3:2o am..

It’s now 3.20 am. Aiya. Lambat suda ni. Who am I kidding? It’s not like I’ve never stayed up late before. Ahh. Something’s very wrong today. I mean yesterday. Aish. Ni la ni minda orang sudah penat. J is already asleep there and he got test tomorrow. Lucky them. Techno students are still very relaxed and happy (HURRAY!).

Ish. Apa ba sia merepek ni.

Si Jimmy makan burger. Si Flee suda tidur. I’m so sorry! Ketara betul xda apa sia mau cakap ni. Okay2. Let’s try this again.

Just now, we finally got a head start with our ICIS assignment. Damn. Building a website is not as easy as we have presumed. Thank the Lord, Kian(one of our members) have Dreamweaver software, or else, we’ll be dumb by typing away HTML codes using notepad(the horror!). He even had the pdf file of “Macromedia Dreamweaver for Dummies”. Haha. Kami la tu dummies. As easy and fascinating it might looked at first, the sofwtare proves to be a challenge. Haitz. Flee was the one who experimented the software and he seemed very experienced in designing the site(dui. padahal cakap lain ni mula2). So, after the miraculous start, our ideas started flowing in and I’m proud to say we have at least 3 pages done (the minimum required page is 10). Yay!

Friday is such a long, freaking, boring day. The only class for the day was Business Management, and after less than the preset 2 hours, we were freed with a glorious news and a task from our lecturer. The glorious news was : “Since there have been many queries from you regarding test 1, I want to make it clear that there won’t be a Test until you come back from the mid-semester break” as I quote him. YAY!!!!! Hahaha.

Speaking of test, most of our lecturer gave a nod to us that there will be tests for the respective subjects next week namely Moral, ICIS and Thinking Skills and Maths. Ok, Now go ahead and ask me : Am I ready?


Of course not. Hahaha. I mean I have been paying attention in class(I think la) and I believe all the lectures are absorbed into my head except for maybe Moral because Moral is so boring and the Techno students are seated at the back of the lecture hall. Anyway, I will read up my lecture notes and start some Q&A session with Flee. I hope I can score! I know I can! Oya, just wanna put up one more update. In my previous post, I’ve stated that I got 54/60 for my m3 right? I bring more good news! Yes yes. It will keep on coming because I just keep on rolling! Haha. I got 26/30 for my Business Management test. Muahaha. Best nya. I still can compete! And now I’m proud to say and proclaim that:

I DESERVE TO BE HERE. yes. It was by fate and luck that I’ve been selected but now I can say that I deserve my spot here. πŸ™‚

Ahhh. Teringat lagi sia satu barang. Haha. I’ve lost some weights I THINK. Hahahaha. Yesterday, I tried on my black slack and aiseseh when I wear it, I look like a Hip Hop dude. Hahaha. Why? Because the slack was so loose already especially in the thigh area (You can hear the choir sing : Alleluia!). Hahaha. Yes! Before this, I could hardly button up the slack and my thighs would squeeze in agony inside that slack. yeah! I hope I’ll continue to tone down in the weight section. Hehe. Ada azam ni mau joging di blakang village kami every weekdays petang. Yay!

Nah. It’s 3.56 am already. Jimmy is playing with his laptop. I’m still typing here and I’m still not sleepy. haha. Bukan ada apa2 jua ba bisuk nanti. The engineering students have Physics test so I guess I can sleep until 11 or 12. Muahaha. Then maybe go Ipoh with the gang.

Ba. Enough la this. Wo yao swwei(sui. TIDUR) ahaha. Wo hai bu hui chiang hua yi. Wo peng you Daphne ciao wo chiang zai wo hui. hehe. Yay!






OK. I’m done. out.

9 responses

  1. L’Sofie : Well.. tungu dan lihat.. ahahaha.. padahal sama ja ni.. ahaha..

    Melyn : ya.. i think la.. ahaha.. arap2 betul.. ahaha.. trus xda penimbang gain here.. how to know.. yeah.. u too ok ;)!

  2. Ray : Haha.. ya.. relax.. wahaha.. td pun ada kawan sia engineering students mo kasi stress kunun sia. dia ckp, bukan kmu ada test ka next week? napa nda blajar ni? trus sia ckp > ya la. test. jadi? haha. kalo pay attention di klas study last minit pun ok tu.. wahaha.. trus mono ni dia.. lari trus..

    anyway, yeah.. dreamweaver.. nda la susah sgt. yg susah tu bab designing.. trus masuk2 ja la kod lam tu dw.. aish.. haha.. nanti kmi blajar gak tu pasal computer.. ahaha..naaaanti la..

  3. uiyohhh like syok only your html thingie this. hahaha.

    uisehhhh, hip hop dude ba dia. hahaha.

    and wow, congrats on your excellent marks!! hehehe. Looks like ur really doing well there!!

    ei. i tagged you in my tag post. go do it ah. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Lolo, FYI im back in KK oredi.However so sorry i didnt buy anything for u from Bangkok. Y? Because.. semua yg i see barang2 ciplak! Y? Because i only went shopping d pasar malam. Hahaha. BTW u forgot to wish your abang Casmir Happy Belated Birthday tooo. His is on the 15th Sept. See ya!

  5. ahaha.. ya ba.. lupa pla taruh.. ahaha.. satu family ba bulan september dorg kan.. haha.. nanti sia edit.. ee.. barang pilak ori tu sana! hahaha… ciplak pun ori jua tu.. whahaha…

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