Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. short regards.

In front of the xmas tree in Berjaya Times Square, KL

In front of the xmas tree in Berjaya Times Square, KL

Hey guys, just wanna wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have a feeling that this Xmas is gonna be a good one =D.

Tonight, I’m going out all night long to enjoy a good karaoke time with my cousins, aunt and uncle. I’ll post about it sometime after Christmas.

Tomorrow is Xmas Day eve, and I’m gonna go out with some friends *ehem* and gonna go to church at night for the celebration of xmas day eve mass. Damn, it feels so good.

On Christmas Day, gonna spent the whole day with my family, at the church in the morn, dinner at Mayflower and happy hour at grandma’s. Can’t wait to dress up for the day!.

Await my posts. Meanwhile, enjoy your Xmas! CheerS!!



Await more videos next year. muahaha.

Await more videos next year. muahaha.

I may post some more videos soon. hehe.

Another video!

Hehe. Yep. I was bored out of my mind and said to myself, hey, it’s been so long since i posted a video in youtube, and I happen to have all the things I need. Guitar, web cam, external mic, and my voice. Ummm. So, why the heck not right? Hahaha. View at your own risk. Please comment in Youtube if you have anything to say!!

Thanks. Hehehe.

Here’s the video. Click on it to go to the Youtube page. =)

Holiday Cheers? WARNING. LONG POST!

Maybe not. I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel like the holiday that I long for so much when I was in UTP. Pretty ironic isn’t it? Hoping so much for a holiday, a break, a period of rest, and yet in the end, I didn’t just get that, I think I got too much of all that. Haitz. In other words, I’m getting fatter okay. This holiday makes me probably the most gobulan(read:it’s a kadazan word for lazy) dude in town. Huhu. Anyway, enough about my situation. I promised an update, so I think I should do just that.

Ok. Now, where should I start? I have a bad memory. I mean, the things inside my brain are photographically imaginable, but that’s the problem right there, it photographically imaginable. I can’t put them in words, I can’t describe any feelings, any verbal event, or anything that’s not visual-related. So, it’s kinda impossible for me to go way back. But, I’ll do what I can.

Oh, for those of you who haven’t read my UTP – Part 1 post, read it here. Click here please.

>> Thinking Skill Test – Wet Maths >>
Okay, I remember the first time we had test in UTP. It was for Thinking Skills. We went into the test room being late (most of us were there early but this being the first test, we didn’t know where exactly was the room, and where the hell was Dr.Ong). It turns out that Dr. Ong was already there, already distributed the papers and he was furious when we finished the paper. He even cancelled the remaining one hour for lecture because we made him angry. Haha. Then, in the same day, I think, since most of the students were in the IRC after the TS test, we were stranded in the Chancellor Complex because it was raining cats and dogs, and Maths’ class is at the Lecture Hall. So, some of us shared umbrella with the girls and went back to fetch the others with the umbrella. Some, however, were daring enough to be soak wet in the rain. Haha. And we were late for class. Who cares.

>> Classes throughout the sem >>
Some of the significant moments for me for the classes throughout the semester were the moments that came of nowhere. Who would’ve thought Mr.Zul would remember my name in class? Haha. I think he call my name thrice in class already. Then, you have the random quizzes for maths, and ICIS. Damn. Sometimes you ace it, sometimes you’re just clueless. Those open book ICIS quizzes seems easy to tackle as you are allowed to refer but full marks aren’t always grabbed. Oh, I enjoyed Moral classes. Doing nothing (really, we did nothing.) but enjoying debates in front. When it was my turn to debate, I felt the adrenaline and manage to deliver just nice(exxagerating. Hahaha) and got myself 70/100 for marks. Not bad la. Got 2nd highest mark in the group after Amrith.

>> Lecturers >>
Who could forget Mr.Sensitive, Mr. Jale. He went on an inconsistent pace in his lecture. He started off on the right foot but ended up tangling himself in the end. He went super fast and super confusing at some chapters. Thank goodness there were Maths’ tutorial classes. The exercises and brief notes given by the tutor were damn helpful.

Then we have Miss Penny, the happy-go-lucky, youthful lecturer who was steady in giving lectures. She even managed to slit in some video sections and games section in her period. I love Miss Penny. hehe.

