I know how my blog is somehow being neglected and abandon for over 2 weeks already, and I’m really sorry for that. I want to post Part 2 but see, I’m really getting busier here with all the assignments and study. Besides, the connection is still a pain in the a** especially during rainy days. Damn.

But, with that said, let me just update yo guys on certain things. I’m going for the PDYD (Penang Diocese Youth Day) this Saturday together with CSS members. Sadly, Yves, J, and Mark are not going and thankfully, Rani and Lucia are going so at least I got friends going there as well. Oh yeah! I hope there’ll be lot’s of singing. Hehe. I miss Karaoke!!

I had my first test of the semester yesterday, for the thinking skill class. I’m eager to know my marks, I hope I did really well cause I DID study a bit. Yeah. A bit. Hahahaha. Yesterday was a really “fun” day. Oh, the yesterday that I’m refering to is Monday ah, not Tuesday. hehe. The rain poured down heavily during our thinking skill test and after the test, we had no choice but to stay at the chancellor complex because we didn’t bring our payungs.

When it was time for Maths Lecture, a number of us was still stranded at the Chancellor complex. Our destination was the Old Academic block(which is about 3 minutes walk from the Chancellor complex). At a distance, we could see many tudung-wearing figures running around with bags over their heads trying to find shelter. Flee, Yves and me waited and hoped for some kind of rescue. Others were just like us, that is, standing, complaining and saying how stupid the others looked while running in the rain. Haha. Some girls brought many umbrellas and so we used their umbrellas to tranport all our coursemate to the old A.B. After the commotion(that lasted for about 20 minutes), all of us managed to get inside the lecture hall.

That was the first time that rain poured so damn heavily in UTP. But today was really hot and sunny again as usual. I sweat like vogok everytime I go for class. Bikin malu ja ni.

Well, I have Maths test coming up tomorrow I think and here I am typing away this post at 1.13am. I’ll stop in a bit to continue doing exercise. I’ll sleep around 3 a.m. hopefully. Hehe. My class starts at 10 so I guess sleeping late is gonna be a weekly routine. Hahaha.

Ba, I guess I’m signing off for now. Wish me luck for my test! I hope I can post more frequently next time. Please don’t expect me to put pictures here. I don’t have camera. Maybe I’ll buy 1 using my allowance. Muahaha. Maybe la.

Ba, that’s it.

P/S: To my friends yg holiday tu, happy holiday. cam taik ja kamu cuti ba. =P


12 responses

  1. since im a friend of ur sis, that makaes us indirect friends and entitles me to say yeah siuuuk cuti~~..ehehe na tu la sepa suru tda bwa payung..ish3..

  2. Ray : deserve??! in wat way? hahaha..

    genes : indirect frens ah.. hahaha.. kurang asam betul cuti.. jadi si sofie pun cuti la tu? apa buli buat.. bukan expect dtg ujan..

  3. Lolo! cian ba hujan. hahaha. next time sedia payung sblm hujan ba..hehe..
    anw, tula cm taik ja dorg cuti.. haha.. nda ba..
    cpt2 la u blk ba.. me no fren here..haha.. ada jgla but it is different without u here..hehe..

  4. Ray : ahaha.. pecah kepala ah.. eleh.. hahaha.. ba.. enjoy ur holiday.. kijap sia pi tingu blog ko..

    Melyn : yeah.. macam taik ni ujan.. hahaha.. of cuz la different without me..

    ” This looks like a job for me,
    so everybody just follow me
    cuz we need a little controversy,
    cuz it feels so empty without me!”

    ahahaha.. ba2.. nanti la i go back we jalan puas2 di saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana centre..punya parking lot.. hahaha

  5. be..jan jeles yer we cuti n u dun…hehe.neway,gudluck 4 ur test..ei,msg2 lar all d time..u noe jugk kan i boring cni kk..agnes jak hrpn…haha..
    dun lose contact!hoho..
    neway,miss u!!take care arr…xoxo;)
    ba bye!

  6. Su : Buh…. hahaha.. yeah.. thx.. gud luck for ur ups result oso.. i saja ka mo mula msg? ish3… u dis.. ada berita hangat but still dun tell me immediately.. wahahha.. tak pe tak pe.. i phm…

    of course la dun lose contact… imposibble ma for me to lose contact.. wahaha..

  7. rain can both be a good thing and a bad thing… it cools us down, but at the same time it can be hassling… haha… knapa2 tiba2 sa jd philosophical nie… wakaka…

    so apa mcm ur 3 tests?? all aces la loren nie… hehe…

  8. kenet : ahaha.. ko mmg slalu trip jadi philisopher.. n i had enuff of that thing in my thinking skill class.. hahaa..

    my 3 test ah..

    Business : 30 ques.. all answered, 3 confim salah.. wahhaa..
    Maths : 12 ques in 15 minutes (f*cking rushing), all done, i think i salah identity 1.. damn
    Thinking skills : 30 ques, all answered, nasib i study til 2 am the night before.. ahahha..

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