It’s now 1.32 a.m. It’s now the 18th of September 2008. It’s now supposed to be my sleeping hours. I don’t know what I’m still doing here blogging. Once again, I’m using Jimi’s broadband modem to enjoy the luxury of surfing smoothly. Damn, I need to get one of these soon. Hehe.

I have put up the title of this post as updates, so I might as well start updating you guys about my life. Okay. Start!
1. Maths test 1
In this week alone, we have 3 tests to endure. Maths was the first subject that we wee to be tested upon. I was not really worried to sit for the test as I knew I came prepared for it. Although it’s hard to get what the lecturer said in class, the exercises we did during tutorial was really helpful and the tutor is really really awesome. Maths are actually very very fun, simple and it boost up my endurance skills. Uiseh. Haha. Outside lecture and tutorial, the only guide I have was my friends and the overweight text book. Thankfully, my companies here are not the type that waits for the last minutes to start studying. So, I did come into the test room prepared. But the last question was so hard! Maybe I lack exercise on that part but still, it was hard. Haha. Aish. Pray ja la.
2. Drama & Debate

Guess what? For my English tutorial Drama presentation, I got the main character for the character I, in Keys Locks and Open Doors. Now don’t get excited over there. This is a group work and my team mates are very sporting and hilariously silly. Aiya, I hope this turns out okay. God-bless-him, my tutor mr. Azam postponed the drama presentation until the Raya Celebration is over! Yay! Haha.

When I was in the cafe just now, I received an sms from my Moral group leader, Amrith. Moral Debate 8 gp 4 vs gp 25. I was blurred at first but then sense kicked in and I finally recall that I’m in group 4. Haitz. Haha. We’re gonna be the affirmative team supporting the motion of “National Service should be abolished”. Hopefully I’ll get some points. Suprisingly, Jeremy (wo de roomate) in in the opposing team. Wahaha. And their leader is Alex. Mati la ni. Haha. Nda pa ba, J and Me hand in hand helping each other although different team. Hehe. I want to beat Alex.
3. KL?

We’ve been planning to go to KL, and by we, I mean me, J, and Flee. One problem is, we haven’t bought the tickets to go there and of course, we don’t have any place to crash in for the nights there. Haiye. We’ll see this weekend if we can go to KTM to buy ticket. Hopefully there’s still tickets to go KL during Raya.
Well, actually those are the only things that I wanted to put up here. I’m getting sleepy(finally). Dr. Ong’s gonna give us the quiz 1 results later. I hope I score good marks. Hehe. Damn. My stomach hurts and I’ve been hit with diarrhea since yesterday. All the cafes have flies flying and nesting around their food. Sigh. Can’t they be a bit more hygienic. Nasib time Maths test perut sia nda mogompuvang mogunsamang buat hal. Hahaha.

Well, J’s asleep already. So, I better get mine too. Lights off

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