beauty contest yang tuk budak kecik) and so I decided to join anyway to support her. I’m a good brother ba despite all the bullying and fights. Haha. I thought she looked cute in the baju kadazan. here’s some pictures.

My lil sis trying to smile. Haha.

another shot. not a good one oso.

She got 2nd place.


Anyway, I got RM50 for the prize. At least ada la. haha. I thought it would be like Rm500 or something. Haha. Selfish thoughts.

3. My new Psp.
Actually, it’s not that new. It’s actually a second hand PsP. haha.

metallic blue.

It looks cool kan, coz the color is metallic blue. ah. i like it. Haha. This is a PSP slim in case you dunno.

4. People are leaving!
Haitz, so here we go again. I hate to say it over and over again but that’s how it is. I hate to see people go. I know soon I’ll be the one going but for now I can’t stand this feeling. My sister registered at UMS last Saturday and Zeff already left for his University. Some of the BATB is at Uitm and soon Hakim’ll leave. Then, Iqbal will fly. Macam sia ja nda pandai lari² ni. Haha. Oh yeah, you too Anthea. Lama lagi u gonna fly kan. Haha. Haitz. Anyway, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

Ba, I think cukuplah ini dulu. Sebelum sia click close tab, better I publish this. Hehe. Take a look at my Empty video please. Haha. Thanks for reading this post no matter how boring it is. =)

1borneo! (long post)

Kopivosian Mikot id 1Borneo

To those who never been to 1borneo before, this very picture above is the entrance to the big hyper mall. It might look ancient or kuno to you, but this cave does lead to the new shopping haven for Sabahan! NOT. Haha. This is actually the cultural center there. Haha. We just find it funny and I decided to use this as my pendahuluan. erm. intro. Hahaha.

When we just pass the Kepayan 4-road junction on the highway, Hakim suddenly called me asking where I was and told me that his father would bring us to 1borneo. I told him 5-minute I’ll be there because I know my dad could reach Centre Point in just 5 minutes. After he hang up, my mum asked me who was that and I answered “Hakim. Daddy dia yang bawa kami pi sana. Sia cakap 5 minit lagi kita sampai sana”. My mum interrupt me “Hantar mummy dulu sana church. Mummy mau pi tingu funeral” Immediately I thought “Mati la ni”. Haha. I messaged Zeff and he also was on the way. Haha. He said he too was at tg.aru at that moment. After dropping my Mummy off in front off the church, we made our way to Center Point.

About 5 minutes later, I got down from my daddy’s car and I rushed towards Hakim’s car and knocked on the window. As soon as I got in the car, Hakim’s father said “Very good ah your timing”. Aiya. Haha. Bukan sengaja ba uncle. Haitz. Haha. Anyway, Zeff was late too. Haha. Sempat lagi dia beli magazines. After everyone was there, we made our way to our destination. Hehe. Along the way, Hakim’s father interrogated us. Haha. No la. He was asking us about our education. Zeff yang banyak kena tanya. Haha.

Reaching 1borneo, Hakim’s dad parked his Waja at the parking basement and we all went out and there it was. I was awed, I was inspired, I was speechless. Actually, I did say some stuffs like “Wahh! Macam KL!”. I was totally like the rusa masuk kampung. Zeff and Hakim were telling me what this was and that was. Anyway, we walked and walked and Hakim told me we are headed to buy his laptop first. Along the Way, I saw this :


I said to myself “Ahh.. Thank you for saying that..”. Haha. As you can see, Hakim is behind his father in this picture. Anyway, we went to Sen Q but the store was not opened yet so Hakim’s father brought us to the Food Court there and ate dim sum. Hakim was the one who was excited to eat dim sum and he did all the picking. Hehe. We got juices for drinks and Zeff ordered Milo Ping ja. Haha.

Dim Sum! Ambek Ko!

