Punya lama sia xda update.

Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I last post excluding the youtube video post. For your information, I have been trying to post an update. Each time I attempt to type out something, I end up closing the tab and continued surfing the net. Why? Ntah. Ada ja. No mood, and no stories I want to share. But whatever it is, I think I’ve gotten over all that and now I think I’ll try to make this one work and not click the close tab before I finish publishing this post. GO ME!

So many things have been happening. So, let me break it down like this( Somehow I’m into the hip hop groove now)

1. Recording some songs (*√*)

Yeah! I recorded some songs, using my camera. I bet some of you have visited the Youtube link I posted previously. So far, I covered about 5 songs. Haha. The ones that I have told my friends about are Empty(The Click Five), Bye bye( Mariah Carey) and Ku dapat dari mama(Will.i.am Malay version [Lolo’s translation]). Might I say these songs are all nice (mati la vain abis! haha) but my favourite is definitely Ku dapat dari mama. It’s just too funny to be taken seriously I guess. haha. Here’s the track. Play it! you’ll love it. If it’s slow loading, just start and pause it first when it has finished buffering, Have fuN! Haha.

If anybody wants the lyrics, I will post them upon request. Hehe. Bagus kalau ada urang mau pun. Anyway, I will record more songs. Hopefully. Hehe.

2. Tadau Kaamatan Sinakagon O&M

Okay. This was about a week ago. I was reluctant in going to this occasion. I am not used to this family of O&M( I am somehow in this family tree) and the fact that nobody close to me from my family went (this include Aunty Lydia, Cousin Enie and Ayo and, Mummy Ian and Kak Doreen) except my Mummy, Daddy and my lil’ sis, don’t help at all. My uncle asked me to come to accept prize for scoring 7As in my SPM. I thought of many excuses so that I won’t have to go. But my lil’ sis was participating in the Unduk Ndagau Kinomulok(beauty contest yang tuk budak kecik) and so I decided to join anyway to support her. I’m a good brother ba despite all the bullying and fights. Haha. I thought she looked cute in the baju kadazan. here’s some pictures.

My lil sis trying to smile. Haha.

another shot. not a good one oso.

She got 2nd place.


Anyway, I got RM50 for the prize. At least ada la. haha. I thought it would be like Rm500 or something. Haha. Selfish thoughts.

3. My new Psp.
Actually, it’s not that new. It’s actually a second hand PsP. haha.

metallic blue.

It looks cool kan, coz the color is metallic blue. ah. i like it. Haha. This is a PSP slim in case you dunno.

4. People are leaving!
Haitz, so here we go again. I hate to say it over and over again but that’s how it is. I hate to see people go. I know soon I’ll be the one going but for now I can’t stand this feeling. My sister registered at UMS last Saturday and Zeff already left for his University. Some of the BATB is at Uitm and soon Hakim’ll leave. Then, Iqbal will fly. Macam sia ja nda pandai lari² ni. Haha. Oh yeah, you too Anthea. Lama lagi u gonna fly kan. Haha. Haitz. Anyway, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

Ba, I think cukuplah ini dulu. Sebelum sia click close tab, better I publish this. Hehe. Take a look at my Empty video please. Haha. Thanks for reading this post no matter how boring it is. =)


7 responses

  1. yes your song loads quite fast! and cute juga ur sis. hehe. congratssss on ur new PSP!!! eventho it’s 2nd hand it’s STILL a PSP!! and yeah… people are leaving……………… =(

  2. aiya sayang me masih teda streamyx kalau x boleh sudah dengar ni…that’s life…still trying to adapt to this environment…but biasa la sudah nanti ni, asal x putus hubungan sudah la

  3. yeah. haha. jan xda mengaku kawan suda.. haha.. ala ray.. ko pi cC n dgr tu lagu.. hahaha.. lawak tu.. ko nda buli control jua tu tahan serius.. cuz its damn funny.. hahaha..

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