Sleeping awake.

It’s 1:44 am shown there at the desktop clock. Haiya. Can’t really sleep. But I will. Soon. Maybe at 2. I got a class at 9 tomorrow morning, so I’m gonna wake up around 8. 


V1! It’s kinda miraculous for me to be here actually. Haha. I thought out of all the blocks in v6, Propana and Methana people will be the ones who’ll be packing their stuff to go here. But, here I am in my room V1A-211. Everything’s cool for me. I like the room. Although many complained about the size *ehem ehem, jangan terasa ya wahai kawan2 se-V1A ku, ehem ehem*, I really feel this block is a good place to live in. Haha. Well, maybe because I’m living around people I’m really used to be around with during the first sem. The Sabahans are either next door or at the front. Then, many of my coursemates are also here. Haha. Bank, Kopetro, classes *ehem ehem, kesian warga v6 =), ehem ehem*, other villages *ehem ehem, except v6, ehem ehem* and the sports complex are really closer compared to *ehem ehem* v6. 

Can’t say much but I’m really grateful with this. Hehe.


Yesterday, or rather the day before yesterday, I went to church early morning with J boarding the CSS bus meeting up with the Jan intake Catholics, and makan2 before going back. On the way to Church, I called up Nuzul to wake him up, but to no avail. Haih. So, I called up Syahmi next, and wala! he’s awake! Haha. I told Syahmi to bang on Nuzul’s door to rent car for us. On the way back from Church, They smsed me saying that many car rental services are full already. But there was one who had cars to be rented out but still, the owner is not there, so fetching us from the university would be another problem. Luckily, Mark rented a car in the morning, and at noon time, he and Nuzul went to Taman Maju to get the car for us. Thank God oh. 

So, then, went to Fli’s room to wake him up and told him there’s a ride for us to Ipoh already and checked on him since he was sick. Haih. After that, in less than 5 minutes, everyone was ready to go. Fli, Nuzul, Syahmi wore black and I was the only one there, ulung, pakai baju putih. Celaka tul. Haha. Searched through the closet for black t-shirt and turn out all my black ones are in my laundry bucket. Haihh. Nevermind, ulung pun ulung la. Haha. 

We went to Jaya Jusco, yet again, ahaha. After playing snooker, we wanted to go for Kbox BUT there was no more Kbox. Huhu. Sedih oh. So, we went to eat at the food court and ate! ahaha. Sedap juga makanan Jepun tu. Haha. Padahal, masakan Melayu, di-nama-jepun-kan saja menunya. Hahaha. Anyway, after eating, we went inside the Jusco and met up with some Sabahan Seniors. All shopping for stuffs since they were moving to v5 this sem. Wah. Haha. So, we made our own shopping hustle too.

  • Water Tumbler – RM39.90 ~ 3 gallon capacity.
  • Bola Futsal – RM29.90 ~ Cantik. Haha. Sekadar untuk mengurusyihatkan badan
  • Pump – RM9.90 ~ Untuk pam bola la.
  • Extensions – RM13.90 ~ 5 plugs. Hehe. 

Well, actually that’s not all that we bought, the guys bought themselves towels, pillow, air freshener as well, but paid individually lah. Nuzul told me his azam was to budget well this sem. So, I keep reminding him “Budget, Nuge, Budget” and when I was excited about some stuffs like earrings he said “Budget, Lo, Budget”. Ironic. But still, all the money that came out of my wallet was for a long-term usage. So, no regrets there. Besides, Fli suggested that we patak2 our money to buy and share the things. So we did! Bestnya perasaan balik pergi kereta mengangkat plastic berisi barangan mahal. Hahaha.

Technology Foundation 2nd Sem

Haiya. Everything is starting out wrongly. The timetables are jumbled up and suddenly you hear engineering students screaming here and there telling you to register Labs online. Like, so suddenly. How come we don’t know about this? How come the lecturer didn’t mention anything awal2? Haitz. Anyway, attended the first day classes just now and I’ll admit it here, I think I’ll find it hard to survive this semester. Haha. Why? mainly because of Economics. I’m no hater but I think I’m just gonna end up bored  inside the lecture room. Just now pun, I was listening to some music and was scribbling some design and was busy laughing and joking with Fli, Terry, Syahmi and Shafiq. Adui. Hahaha. No worries though, it’s the first day syndrome. Everyone was so unprepared for anything. But the economic lecturer was so fired up to kick start the semester with a lecture. HAIH. 10 principles of economics. Since we came a bit later than the others, we end up sitting way behind in that class and couldn’t even hear anything since it was too distant and plus the noise was drowning the lecturer. Haih. Nevermind. Nevermind. Tunggu kerajinan and ke-nerd-an ku keluar. 

IBIS was okay though. I thought the lecturer was a laid back type. And the pop quiz suprise was uncalled for. Ahaha. Mana lah ingat anything from last semester.  Hahaha. Everyone also meniru but ironically, everyone got different2 marks than each other. Haha. That lecturer is one hell of a cool lecturer. Breaking the ice with the student using the quiz and the name list to get the marks while getting to know us. Maths will be okay I think. I hope this one is not sensitive. Huhu.

Tomorrow have many classes but can sleep in the afternoon. Hehe. And tomorrow, I’m gonna go jog at v6! Lama suda nda joging oh. Rasa nda sihat ja nda joging. Played futsal just now with the guys with new addition to the players : Nuzul, Jai, DG. Haha. It was as usual, havoc and chaotic but fun la and tiring as well. Hehe. Pancit ba main tadi. Adui.


Can’t wait for more good things to happen. 

Anyway, I’ll be seriously updating more once I’ve settled down firmly here. Hehe. Good Night! Aiya. 2.22 already. Mati lah ni bisuk tidur lagi di klas economy. Hahahaha.

This first week, It’s all gonna be fun and games. FIFA, futsal, joging, walking around here and there and also maybe to Ipoh again this weekend. Who knows? Ahaha.

Uyun, Izzah, Hafsah, I assure you, being on the same team with Me and Fli is gonna be great. Ahaha.
IBIS group members – you know who you are, jangan lupa datang meeting, nanti sia evaluate kamu buruk2 baru tau. Wahaha. 

P/S: Parents, don’t scold me for what I did in my lectures. Haha. I can manage well.


27 responses

  1. LoLo…
    econs is seriously dead bored…i oso feel like sleeping in the lecture
    i love the textbook cover though…it seems really nice and creative, but the content of it is a totally no no..til now, i haven’t succesfully fnsh reading even 1/4 of a page in that tx book coz i always slept off before i even fnsh reading 1 paragraph… =p

    i can’t imagine how m i gonna stand econs class for the whole semester…haih…

  2. kalau bce buku econs kan, rse mcm baca cerita yang diulang-ulang.
    Act, dah faham. tapi the fact yang dia nak describe lebih2 and keep on repeating the same thing 2 kenapa?
    ade sesiapa yang perasan tak?
    atau saya sahaja yang salah baca?
    benda simple jadi complicated pulak.

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