Terkenang balik ba..

On the way back from Rasa Ria, I found myself listening to some songs that manage to bring up a nostalgic feeling and suddenly i entered slumber land and I was there again. On a journey to eternity. No, seriously. Everything was just as it was 2 years ago. It was during my scout expedition, and my dream started rolling like a film without sound but I didn’t see it from BP house, but at a pit stop we made at Kg.Ketiau. We were asking for water and permission to cook in front of a family of strangers’ house. They were kind enough to give us some water to cook rice. Wah. I remember the scene where we cleaned the area because when we got there, we got so hungry that we decided to cook under any circumstances and there was pure dog shit there and that didn’t stop us from cooking and eating there.

Oh, sorry. Most of you probably don’t know this. I’m a former scout. I was on the expedition as a requirement to be a King Scout which I was so ecstatic about before. Anyway, aside from me, Diniy, Iqbal, Hamka, Rayvincent, Peter, Leander, Azirul and the only girl on our team, Samantha were on the expedition as well. Peter was assigned as the group leader and we all agreed to that. Leander was a Form Five student(at that time), but we all know him through scout. Hehe.

L-R : Iqbal, Leander, Hamka, Peter, Sam, Ray, Me, Diniy

L-R : Hamka, Iqbal, Azirul, Peter, Leander, Diniy, Sam, Me

So, after having our lunch at that Ketiau place (I make it sound so foreign, padahal I live near this area. Haha), we continued our journey, with heavy bag pack on our back and with bloated stomach we moved like heavy pigs just wanting to sleep for the day. We had AMAZING team spirit. When one of us feels like stopping, the others will motivate him. When one of us walked at the back of the pack to take a slow walk, the others would go behind to walk along with him. At least that is how I see it. I had my painful moments during the expedition and decides to walk at the back of the pack and each time that happen, I got closer to my friends. Love that moment til death.

Anyway, after a long and tiring( these two words are still an understatement) journey, we almost reached our destination for the night and decides to stop by at a bus stop near St. Michael Church. All of us were drained out of our energy and were physically powerless. Everyone took a nap and when we got up, Ray was confronted by these 3 drunken man. I was still in state of daze when I saw what happen. Iqbal was holding out his tongkat. Sam was holding onto me, very scared, understandably. I was shocked and instantly snapped out of the slumber and saw Ray was shouting “Tolong, Tolong”. God, I was in pain just hearing him scream out like that. When the drunken dudes took Iqbal’s tongkat, that’s when I felt numbed and scared. Ray was limping towards me and Sam, with the drunken doofused right behind him. Ray was bleeding profusely from his head and his blood dripped into my hands. I was so traumatized by then and when one of the drunk man approach me, he shouted “Siapa lagi brani mo lawan?!”, that’s when Iqbal started running away, he even yelled “Lari!” or was it “Cabut”. I ran right behind him leaving Ray, and Sam behind. Damn. If that moment happen again, I definitely wouldn’t run away again. I REGRET EVERY SINGLE STEP I TOOK WHEN I RAN. damn it.

Anyway, while I was running, Azirul, Diniy, Hamka, Iqbal were running as well, we split direction (unintentionally) and I ended up being inside the house behind the bus stop with Azirul. I remembered feeling so sorry and helpless. I can hear Ray scream. Me and Azirul were so angry at ourselves that we selfishly left out Sam and Ray. I feel so guilty for that. FYI, the house owner let us in and they hold the gates because the drunken man was chasing us. We went upstairs of this house and from the window, we could see that Ray was already in front of the house, bloodied and seemed very defeated. It was a disturbing scene. That person is my best friend but I left him and looking at him at that state made me feel so stupid. I quickly went down and suddenly came a face that made me and Azirul felt relieved. It was Teacher Surilla. Yeah, it was like a moment where you cry and your mother comes to comfort you. That’s what I felt.

Teacher Surilla asked us if we were okay and we immediately asked her about Sam and the others. She said the others are okay so we were all relieved. Police and ambulance came by the way. I went and talked to Ray. It was like seeing a Priest during a confession session. You just wanna pour out your sins to the priest. I just told Ray sorry I think. Then, Ray was off to the hospital and I went to the Police Station with Teacher Surilla and Azirul. She made the report and we gazed into the eyes of the drunken men before heading to Teacher’s house. There, we met up with the others, looking just as scared as us, Hamka was the one I think who looked really bumped out and sad and he was not talking that night. The rest of us talked about how sorry we was and how stupid we were. Sam was safe and sound. Thank God for that. After that, we all went into Teacher Surilla’s mum’s van and made our way to BP house to saty the night.

