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Raya is coming up soon, heck, it’s about 2 days away and I still have to sit for a test later at 4. Yeah! A Moral Test! I don’t know what happened to Mr. Krishnan last Saturday until he had to cancel the test. Dammit. Guess what? After the test later, we gotta attend the Moral lecture and Debate. Take another guess here – Who’ll be debating? Yeah2. It’s gonna be me.

Am I prepared for it? aiya, don’t ask. Haha. I just finished my script yesterday with so much help from my friends even from the one I just know. Thank you guys (as if they’ll be reading this anyway) and also to my sis Sofie(who is faraway in Sabah I think) for giving me her 2 cents worth as well. Haitz. Actually I’m supposed to be in LR10 for the Maths tutorial but since I’m still not quite ready for the test and debate, I decided to skip the tutorial(90% attendance. You can miss one. So, family members, don’t fret so much. Hahaha).

How long has it been since I last blog ah? Everytime I have something to blog about, whenever I come to this page(write post) I end up closing the tab almost immediately. Dui. Haha. Thank God this time I type what I want straight away. Okay, I bring many2 news an stories to be shared.

Last Saturday, Me, Mark, Flee, J and Daphne rented a car to go to Ipoh. Initially, the plan was to only rent for 2 hours to buy KTM tickets to KL. But sadly, the car renter said the minimum rent is for half a day which is 12 hours la. So, we seal the deal anyway and went to Ipoh. Daphne followed us because she wanted to go to DIgi Center to get back her sim card. Haha. It’s so funny. She lost the card twice already. She wanted to g to Jusco but we didn’t know the way to go there. But, miracles happen when we at the KTM station to buy the ticket, the booking counter was close and will only be opened at 10pm. The miraculous thing was, there was an uncle who was about to mount on his motor when we manage to ask him the way to Jusco. All I remembered was take left, take left, take left. Haha.

Then, we went for yam cha, in the middle of nowhere. Haha. Me and Flee patak2 duit to buy ping pong bats(like finally. we’ve been trying to buy them for a month already!). After that, we went to Ipoh Parade, and at that time, it was already 6 pm. We planned to go to church at 7(and the church is only a 5-minutes walk from Ipoh parade).  We decided to play a game of bowling with Daphne being an ayam as she refuse to join us. Haha. Damn it, I lost my bowling touch. AND. yes. AND. I slipped and fell after I threw to the ball at one time. HOW EMBARASSING WAS THAT?! damn it. Everyone was laughing, obviously at me, and of course to cover koyak, I laugh with them at my own stupidity. After bowling, J and Mark went to the church, but since Flee and Daphne will be left alone if I go church (I mean, it’ll probably be awkward for them to be alone together, and Flee did ask me to go with them), I stayed at the Parade with them and we went window shopping!. It was so funny if you ask me to be trying out clothes, err, let me rephrase that. It’s so funny to be trying out the clothes and things you’ve tried on the last week and the week before it. Hahaha. It always look much better with time I guess. Then, we went back to the church compound to meet up with Mark and J and suprise, suprise, we saw Yves, jV and another dude just behind Mark and J when they were walking out of the church. Thankfully, or should I say miraculously again, we now have a guide to go to Jusco. Hehe. We followed behind jV’s Gen 2 and went to Jusco! Yay.

Then, it was dinner time! And guess where we went to eat! Guess guess! Easy one. We went to McD!!!! You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve ate Mcd Food. emmmmm. The memories of working for 4-months in McD Karamunsing came back to me. Haha. You get all the good stuff when you work. Anyway, I ordered McChicken medium set meal and only God knows how high was I went I took the first bite out of that burger. EmmMmM. Daphne was laughing at me, and so did the guys. I don’t know why, my eyes just roll back into the inside when I was eating the burger. Emmmmm. Hahaha. Sorry2, got carried away there. Hahaha.

ANYWAY, we explored Jusco(again.) and talked a lot. We even met our Business tutor with 2 of our course mate(sorry, wo hai bu tze dao ni men de ming zi. Haha. As if what i said is right). Then, Daphne spend me waffle (Kang zai wo ching ta Mcd liao). When it was close to 10, we went inside Jusco and me and Daphne smelled a bunch of softener bottles. Haha. I finally chose the white color comfort softener bottle. Then, we took many other things especially the ones that Syahmi asked us and pay up and leave. When we arrived back at the KTM station, initially the woman at the counter didn’t want to sell the ticket claiming that the booking hours is close(We didn’t see the schedule back in the evening. It stated 10-11pm, and it was already 11.20 at that time). Miraculously(I know, i know, haha), the pleads from J and us got the best out of the lady and she booked the tickets from us. Yay! We have tickets! And then J drove back to UTP.

It was damn tiring but still, Had fun like always and with Daphne around(who is claimed to be my twin) it’s even funner(Are there such adjectives?) Haha. Well, that was the end of the trip.

Oh ya! Forgot to tell something. I got my maths test results already. I got 78/100 for my test and my total marks together with Quiz 1 is 132/160. This total mark ranked 64th in the class. Dammit. Haha. I’ve to strive better. No more procrastinate(this one hard to lose one) hopefully. Haha. What else did I forgot? Hmm. Oh ya! That day me and Syahmi went for a night Jog near our village. It’s so fun and slimming. Hahaha.

Well, I guess that’s it. Somebody’s gonna be older in a matter of 6 days!

before that..


and. i’m out. sigh. wish me luck for my debate.

My debate went awesome(well, at least that’s how I see it.) Our team lost by a mere 5 points. Alex got the best speaker award as expected. Amrith came close losing only to Alex by 2 points. Haha. It was fun la to debate like that but so frustrating when you finish the debate, you still don’t feel satisfied that you know you could’ve done better. Haha. Anyway, whatever la.

oh ya, test was easy. I came out of the test room first. hahaha.


5 responses

  1. holla again loren! hehe.
    this is ur LATEST post bha kan. hehe.
    anyway, tell me how ur debate nnt ah.
    haha. kesian u time men boling. if i was der, mmg ketawa berabis la tu kali kan.
    aih, jumpa twin sda sana? hehe.

    nda lama ada org tua sda. hahahaha!

  2. melyn : Ahaha.. ya.. this is the one.. ahaha.. ok.. i’ll tell u how the debate go.. stupid tu bowling tu.. ahaha adakah i jatuh.. kin malu tul.. ahaha.. orang tua blum jumpa lae.. tunggu ja.. ahaha

  3. Zeff : Neither. hahaha. sia nda balik n sia nda jua suka negeri urg.. hahaha.. erm.. no, not going back for raya.. sia pi kl nanti 2nd til 4th.. tu ja keja sia.. ahaha.. the rest of the holidays will be wasted in the hostel.. zZz..

    Ray : Ahaha.. Sial.. ada ba touch.. tu ari kami men pun sia kas kalah dorg.. hahaha.. ya ba.. dekat 5 hari lae.. adui.. terpaksa join kamu yg tua ni.. hahahahaha…

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