Tunggu ja ah.

So sorry guys for the long absence in this blog. Haven’t got the time. Well, actually I have many times to spare but somehow the connection will suck or at some point, I don’t feel like blogging anyway. So, just watch out for my updates soon okay! So Sorry!!

Anyway, just a quick update :

  • I’m at UTP now.
  • Happy because of the presence of my Sabahan friends and other friendly people here.
  • I don’t regret taking ICT. ūüôā
  • I still can go out watch movie!
  • I jog!

erm. lecture best except thinking skills. Ish. The lecturer questioned religion just because it was thinking skill class. That shouldn’t happen leh. Hai yo.

Anyway, I’ll post the longer versions. Hopefully got pictures. Til then!



ISHHH!! Suda sia post tu dedicated to the dedicators tadi!! Pa jadi oh.. Sial punya wordpress.. sial punya laptop ni.. iSH!!!! nda pa la.. nanti sia type balik tym ada mud. Fuck tul.

I feel like ranting..

Hey, something just came to mind. Dammit. I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Hmm. Not ready at all. Even packing is hard. Everytime I go on a search for things that I’d be bringing, I’ll do it for ten mintes and then go rest/eat/psp for an hour. haha. see. it’s really hard.

For 3 days, there’s rosary at grandma’s. tonight will be the last night of the rosary. I hope things don’t end up sad for me tonight. I mean, I bet there’ll be family members saying their goodbyes. damn.

Anyway, I got my laptop back. It’s fixed. It just need to¬†be formatted¬†and¬†the¬†sound driver seems¬†to¬†be¬†malfunctioning. damn. I¬†can’t even listen¬†to¬†songs now. Terpaksa transfer¬†to¬†psp¬†or handphone¬†then can hear. And yeah. I’ll be bringing this laptop to UTP. So, I will surely be online to blog and to chat. =)

I¬†won’t be bringing my guitar this early. Haihhhh. Gonna miss it so much! i love spending half a day just strumming the guitar and singing as loud as I can. Eesh. Macam sia tidak mau pigi ja skrang. haha.

Hakim is enjoying his stay at MFU. I wonder how Zeff is doing. I wonder how cTboy, Su, Kit, Erin, Pis, Alethea, Peter, Dba is doing. I wonder how my sister is doing at UMS. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder..

I¬†think I’ll go¬†finish up my tennismatch against¬†that powerful Amelie Mauresmo on my PSP. Gila. seri ni kami skrang. Anyway, I will post again¬†tonight. Before¬†tomorrow..

Sleep tight everybody.

4 days left.. (LONG POST)

But before I leave, I would like to update this blog one more time first thing’s first. let me shout this out loud here.


Play this song before you read further.


yeah. I’m really NERVOUS! Well, I’m nervous because of a lot of things. Let me list it down. Pukitai. Tambah sia nervous.

I’m nervous because..

  • I’m scared of the course. I’m originally from pure science stream. Venturing into IT might not be a good idea.
  • What if I don’t get any new friends (i know it’s impossible but hey, I’m just nervous)
  • What if I tambah gemuk?! (another reason that’s stupid. But I really fear this you know!)
  • What if I can’t go home on holidays? ( I wanna be home for xmas =| )
  • What if I can’t adapt to the new surroundings?
  • What if I change…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

So yeah, that’s what I fear most. I hope none of the above happen but let’s just be prepared. =)

Moving on.

I’m going to Perak soon and I know for once I’ll be away from Sabah for a period of time. Know that leaving Sabah also means leaving some of my friends behind. Damn. this is the renowned “separate ways” that we have heard so much in the past but never really thought that we will eventually go through it huh. I never thought that out of all my friends, I’d be the one studying all by myself at a new place completely alone without anyone from my class with me. I thought I’d be graduating together with my best friends at some university.

Oh well, no use being regretful now. I should take full responsibility of my choices in life. Going to UTP was and is still my choice. I don’t care what will happen now, but one thing for sure is I will now strive harder and really put my effort to achieve my goals and this time, I’ll start from the start. I mean the beginning. No more last minute. Hopefully la. I think after PMR dulu pun I got said that for SPM I’ll be prepared from the start. That talk was really the crap-bullshit-insignificant words that came out of my mouth.

I went out with Jessica last Thursday. Although I haven’t met her for about 2 months(?) already, when I meet her, there were no awkward silence (the thing I fear so much when I meet old frens) and definitely no awkwardness in the way we converse and joke. We even talk for about an hour at the meja makan di Food Court. We decided to go see a movie that day and decided to watch Hancock. After buying the ticket for the 1.30pm show(it was 11.30 at that time) we went to the food court and I ate a glorious(still an understatement though) plate of Mee GOreng Ayam.Emmmmm. Then we were off to the Kbox(by now it was just 12.30) We were so stumped by how much long did we have to wait before the movie start so we decided to sing. haha. Can you believe it, I changed RM10 for kbox. Pity Jess, she lost her RM15. After that, went to see Hancock. Well, nothing memorable about that movie. Just like Get Smart. But at least Hancock was miles better than the Superhero movie. Oh, one more thing. Anne Hathaway Have a seriously HOT LEGS. *drool*. Haha. We even went for Donut before walking all the way to Karamunsing from Center Point. Yes. We walked. It may seem far but when you travel with a friend, every step you take is worth the walk. You don’t even feel the distance as it diminished in the presence of a friend. Wah. Mantap ayat. haha. Then we hang around Karamunsing and even met up with Anis before I head home. Here’s a picture of them and Jess eating Donut. Haha. Matilah sia kena sipak si Jess ni. Haha.

