I feel like ranting..

Hey, something just came to mind. Dammit. I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Hmm. Not ready at all. Even packing is hard. Everytime I go on a search for things that I’d be bringing, I’ll do it for ten mintes and then go rest/eat/psp for an hour. haha. see. it’s really hard.

For 3 days, there’s rosary at grandma’s. tonight will be the last night of the rosary. I hope things don’t end up sad for me tonight. I mean, I bet there’ll be family members saying their goodbyes. damn.

Anyway, I got my laptop back. It’s fixed. It just need to be formatted and the sound driver seems to be malfunctioning. damn. I can’t even listen to songs now. Terpaksa transfer to psp or handphone then can hear. And yeah. I’ll be bringing this laptop to UTP. So, I will surely be online to blog and to chat. =)

I won’t be bringing my guitar this early. Haihhhh. Gonna miss it so much! i love spending half a day just strumming the guitar and singing as loud as I can. Eesh. Macam sia tidak mau pigi ja skrang. haha.

Hakim is enjoying his stay at MFU. I wonder how Zeff is doing. I wonder how cTboy, Su, Kit, Erin, Pis, Alethea, Peter, Dba is doing. I wonder how my sister is doing at UMS. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder..

I think I’ll go finish up my tennismatch against that powerful Amelie Mauresmo on my PSP. Gila. seri ni kami skrang. Anyway, I will post again tonight. Before tomorrow..

Sleep tight everybody.


7 responses

  1. haha… yeah, wat happened to that post? im curious… lol…

    anyway, just wana say take care man… haih… everyone’s leaving… the big void in my past is growing…

  2. Hi, hi Lorenzo!
    okay..visiting and reading your blog 🙂 received a hint from Ray. Good to see you are ‘adapting’ well to your current life.. Do persevere ok! lol

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