PCC meeting. Haha.

So. The holiday is here! But the sad part of it, is : I’m here too. IN UTP. huhu. Why la every mid sem I don’t come back. Sedih oh. Hahaha. ANYWAY. I came back from the PCC meeting yesterday. There’s a bunch of stories that I wanna share here but I think I’ll only share a few. Haha.

PCC Meeting.

Ok, so where do I start with this? Let me see. During the econs test, I received a message from Rex asking me if I wanted to be CSS UTP’s representatives to the PCC meeting. Since many had a lot of things to do, I just simply said yes. I don’t know why. Then, Rex even said that the transportation and the food will be sponsored. Oh. Now I know why I went. Hahaha.

So, Friday evening came so I packed my stuffs and waited at the V2 cafe as Tania instructed earlier. When Andrey’s car came, me and Jason threw our bags in the bonnet and off we went on our way! Matt was in the car, suprised to see me, I guess. He was expecting Mark LoLow but instead he got LoLo. Hahaha. Then he clarified to Tania that I can’t be known as LoLo. Too many LoLo is confusing maybe. So, they use Bo. Haihhhh.

Anyway, we reached Gopeng and took off to Penang!








(Im’a skip the bus ride cuz nothing special happened)


We arrived. Hahaha. Not much excitement ya? Well, basically we arrived and we were fetched by Anne at the bus station, we went for dinner at about 11 something and went to Father Murphy’s to crash in. So, met Mildred over there. Not too long after that, the USM and UiTM students came and got to know them. Their names were Stan, Mike, Thomas, Milo and Teddy. Something happen that night. But if I say here, I’ll get killed by family members. Hahaha. Just kidding.

Anyway, next morning we all woke up, only to find that we have to go for this Women’s day thingy which we know nothing about. After bathing, we went to the place and Mildred, Stan, Stephanie, Joanna and Duke were in this one team to compete in the race. Out of nowhere, this aunty ask the rest of us whether we wanted to join or not. I ended up being in a group with Jason and Thomas with two strangers – Wei Sern and Siu Ting. Oh. Finally saw Jude, the president of PCC. The race was ok. TIRING but fun lah juga. Hahaha. Oh.

The best thing about it was you could see many chicks. Hahaha. Yang muka ethnics and Chinese ba semua. Apa lagi. Hahaha. No wonder it was a fun race kan. Haha. Eye candy everywhere. Opps. I should stop now. Hahaha. Anyway.

Introducing my teamates :

Thomas with the slippers and Jason in the PCCG tshirt. Haha.

Thomas with the slippers and Jason in the PCCG tshirt. Haha.

That's me obviously. Wei sern in yellow, siu ting in white at the far back. hahaha. Zoom in.

That's me obviously. Wei sern in yellow, siu ting in white at the far back. hahaha. Zoom in.

We ran around like crazy, threw wet sponges in the air, search some trees for some silly obvious pamphlets and went on a search for logos(which was the most tiring part. damn) and got to cuci mata. Hahaha.

Ok2. So, after it ended, I got a free tshirt and free lunch that day! Keyword : FREE!. Haha. Then, we went back to FM and rest. I played Lap Lap FoO with Matt, Jason and Mildred before proceeding to the PCC meeting, the actual point of the trip to Penang. So the meeting goes on and got to know a few more people. Arthur, Marcela, Sarah and her friend. Haha. The meeting was ok and so-so. Just like any other meeting. After the meeting, we were rushing to the church. By the time we arrived, it was already late. Hahaha.

One thing I noticed about the church was the people that runs it. Their intentions were good right to conduct and coordinate weekly mass but I was kinda disappointed with the Choirs and the music. Hahaha. The Father spoke softly and gently even when he sings. Haha. Matt heard me said something that was NOT supposed to be heard by anyone. especially in church. Hahahaha. I was kinda disconnected with the singings and all of the sudden I said “Lagging Juga” while Matt was turning to me. Uh oh.. hahahaha..

So, we went back to FM. I was so sleepy already by then, so I ate dinner, watched a video and the next thing I know, it was morning. Haha. It was time to get ready and go home already. So, we went home.