To tell you the truth, I did not really enjoyed the dim sum except for a few. hehe. I like the non-halal one at Foo Phing Damai better. Haha. Their Somais are the best! Anyway, we ate and ate and even ordered another trip of dim sum! hehe. After finishing the meal, Hakim arranged the baskets and plates before we left. Mau juga ba. Haha. We walked all the way back to Sen Q and Hakim began asking about the laptop he wanted while his father watch him talk to that salesman. I browse around the shop and met up with Gordon(cousin Keith) with his family I think. Hehe. Makin sihat ni budak. Anyway, Hakim sealed the deal with the laptop issue and while his father settled the payment, I saw this camera and a phrase caught my eyes :

YouTube Capture Mode?! WAHH

Youtube Capture Mode. Wahh! Bagus nya. At first I didn’t get it but after Hakim and the salesgirl explained a bit, I got the picture. I want this camera! Haha. Anyway, Hakim got his laptop and even got free hairdryer. Doi. Haha. After that, Hakim’s father took off and me, Zeff, and Hakim was set to browse the Mall. More people were filling the mall and it finally looked like a mall to me. Haha. We walked and walked and saw many stores and it hit us suddenly. “Ada para2 ka di sini ni?”. And so we were on this quest to find the Para2 machine. We went into Boo Boo Land and saw many kids in there playing inside the boat and play land. Lucky them. Haha. Sadly, the was no Para2 machine to be seen. Alaaaa!!

basar jua kan?

Anyway, we got out of the store and went to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) and bought tickets to see Kung Fu Panda. It was only 12 something at that time and the show starts at 2.15. Punya lama lagi! So we continued browsing the Mall (seriously, I was getting bored of passing through the same stores over and over again). Haha. Indeed, there are so many branded stores here. The next time I’m going here, I’ll be shopping like crazy. Body Gloves, QuikSilver, Adidas, Puma, Island Shop, Hang Ten, Esprit, and FCUK just to name a few, will be my shopping paradise soon.

After some serious walking around like crazy, even shuffling sekejap to the music, aha, yeah!, we decide that we need to sit down and rest our sore asses and feet on some seats. So i suggested that we go find some ice-cream outlet and have ice-cream before the movie. Once again, we pusing-pusing the Mall, bikin panas ni. There were NO ice cream outlet. Paling2 pun Mcd ja. Ish. Haha. Anyway, time pusing2 tu, look at what our friend found here. His HOME!

Home Sweet China Home!

After this home trip, we agreed that we’re gonna have some donuts and just hang out there until we’re ready to go for the movie. So here we are.

Big Apple here we come!

After ordering the Donuts, we sat down(like finally!!) and I got a look at Hakim’s iPod touch and thank God i brought my mp3 player and I plugged in my earphones into his iPod. While I was busy singing some All American Rejects tune, Hakim and Zeff were busy speaking French. Adui. Haha. Mentang2 dua2 mau leave Malaysia next year. Haha. Ba2. Lupakan Malaysia. Haha. Here’s two other pictures that we took.

That's not my hand and.. WHO BIT THE PINK DONUT?

Mouse over for Caption.

He did it! No! He did it! .. The answer lies on the skin's pigment!!

After about 45 minutes or was it 1 hour of sitting down, about 15 minutes before 2, we got out of the Big Apple and walked to find escalators to go up the 3rd floor (or was it the 4th floor) where the GSC is. Along the way (ada ja kan along the way saya ni. Haha.), we stopped by at this fashion show in the center of the Mall. Woo! ada ni model india, punya hooootttt! Hakim suka yang macam patung tu. Haha. And maybe some of the guys as well. Haha. I thought I took about 4 pictures but my camera got this picture only. Aiya.

Strut your STUFFS girls!

Aik. Ada ba pula lagi. Haha. Sia salah taruh nama. Anyway, enjoy!

she's not in the pink shirt!

Hotness! haha. One more picture below of her!


Something about her suggest that she have this exotic and erotic beauty to her.Wahh! statement tu. Haha. Anyway, the catwalk and fashion show, we hurried off to GSC because there was only 15 minutes left and we haven’t emptied the bladder and buy popcorn. Haha. We did that and met up with Nadiah Najlaa. Said hi to her. After buying popcorns, we rushed into the cinema 2 and before entering the cinema, Hakim sempat lagi teriak something to like spoil somebody’s movie day. Haha.