Mr. Zul was a real good lecturer. I really enjoy his classes. haha. Although, sometimes I plugged in the earphones and played some games in my phone, I still understand his delivery. A very good lecturer who know just what examples to give to blurred students including me(who just happens to be unplugging the earphones from the ear. hahaha)

I have nothing bad to say about Mr.Razol (who happens to be blog surfing some student’s blog. muahaha), Dr.Ong and Mr.Krishnan, simply because I find the classes good,plain and nice(see, nothing bad). I dare not say something bad about my lecturers, especially when the results are still not out yet. Hehe.

>> Assignments?! >>
Now I know, assignments are different than school homework. Why? in my former school, we had homeworks. It was up to you to do it or not, it will not affect your grades because at the end of the day, all that matters is your SPM. Stepping into this university, I learnt that old school lifestyle ain’t gonna cut it in this new sphere. Due dates were dreaded as midnight oils were burned.

ICIS assignment was the assignment I really hate and love the most. But this particular assignment made me bond closer with Fli and Syahmi. We experimented many stuff to put into our site and paid off in the end. We got 15.43 for our assignment. Not bad eh? It was also in this assignment, where Fli and Syahmi got to see me sleeptalk. Damn. hahaha. Fli and I even skipped Business and English class to complete the site, and to hand in the assignment. There were angry moments, but we worked things out in the end.

You guys can visit our site here

Maths assignment was relatively easy. Haha. My laptop was already dead by that time, so I used Jimi’s laptop (thanks Jimo! I luv u for that!). Terry left his documents on Pythagoras in my pen drive, so I borrowed the documents and made it my own. Hahaha. Thank you ah Terry! In the end I got 90/100 for the assignment. Woo Hoo! I guess I did pretty good.

Business Assignments was fun too. On our first assignment, Fli pulled me to join the incomplete group of Mifrah, Khamisah and Uyun. It turned out to be the best decision because I like how all the members of my group are able to contribute their part without relying on others. Pendek kata, all the members pandai buat kerja. No procrastination, no excuses, just work. And we did well on all the assignments. 9.o, 8.5, 9.5. We could’ve gotten higher, but oh well, we didn’t remember the references. Haha.

Thinking Skills Assignment was an easy one for me. All the members of my group are really productive. Haha. We discuss things over and made a plan and we stick to it until the project was done. I must admit I contribute very little to the group because all my ideas are plain and lame. Haha. But then again, I did my part and earned 24/25 for the marks! yeah!

Moral was a different story. Doing the debate was fun and nerve-wrecking but still, I find it totally exhilarating to be speaking in front of the people. I love the crowd. Haha. Doing the Moral reflection was a pain in the ass though. I thought it was all done, until Amrith told me to go to Sim’s room to talk about it. Then, while there, Shian Ee didn’t showed up, leaving me and Sim to do the reflections alone. I did what I could for the reflection and I only got this blog to thank. Why? Because I learn how to crap and to write significant things. That’s how I completed the reflections.

>> Tutorials >>
English tutorial was a blast! Mr.Azam is a very funny tutor but he is a very strict one in giving marks. Haha. My poster presentation partner was Yves, and I did most of the poster. It was plain and simple but quite striking. Then, I think we did pretty well during the presentation, having the crowd’s attention and receiving positive feedback. It was fun to answer questions spontaneously because you never know how you’re gonna react to the questions. Sometimes, I laugh at my own reactions.Oh!! English drama was a blast to do! I got into the same team with Sarah, Yves, Fli, Firdaus, Andy and Michael. I got the main character, I, in Keys Lock and Open Doors, but traded the character with Yves, who refuse was unable to act out a Gay Priest character. Haha. I know I could’ve gotten more marks, maybe, with the main character but, sometimes, you gotta make some sacrifice and not be selfish right? And we rocked!

Maths tutorial was nice too. See, I love maths. I love doing exercises and I love getting the answer for hard questions. Completing the tutorial work to put into the portfolio was a no-problemo for me because I kinda got all tutorial done in the tutorial itself. Hahaha. No, seriously! I like Mr.Elisha! He is very, very good in explaining things. I wonder how he made things a lot simpler than how Mr.Jale would’ve put it.