(This was another bus ride. So, let’s skip this. Haha)

Oh! By the time we arrived at Gopeng, I was awake already, not that I was asleep the whole journey lah. Not that I was asleep the whole journey lah. Haha. When we went down already, I started to panic when I realised that I don’t have my handphone with me. WTH! NO!!!! So, I searched through my bags and still didn’t find it. I told Matt so I went back to the bus and searched the bus, I told the bus driver about it when I didn’t find it in my seat. The driver said that he didn’t took it and he had no use for it. It was not like I was accusing him or anything. Then the kind driver hand me his phone to call my phone. I had it in Silent mode so there was no tune of Ne-yo’s Mad anywhere. Sigh. Then, I went back to Matt. He called my phone and I start searching through my bags again. This time, I dig deeper inside my clothes in the bag and guess what was the hard, small and vibrating thing that I grabbed. Yeah2. My phone. Stupid betul. It must’ve slipped inside. Haha. So, I went back to the driver and told him that I found it already and thanked him. That driver really nice lah. He called 5 times to check on my phone and even named a suspect that possible have stolen my phone. Hahaha.

After that, we waited in agony in the Gopeng station. Why Agony? You could listen to robotic melodies of name chants. KL, Butterworth, Alor Setar. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. omg. Sakit telinga. Haha. Those ticket sellers were so aggresive in pulling their customers, that is they shout the names of the place over and over again. I joked with Tania and Matt about it. Then I started beatboxing. Guess what? Their chants were ON beats. If I recorded that, it’ll probably be a nice remix. Hahaha.

Andrey picked us up and went to Mcd (when I only had rm9 in my wallet. Sedih.) My total meal was rm8.95, So I was left with RM0.05 after that. Hahaha. Lepak for a while before we headed home.

That’s the end of the journey! Hahaha. So, now the holiday’s gonna start!.

Waiting for the allowance to come in to do some stuffs. I want to get a haircut and some dyes maybe (Oh family members please chill. Hahaha), I want to buy a new short pants. Suma pun koyak sudah. Haih. I want to buy food supply. I want to explore UTP? ahaha. Maybe. Maybe. OoH. Can’t wait to start IBIS assignment with Fli and Syahmi. We’re doing a short commercial! I’ll post how it turns out when it’s done! Woo hoo!

P/s: Got frikkin full mark for my IBIS and Maths test. Hahaha. Didn’t expect that. If you’re saying I’m being egoistic or show off here, well, I’m not. Just for the sake of updates okay. And, people at home deserve to know that I’m doing A-ok here.

P/s2 : Need to get back in shape. Kapus2 sudah lari time race di Penang tu. Hahahahaha.

P/s3 : I’m still sad over no blog readers except Ray and Syahmi. Huhu.


8 responses

  1. okay-lah.
    just for the sake of makin’ lorenzo a lil’ bit happy after a long2 journey to Penang,
    a blog reader! *excluding syahmi and ray*

    Lorenzo gatal kat penang~!
    nak buah tangan!!
    btw, im back in utp~
    banyak kerja tak siap lagi ni.
    so, jangan sedih sedih ye bah.
    bukan orang sabah je yang tinggal kat utp ni.
    orang ipoh pun same.


    p/s ouh. before i forget. what on earth is css and pcc?
    as if counter strike surrender? and penang’s comel chicks?

  2. Lyana : ahaha.. baiknye ko.. siap komen lagi.. ahahaha.. makaseh! buah tangan? tak sentuh ape2 buah pun kat sane guna tangan ku ni lyana.. hahaha..

    ko dah balik ke? meh gi jusco.. ko blanje makan..

    css tu erm.. nama penuh die.. catholic student society.. kira mcm rakan masjid ar.. pcc tu penang campus council kot.. ahahaha.. ntah nama penuh nye.. tp dia above css ar..

  3. oodooiii…
    sedih knun…hahaha…
    org bz bha ne…haha…
    kn mtrx pn mau dkt final…
    klu ko expect sepa2 kwn ko dr mtrx la…
    eh sama la jg yg len…wahaha…
    bz bz bz bz………………………

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