A short ramble.

This is gonna be short. I promise. Why on earth won’t the sponsor bank in the allowance money yet. Spare me the bull, I’m not interested in the excuses. I know I sound spoilt now, but I’m in the state of desperation right now. Hanging onto a thread in the campus without having anymore pocket money. I thought I’d be able to survive. I still think I’m able. Just not by myself. I’m surviving with some bucks borrowed from friends. Yes. To that extent. But, things are worse now. The borrowed bucks ran out and I had to go back to my parents for some aid. I don’t like doing that. Asking my dad to bank in some cash, just because what? I’ve spent too much on the unnecessary until the money dried out in the account?. Shame on me, shame on me. It takes responsibility and independence to survive here. I’ve taken this two lightly and see what happen to me. Poor. Poor poor guy. Literally.

Anyway, I’m praying that the allowance will come soon. Should I go out of money when the allowances are still taking their sweet ***h*l* time, I think I’ll give starvation a go. Seriously? No. But maybe for once, I’d learn a thing or too about the real world. But, it seems like I educated myself enough  by ending this ramble with a period.


P/S: To my respected sponsor, I need cash. BADLY.

P/S: Special bday mention to Carmen Lee, Agnes Chong, Jeremy(roomie), Nuzul, Gordon Chin, Hamka Ahmad, Cousin Victor, Cousin Nicole, Aunty Lydia, Erize, Louisa, Lornetha for the month of April. If I forgot anyone. Sorry!

P/S : oh! look out for my next post. I’ll be posting some pictures. Heee.

Now wasn’t that short. Nitez people.


17 responses

  1. loooo…ala siann…jan risau..maw masuk dah tu..klu ada prob sia ble tlg..jan ko diam2 sna..k..hahaha..jan lupa ko link sia..ne sia kasi ingat dah ne yg ko minta ingat tu..hahahaha

  2. Looo…sian ko..jan risau maw masuk sdh tu..klu ada apa prob,ckp sj sm sia..klu ble tlg sia tlg..k..dun worie..jan ko sedih2 sorg2 sna kio..bh,,jan ko lupa link sia..ne sia kasi ingat ko sdh ne..hehehe

    • Adui.. hahhaa.. sia nda sedih ba.. eh.. sedih.. tp kalo sedih pun bukan sia tapuk.. hahaha… lek ko..

      dui.. sia mo ko kasi ingat personally supaya mana tau nnt ka mlm sia lupa ko kasi ingat sia ingat.. ni publicly pla di cni.. hahaha.. tepa2.. sia ingat jua tu nnt.. hahaa..

  3. Kesian Lolo….

    I’m in the same state now, Only got 300 ringgit left to last me until May. But I will survive.

    For March I only spent 50 ringgit! 😀

    Puasa hari2 though. Hahaha

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