Business tutorial was a learning leisure time for me. You go for  the tutorial, You sit in groups and you answer questions. Then, Mr.Khan and Ms. Suree(?) will give the answer and we’re set to go back!. Haha. It was fun to be seating in the same class with all the ICT coursemate and see this is the people that I’m gonna be around with for the next 4 years. Haha. Oh, Mr. Khan is so funny. He would go around randomly to me and say “Ni hao ma?”. Like, it come out of nowhere! Hahaha. He start calling me and Fli Kadazan after learning that we are from that ethnic group and after being shocked to know that we’re not Chinese. Hahaha. We’re not Chinese la! Wo men bu shi hua ren!

>> Siew kwan’s birthday >>
I remember I was sleeping and my handphone rang. Daphnee call me to tell me to come join them celebrate Siew Kwan’s birthday at Pavilion. I was dragging Fli to come along with me cause I told Daphnee I would come. I told Yves about it but didn’t go. Fli was reluctant to go but I manage to get him to go along with me. Hahaha. Then we went there and got free spagetti and cake. Wahaha. Got to know the China gang a bit better. Haha.

>> Futsal >>
I always wonder if I was ever gonna play futsal in UTP because I play weekly with my family before coming to UTP. Then, I don’t how I came to play with the Chinese guys. It became regular. Whenever they wanted to play, they would call us, the Sabahans to joins them. It was real fun to play with the guys and to get to know more people outside my course. Hope to play with you guys more next sem! And sorry J.Lo, your ball masuk tasik one day. hahaha. I admit I was the one who kick it! hahaha. But still, I manage to get it back ma. Haha.

>> CSS >>
Me, J, Mark and Yves joined CSS and went to the prayer meetings at the early semester. But we weren’t consistent in attending the prayer meet, making up plenty of excuses to not attend them. It has nothing to do with the prayer meet itself, it’s just that the venue is far from our hostel. That’s why. Haha. And it just so happen that all of us didn’t have bicycle. Hahaha. But it was fun to go to church with the members and the outing! I remember how great I felt joining the youth day although the others didn’t want to go. It wasn’t that great but I love the atmosphere and the Praise and Worship session. It just captures me instantly. Hopefully, since we’re gonna live in V1 or V2 next sem, I’ll be attending more prayer meeting. Hehe.

>> Ipoh >>
Okay, now, Ipoh is decent. That’s the nicest word I could put there. I wanted to say Ipoh sucks, but it’s not that bad actually and I’m actually gonna be in Ipoh a whole lot more in the future, so better make peace with it ASAP right? Haha. There’s only two place to hang out there, I mean for us, and that’s JJ and IP. But, one thing good about Ipoh is the Ayam Tauge. Emm. Want to savour that again. Yum. Anyway, Ipoh’s route aren’t that hard to figure out so exploring Ipoh is kinda easy. Haha.

>> Jogging >>
Heee. One of my favourite evening activity. Haha. Thanks to all especially Syahmi who always go jogging with me. Haha. P/s : I lost 8kg in UTP. wahaha.

>>Hari Raya & Birthday in UTP >>
I have no interest in describing two of the most boring day in the semester. Being stranded in UTP for a long time is friking boring beyond explaination. It’s like being isolated in an island. Helpless and could easily be insane. Thank God we survived it. Haha. Next mid and semester break, I’ll be going back. Click here to read my post on the Raya holiday.

>> Friends >>
Yup. To me, a university life is totally incomplete without the presence of friends. It’s kinda hard to go through the campus life without having any friends you could talk to, you could bug, you could seek comfort, you could flirt with, you could simply be around with. So, here’s to my Sabahan Geng, to my coursemates, to the people outside my course who actually know me and to all who tried being friends with me(not that I rejected any la). Let’s have the best times of our lives here in this University, making marks as we step closer to the real world. Hee.

So, I think, that’s basically my summary of the semester. Yeah. It’s great. I’m a university student now. I got 4 more years to carve more memories in my uni life. This have been a long post. Haha. Thanks for reading. If you’re looking for pictures, sorry, I got some but not really significant in this post. If you survive til this point, thanks a lot for reading! You guys are the best! hehe. Ba, If you have anything to say, just leave it in the comment.

– LoLo –