Towards the end! – Happy Mummy’s day!

It’s been a while since my last post. I guess when you can’t get a grip of everything here, everything else seems to be left out easily. Again, my blog became one of the those with less priority, so I kinda abandoned it. Haha.

Well, first and foremost, I just wanna give a big shout out to my mummy :


Nanti lah sia balik KK then blanja u makan k mummY! xda present this year. Jauh bo gia. Hehe.







Okay, Moving on. Huhu. I didn’t go to church today. Didn’t know there wasn’t gonna be any bus provided today, probably cuz the Undergrads are having their exam next week. (Funny, churches are always crowded in KK during exam season). Nevermind, I’m going to church next week no matter at what cost. If they don’t want to go, I’ll rent a car and ask a friend to drive me there. Haha.

Ho yeah. This time around, I’m aiming for a good 4 flat. Haha. Boleh ka? I don’t know. It just seem so possible this sem. So far, my test 1 marks are convincing, my coursework marks are turning out pretty good I guess, and although test 2 are kinda hard, I hope I score at least 75% of all paper. Really working towards straight aces for this finals.

Maybe I’m getting hopeful because of my commitments this sem. My econs group members – Fli, Hafsah, Uyun, Izzah, are all super hardworking people with great minds attached to their personalities. My econs assignment was particularly hard if we didn’t start early. Thankfully, we did it early and finished early. Hafsah was great as a leader, being diplomatic and all and she seems very efficient in giving out task. Oh, special shout out to my best friend Fli here. Hahaha. Kalau bukan pasal ko, nda jua siap sia punya part. Hahaha. Hafsah bila nak blanja kami ne?? Dah lama tunggu ni Hahaha.

Then, we have this IBIS project and assignment. My team members were Fli, Syahmi, Terry and Yves. The Project was seriously &%#*$@!ing hard if you don’t have any basics of Microsoft Access. The infos inside the book didn’t help much, damn it. Since I started most of the work, I decided to finish it. Thanks a lot to all who helped out especially Gadis(wink2), Lyana, Hafsah, Miaw, Mahsyar, and my team members for doing their best in this project. The only screwed up part was the changing deadline. anger and panicked overcame us and we submitted the unfinished project(actually it’s finished just that we didn’t get the output we wanted). Haih. Anyway, that’s done already so moving on. For the assignment, we had to make a slideshow to make it look like a commercial to promote UTP for the foundation studies. I teamed up with Fli and Syahmi on this one. We went around UTP with Arai’s friend car(Sorry, tak tau sapa nama dia) and we snapped the sceneries with my almost broken digital cam. Hahaha. We took some break and cam-whored a lot. Hahaha. Thanks Nuzul bawa kami naik tu kereta, and for tutoring driving. Hahahahaha. Oh ya, our commercial was nice. Hahaha. But again, we had deadline issues and submitted 1 hour late and got marks deducted. Ish. am pm confusion occured again.

Should I upload the pix? Not now maybe. Maybe later at home when I’m gonna be so bored during the holiday. I’ll do a season recap. Eh. A semester look-back. Hahaha.

Well, I’m gonna have my exams soon. Specifically, in 2 weeks time. Argh! Oh, in fact, I still have one more test paper and one more lab test to go through next week. It’s IPSP, my favourite subject. Haha. Damn. and that quiz ain’t done yet. Study week coming next next week. Please pray for me people. Really aiming high this sem. Hehe.

Oh, minor update, wasted some of the computer loan money on Karpersky 09 antivirus and a printer(which i patak2 bayar with Fli, Syahmi and Nuzul). Long term usage. So, don’t be mad, parents. Oh yeah, my exam period will be from 25th til the 30th June. Argh. After that, I’m gonna go to my dad’s place in Kuantan. Finally got the chance to go there. Haha. But, it still depends on whether I can get there early or not, cuz I’m waiting for the ticket sales in UTP. Hopefully, or else, I’mma have to get to Kuantan in some other way. Haih. Gonna be there until the 6th, and will be flying solo home with Nuzul, and be home alone until the 10th of June. Haha. So, besties in KK, await my home coming!! Hehehe.

I’m so bored.

I gotta get back to the quiz. Oh wait. Maybe later.
I better take my bath and dinner first. Then maybe I can do the quiz. Or should I just Dota tonight? Haha.

Best of luck UTPIANs! especially to my coursemates and whoever la yang know me here in UTP.

Oh, to ICT/BIS student, if you haven’t joined the google group, here’s the link : ICT/BIS 08 google group

Well, that’s it for now. Bye2.