Sedap hingga menjilat jari!

Sedap hingga menjilat jari!

di depan kedai Pearl optic

di depan kedai Pearl optic

Okay, so if you’re asking me what camera did I use? I used my phone’s camera. Ala. 1.3mp ja pun. haha. but clear kan? I feel so gay, err, I mean happy because my phone has been repaired. free lagi tu. Thank God the warranty haven’t expire. I think on the receipt, it wrote : Teachinal issues : replaced slide with new one”. Haha. It’s like getting a new phone. hehe. Anyway, moving on again!

Okay I rave about my 3rd visit to Cempaka Square, let me just type out what had happened today. After cleaning my lil’ sis’ fish aquarium ( I really resent smelly thing and boy did that fish tank stink!) and after I hung all the clothes to dry, I got ready and went to Center Point (thanks to Mummy for dropping me despite it was jammed in KK) and rushed towards McD where I was suppose to meet up with Diniy and Ray today. On my way there, I saw these two fellow in blazers sipping their YoYo drinks and was walking towards the Mcd. I crept up behind them and followed them for a while before saying “Lawa Baju” to them. Haha. Diniy had a new hair cut. It looked cool and nice. I think it’s much better than his Mcd hair. haha. Ray macam besa la. Ray, xda¬≤ ba ko cakap sia kurus dah. Damn it! I feel so fat!

Anyway, we went to Mcd. Didn’t eat there, but just stand around and Diniy met his uncle and talked for a minute. Then, we were off to growball. After deciding that no movie will be watched today, we walked around abit before heading to the bowling alley at the CPS bowl. Jahat ba dorg ni. Main game yang sia TIDAK PERNAH main. haha. But I took the challenge and did it anyway. After paying and exchanged the shoe with the receptionist, we went to our lane and start to bowl. For the first game, Ray was up first ,then Diniy and finally me. After throwing my first ball, I knew I’d like the game. Haha. It was fun and exhilarating! Guess what? In the first game, I totally kicked Ray and Diniy’s butt ! I WON! hahaha. first game ba tu. Jan la ko sakai yang sia sakai ba. buh. hahaha. But Ray being the last on stand, went on to treat us with another game of bowling and this time they put me up first. Diniy kurang ajar betul pegi tambah huruf U pi nama commersial sia : LOLO. It became LOLOU. Sial. Hahaha. I think because of that, I got a lot of gutter shot. Damn. Haha. But Karma rolled out the punishment and I got my mojo back and manage to finish second. Si Diniy ketulahan. Haha. Banyak longkang jua dia dpat. Hahahaha. Si Ray tiba¬≤ pula pro. Damn. haha

After that, we went to the Game Area and they played Initial D( I played one game but lost to Diniy. Damn.) and I kbox again. Haha. Xda abis¬≤ kbox ba si Loren ni. Then, we went down to Eatons to buy some stuff and soon after that we ordered waffle at Daily Fresh. Tu waffle sedap tapi ish. malakat. As Diniy put it just now the girl who prepared the waffle was a NOOB. You know what’s a noob? It’s a term for newbie who do everything stupidly and doofusly. Haha. Anyway, Ray bought each of us Cheesy Wedges. Emmmmmmmmm. Sedap! Best oh KFC Center ni. Xda tamaha langsung bagi Cheese and Mayo. Then after brief talk, it was finally time to part. Damn. So we bid farewell and said good luck to each other. and also did the handshake thing.

To DINIY AND RAY : Kalau sia balik nanti, sia mau main bowling lagi. This time, sia mo dapat 5 strike bru sia stop. Haha. Anyway, thanks cuz sudi hang out for one last time. And Diniy, sia pegang kata² ko tu : Jangan kita jadi macam member skolah rendah yang jumpa time skolah menengah yang tanya² khabar ja. Yeah bro, nda jua tu. Susah mau cari kawan macam kamu. Nda jua lain tu =)

That’s about it.

i think I wanna rant about Chempaka now. Should I make it another post? Hmm. Maybe no. Haha. Let me just continue. Sudah jua sia warning long post kan. It’s up to you if you wanna read.

So, we(me,my aunt and cousins) have been planning to go to Chempaka Squara again. The last time we were there, we had lots of fun and of course loads of singing too. Hehe. This night was no different. This time, we decided to batak¬≤ money to sing all night long. Haha. It was fun indeed! I know it was kinda like the last time I could Karaoke with them since I Karaoke with them a lot in the past. So it was really special to me. I even recorded a song from that night. I wanna post pictures here but malas eh. Haha. Maybe I’ll just upload 5 of my favourite picture of the night and you can check out some other pictures either through my friendster profile click here or just watch this youtube video. you can hear me sing also as a bonus(hahaha)

Here’s five of my favourite pix of the night :

10..7..! snap!

10..7..! snap!

In pix : Me, Ayo, Gurly, Udung. Lydia, Inie, Victor, Ian

Not my foot!

Not my foot!

kaki sepa la ni ah?

don\'t bother turning your head upside down! hahaha.
don’t bother turning ur head upside down!


Girly, Ayo, Boboy ===) Oh yeah!

i love this shot!!!!!!!!

i love this shot!!!!!!!!

We timed this shot and I randomly manipulated some settings before actually clicking the snap button to initiate the timer and the result was marvelous!

So that’s it. Thank you so much for reading! I’ll update more soon. Before I click the Publish button, I wanna post one more picture. It’s something that I’ll be leaving behind and it’s something where many memories are held and kept. i’ll miss this heaven. It’s true what they said ” HOME SWEET HOME”

MI CASA! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

MI CASA! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!