We all took bath and sleep there and Teacher Surilla said there was no need to call our parents that night because it was already 1pm or something. So, we slept and the next morning Ray was messaging me. He was okay with some stitches. When his father finally came with him to BP house, we all went face-to-face with him and we all said our sorry to him.

Damn it. Why did it had to end with that incident? but then again, it was a lesson that made us learn so much about our friendship, ourselves and our leader. All that journey taught me so much about how to be a good supporter, how to be a listener and how to be a good observer. Speaking of observing, along the way, we were awed by so many sceneries. I’ll never forget that scene where we cooked at Ketiau, sit at the Log just past Ketiau, running uphill while it was raining to find a shelter, that Lonely road that didn’t have any lights, the beautiful scenery when we sit by the road to rest, the many bus stops that we rested upon and all the smiles and sighes we had along the way.

That expedition will never burn in my memory. It’ll live forever.
Thanks Diniy, Ray, Peter, Sam, Iqbal, Hamka, Azirul and Leander for being part of this incredible journey!

Enjoy the pix.

P/s: I know it sounds a bit like Goodbye Boys but I guess we can say we had our own story to tell =)

Sadly, I only took this many pix I got more but maybe that one’ll go into my Flickr soon. Anyway, check back soon for updates and thank you for reading!


23 responses

  1. astagaaaaaaa. how come i never knew this happened?! baru skarang i tau disss! duiiiii kesian oh me ketinggalan. hahaha! anyway, wow!! WHAT an EXPERIENCE. Kesian oh si ray. sampai bleeding?! my gosh… how come i never knew about this?! uish..tiba2 juga those drunken men muncul… and he was screaming and limping and everything?! oh goodness me..i can imagine the gore…

    LOL! funny la the way you post loren! “Lari!” or was it “Cabut”. and also the split direction part tapi tida sengaja. hahahaha!


    ah, memories. we can always reminisce, think about those awesome kick-ass experiences we once had…

    but nothing can replace having been there….

  2. Astaga.. takkan ko nda tau chubby!! yg after ja di expedition when Ray was back at skul, dia tiba2 botak tu.. ada lae scar i think.. hahaha.. anyway, yeah… nothing can replace those moments..

  3. gla eh. expedisi kali tu mmg da worse n da happiest for me. kesian ray. tp bnyk lessons i’ve learned sda dari ni bnda. ahaha. one for sure is. ‘leave no man behind’. ahaha.

  4. WOW..really..WOW..unforgetable experience for you guys. it must be really extra tiring and a bitter ending.but still, the journey really teach u guys many things kan.a bit jealous though cuz i wanted to experience what you guys experienced.well, thumbs up for u guys! plg terer sam la..the only gurl lagi tu. but u have been observing ur surrounding better i think.upgrade skill..hehe.

  5. haha… this memorable incident… it will stay forever in ya…

    cabut! err i mean lari! err i mean run! haha…

    nice oh u reminisce about the past… very nice…

  6. Bal : Well, betul la.. byk lesson learned. Bal, let’s take a drive by that place. Haha. Bwa dorg Ray, Diniy, Ham. Hahaha.

    Net : Yeah, Mimang best. Hehe. Sam memang starring. Dia pi pun pasal Teacher paksa dia i think. Haha.

    Kenneth : well, susah mo lupakan kan ni incident and i decide to make it a story in this blog.

  7. The vip has come…

    erm, well, to be honest i dont really felt that bad..sure its not good either but well..what the hell 2nd June. Still x dpt lupakan..maybe in the next few more years. Ai, the traveling was indeed fun, the battle was not. But baca dari u guys POV sakit hati juga la kena tinggal..adeh. I plan to revisit the road we taken maybe later, the map and kertas arahan masih lagi sia simpan ni

    Vigil Kelana this Sabtu, lo..dunno kami pergi ka x, teda semangat sudah mo ambil king scout ni…tcher surilla x incharge at least this what ive heard.

  8. bal : azirul? ntah sda. Haha.

    astos..whoever u r : who r u o? haha.. nda ba.. like duh.. ur ray.. haha.. adui na. In case u dunno, we all feel really sorry. If time could be turned, definitely we won’t run or if time was turned way earlier, we wouldn’t have allowed u to throw that cat and if time was turned way way earlier, maybe u shud not have should seriously. ahahaha. jan marah!. but mmg itu sebab ko kena pukul kan. Lol. Anyway, let’s revisit the site!.