We entered the cinema and wow! Spacious! Tu bru time berdiri. Satu kali duduk, woah! comfort! and the chair is kinda selanting! I just realised sepanjang movie tu, pantat sia nda panas! haha. That’s how comfy it was. Haha. Oh yeah, the movie was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! gila eh! cute ni suma character. I think I balik2 cakap Cute time tu movie, especially whenever ada babi when on screen! Haha. Cute oh kan babi!. macam Monokorobu!

After the movie ended, we went down to the ground floor and decides that we were tired already and we asked some security guard on where to get tickets for the shuttle bus. We went to the info center and got ourselves 3 ticket that looks like this:

Shuttle Service.. Free!

Free lagi tu. Haha. So, we went back outside and we did just that. Waited and waited for the bus to come at 4.00pm. Nda jua datang2. After about 15 minutes, I saw a green vehicle coming along and finally breathed out a relief breath. Haha. We boarded the bus and had to kinda rebut place with aunty2 and achai2 and some amoi2. Haha. I sat with Zeff while Hakim sat at the back with bini urang. Haha. Anyway, here’s the last two pictures we took.

Hell Yeah! GSC rox!

Here’s a picture of me and Zeff. tired but Happy. I think. Haha.

Hell Yeah! Dim Sum rox!

Half muka pun Half la. Haha. I look good as usual. haha. photogenic ba muka sia ni. Haha. Teda2 ba.

Anyway, the bus ride was nice. The bus was clean (baru la katakan) and there were air cond and tv. okla tu. Haha. After reaching Warisan Square, we said goodbye to Hakim and Me and Zeff went in search for the toilet. Mati la warisan teda toilet ba. Haha. Eventually, we found one. Itu pun mau bayar 50sen. Ada free tissue lagi ba. Bukan sia mau birak. Ish. Haha. Anyway, after the bladder was emptied again, we headed back to Big Apple (yes, we want more!) and bought more donuts! Haha. I got 3 for myself. Zeff bought 6 for his family. Baiknya. Haha. After that, we split up as I was getting picked up at Api2. i met up with Jesper Ezer there and said Hi. Hehe. After that, My daddt picked me up. So. That was the end of my hectic day!

Pendek Kata, I HAD A BLAST! now I’m kinda tired but still, I like how the day turned out! Hehe. Zeff and Hakim, I’m glad that I got to experienced 1Borneo with you guys! Haha. So, til next time, c.h.o.w!

Please comment if you enjoyed your read. Haha.

Big Mac or Mega Mac?

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to 1Borneo with Zeff and Hakim. Hopefully, we will get there safe and sound. We have this silly idea of going there by bus as going there by car would eat up a lot of money and petrol. This silly idea finally settled in our minds and we’ll make it happen tomorrow. Haha. Terkejut sia si Zeff suggest naik bus tu hari. Hehe. Anyway, I wanna see Kung Fu Panda!!! I hope I’d get the chance to watch it tomorrow at the GSC there.

Oh yeah, I’m getting myself a PSP soon! But, 2nd hand punya la. But, what the heck, it’s still a PSP. My cousin’s friend is selling. Through my cousin’s mouth, I think I can safely say that the PSP will still be in good shape as I this person who’s selling buys new stuff and when he gets bored with it, he goes out to sell it. Hehe. My cousin have also bought a PSP from this guy and his PSP looked new. Hehe. Yeah!

Oh yeah, Holland Vs France. Kalah la France. Mati ko Bal!. haha. I’ll win the bet and get a Mega Mac! Woo Hoo!

Just rambling around here. Nothing much to write further. So I’ll end it here. I’ll be bringing my camera to 1Borneo tomorrow and take pictures there. Haha. Sakai la bilang. Lama sia nda guna tu Camera. Hehe. Be posting tomorrow! C.h.o.w. 4. n.o.w.!.