Back to Business!

Hell yeah. It’s time to go back in the business. Gotta leave the holiday mood and self outside for now. My book are desperately waiting for me to pick them up and for me to read them. Haitz. Pity the books. Still neatly arranged in my locker. Hahaha.

I’ve been busy with my ICIS assignment during the holiday. Thank the Lord, the burden was off my shoulders as soon as I submitted the assignment report and website softcopy in Miss Penny’s mailbox. Fuh. We did a good job I think. Anyway, Flee and I finished our part in the 3rd business assignment too. We’re such a good team. Haha. He’s good with ideas, I’m good in words(well, I’m good in making a story seem longer than it really is. Hahaha). Math’s portfolio is rumoured to be due next week. Nasib baik I like Maths and I did all the works especially in the tutorials. Now all that’s left for me to do is the chapter summary for all the chapters we covered so far. That won’t be too hard, I think. Hehe. Thinking skill also have new assignment (MAN! THEY KEEP ON COMING!!). Thank God, it’s a group work and Praise The Lord my group consist of very2 smart and hardworking people. Hahaha. We just discussed the assignment and did the draft to be handed over to Dr. Ong tomorrow. Yay!

RIght now, I’m actually making business notes. We’re now in Chapter 10(but we skipped chapter 9) and my notes are only up to chapter 4! Aduiii! No worries. I’m gonna make all those notes again. I’m back into the studying mood after so many nights of procrastinating. When I’m back tomorrow, I’m gonna finish up my notes on chapter 5. I think there’s a business test coming soon since there weren’t any before the Raya holiday. So, better prepare from now right? Hmm.

My finals are scheduled to be held somewhere at the end of November I think. Not so long til that day. I’m really gonna prepare from now. Make time for play and study in the my routine. I don’t want to get left behind my coursemates. If they’re good, I can be equally good or better if I put my effort in this. God HELP ME!!! I need your blessings and grace and the holy spirit to guide me through this!. Amen.

Anyway, I wanna say thanks to Duvanson Geng! and Kak Do also for sending the Kuih Raya, Ang pow, and Kad Raya (special thanks to LALA!!). Speaking of kuih raya, Haha, Damn, I think I gained some kg(I know, i know, i bragged in my previous post about losing 8 kg already). Before Raya, I requested kuih raya from some friends here and they sure did brought the kuih. Haha. Syahmi, Jimmy, and Uyun. Eet Ying wanted to give me something too but due to the extended holiday, her gift for me turned bad and she can’t give it to me already. Sad. Haha.

Welll, I better get back to the business text book. Hahaha. This laptop is a distraction. I’m somehow thankful also that the connection tonight is really slow!! Hahaha. Ok, that’s it. Please pray for my drama presentation. Hehe. Thanks!

Oh ya,
HAPPY BE-EARLY BIRTHDAY PISANG RAMLAN (atau nama betulnya Razanah Ramlan) !! Miss u pis!


17 responses

  1. happy bdae to banana too! hehe..
    gud luck in ur finals k..and tell me more bout ur drama..haha..
    and of cos, hope u can finish all the assignments..

    take care lolo..

    ps. btw, having a laptop with u is a distraction.haha..

  2. melyn : ahaha. ya.. gud luck to u too! pasal drama, nanti i post pix if dpt.. hahaha.. assgnment all down except for thinking skills! yay!!

    p/s: it is a distraction. take it AWAY!!!

  3. mel : aikkk.. hahaha… i forgot that utp student can read my blog.. hahaha.. pecah rahsia.. aiya… eleh.. i kno u oso studying ody… from the first day of class again u start studying right mel?? hahaha..

  4. ahah wat u mean u 4got utp student can read ur blog??
    u dun intend to write for utp student to read huh?!!

    nola.. i dint study ei.. really. especially business. its one damn bored sub.
    I just wonder y Im so interested to do business in the 1st place.

  5. mel : hahaha.. adoi.. no.. i write for the purpose of blogging.. haha.. and u know they say mr. razol go about reading sudent’s blog oso.. be careful, be very careful. hahahaha. ya ka u dun study? later u study oso dat.. n yeah!! how come u take BIS? switch to ICT leh.. hahaha..

  6. yea i heard tht.. but Mr. Razol wont be stopping by my blog i guess. ahah

    nola.. I dun wan to go too deep in IT world ei.. Dats y I chose BIS with a combination of biz and IT. =) smart ei.. ahah u ICT punya ka?? dats y telling me to switch.

  7. mel : maybe I should post sumting like “MR RAZOL! VISIT THIS LINK(your blog)” hahahahaha.. then u be dead. hahaha.. but no I won’t do that.. hahaha..

    smart meh? hahaha.. im into ICT so no worries here. yalo.. wo shi ICT student..

  8. ahah bet u dun dare to do so.. =p
    if u do, i might jus announce or no…promote ur blog to the lecturers? lol

    hmm.. why ICT?? ICT is under BIS, rmb?? ahahah
    so BIS is still better.. ehehe

  9. mel : aih, u dare me ah? hahaha.. dare me again and i’ll do it.. hahaha.. promote la my blog.. i dun mind =P..

    Cuz ICT rock.. hahaha.. eiiii.. ICT under BIS? not necessary mah.. hahaha.. without ICT, BIS won’t jalan oso.. so, no us, no u guys.. be thankful.. hahaha…

  10. ahaha… dun wan la.. im not dat desperate.. lol

    without BIS, ICT tak jalan oso lar.. ahaha

    *side note: Im just thinking ar… y didnt u just add a chatbox?? so I dun haf to post in ur comments… so ma fan.. if u noe wat tht means.. lol

  11. maylin : wo you msn, ym.. haha.. hai mei you gtalk.. ..

    Mel : Ma fan meh? Hahaha.. I know2.. adoi.. but this wordpress don’t allow chatbox. siallll.. hahaha. I may be chaning blog sooner or later. My blog cannot put song oso!!! omg.. haitz.. hahaha..

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