  9. memori yg xkan dilupakan. ahaha. prasaan mnyesal la pling byk. well, aftr dis klu bnda ni jd lg ndala aku maw ”LARI!” or was it “CABUT”. ahaha. ya kta pg lg la tu tmpt tym siang. sal ayat nie ba “Hamka was the one I think who looked really bumped out and sad and he was not talking that night”, cmna o aku tym tu? yg aku igt aku trauma n dpt mkn free d uma org. ahahaha.

  10. ahaha. pandai ko ah.. lari or cabut.. haha.. erm.. ntah.. muka ko yg mcm stare satu tempat ja ni.. trus nda bercakap.. iqbal buat lawak pun ko nda ketawa(jarang tu..) haha.. ya. lupa sia taruh yg kmu lari pi kenduri org trus dpt makan free! aih! sia ngan azirul dpt oren ja. Haha.

  11. adedeh. mmg trauma hbis la klu gtu tu. c iqbal tu mmg lawak dya kdg2 nda lawak tu tp kc support ja la ktawa. ahaha. kenduri org tu ba famili org mabuk tu kan. gila eh kmi p jmpa abg dya ba. ahaha. tanx sbb tulis ni crita best ni klu igt blik tym xpedisi tu xcept yg mlm tu. budu pnya org mabuk!. wakaka. gbr pling smart ko post cni kan yg no.3 tu dkt tugu pringatan. tp pling bida no.1, byk btul McSHIT. brp kli tu sy terpijak. sial. hahaha.

  12. Wahaha.. ui ham. ko ni pun. mesti ka ada Mc depan shit tu? haha. thx2.. blog sia ni ada detail ckit2 ja. Satu kali baca blog c ray. Matai. Haha. Ya. Sia paling suka gambar yang ke5.. mcm simbolik ni. Haha..

  13. Hahaha!!! Bagus ni kna crita balik… terkenang memori tyme 2… mmg diakui la prasaan b’salah psl lari 2 paling menyengat… sorry ray, psl kitorang, ko hilang salah 1 harta paling berharga yg ko ada… GIGI bawah ko 2, ahaha!!! FRONT ROW lg 2… sorry k??? actually it isn’t all our fault bha, yg ko pndai2 p pukul 2 org bt apa??? suda la batak2 tgn diorg 2… n lorenzo, as u said in ur comment up there, hamka la yg aku rasa jg, paling traumatized… smpi jak d ruma yg ada majlis mkn2 kaamatan 2, c hamka trus duduk x b’gerak… senyap jak… tyme lari 2 ada la teriak minta tolong, tp at dat house, mmg karas cam patung da dia… takut aku tgk, ahaha!!! yg paling lucu 2, skali 2 tuan rumah tanya “ko lapar? kalu lapar, p la makan. masakan melayu jg 2” , den he answered “ya”, den dia SOLO2 p ambik makanan ‘BUFFET” sana… aku sma c iqbal ketawa jak diam2, ahaha!!! buli lg tyme 2 ada selera mo mkn… den, yg lg lawak 2, pas dia duduk balik kat krusi n menikmati ‘hidangan melayu’ 2, buli lg dia ckp “diniy, x sedap”… AHAHA!!! mo jak aku ketawa… tp nnt rosak mood plax, adui, ahaha!!!

  14. “Speaking of observing, along the way, we were awed by so many sceneries. I’ll never forget that scene where we cooked at Ketiau, sit at the Log just past Ketiau, running uphill while it was raining to find a shelter, that Lonely road that didn’t have any lights, the beautiful scenery when we sit by the road to rest, the many bus stops that we rested upon and all the smiles and sighes we had along the way.

    That expedition will never burn in my memory. It’ll live forever.”

    I love this part…thanks, the same feelings goes with me. Best betul traveling semua ni…ndak tau l, but kalau boleh sa buat 1 more time with you guys..but i know x mungkin sudah now….

  15. Yeah Ray, that was my favourite part. Mcm kalo ko ingat balik .. waa.. life is worth living ni ko rasa. yeah. maybe we shud try agen. haha. really wanna do it again. with or without scout uniform. As long suma sama2 balik. It’ll be a moment not to be miss.

  16. Minus the tragedy it was beautiful! Best betul kalau ingat balik semua tu…heh, if ada antara kita gila mo plan ni reunion expedition im in

    Macam la jugak camping keahlian, usaha, maju semua tu…I miss doing all those things…heh, then lagi kawad time form 2 di stadium penampang tu…

    damn, we grow too fast la, mcm x puas

  17. yeah… we grow 2 fast… now i’m 18… in about 8 months later, im 19!!! NOOO!!! i’m old!!! NOOO!!! age, live me alone!!!

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