Special Post.

So, I’m been browsing through my blogrolls and followed links to my friends’ blog. I am posting this one in response to Ameline’s post.

She posted this :
“this part is especially for my best friend Lorenzo. i don’t know even know who are my true friends now but i am sure u are still one of them.we were so afraid that we might lose contact and worse, awkward silence exists between us but turns out our friendship is much more stronger and closer now. i really appreciate that Lolo. u are the only person that i will never find any hesitation to send a msg or telling u whatever i feel like telling. i don’t know that if i can still consider my other friends as my best friend anymore because the awkward silence is starting to build up between them and i. or maybe i don’t even know what to talk to them anymore. i hate dealing with that kind of situation but i don’t know how to face it. i am glad to have u as a best friend. u were there through good and bad times and i hope it stays that way as time goes by. i miss u doofus.”

Dear Ameline, don’t really think about it so much. I know too that its hard to be around people that we don’t really know at first. Trying to get to know them deeper is sometimes hard because we tend to feel insecure right? If that’s not the case, people may not have been accepting.
People may have owned the mindset where they ditch our presence just
because we
do not fit their criterias of a friend. Or maybe they simply do not want to be friend because they have their own clique already and adding us to the list is not an option, at all. Haitz. Nevermind. Adapting have never been harder.

But adapting here also made me realised that not all people all bad. You just gotta go through them one by one. Eventually, you’ll find gems that will shine the path of your friendship til you die. I’m quite lucky that I’ve found a few already here. About our old colleagues, I think I am also like you where talking with them may get a little awkward with the silence and all but no frets, I think once we try to open up and try to block the negativity that they are still the ones that we know from the past, things will start to turn better. But yes, I have to admit that out of all, You‘re still the one with Sam that I can tell off anything without thinking twice. Even with the dirtiest thought that crosses my mind, I still let you guys know of it without even modifying any part of the thought because I know you guys won’t judge me. I don’t mind making new friends but I do mind if I lost the ones I thought I’ll never lose. The one that promises not to lose contact after SPM.

So, don’t worry best friend, let’s just continue our lives with the sweetest thought in mind that even with a million miles between us, our bond is still stronger than ever. No matter what happen, you got me. and, I know I got you on my side always. But, maybe you wanna tell me who your friends in IS too. I think you know ody some of my friends here, so wouldn’t hurt if we share more right? hehe.

Love, Loren, the cutest doofus. Hahaha.


6 responses

  1. hye der best fren.

    thank you the post. i am glad the u understand how i feel.
    i am so used of having someone der to ask me “how are u?” daily and just be der for me to listen to whatever i have to say. i know that u are owez der. i’ll try to tell who are my frens in IS, mostly from convent la. hehe.

    take care. 🙂

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