I’m Yours.

Hey Guys! Hahahaha. I know I said I won’t be updating until some time after my STE, but, just wanna say here, I’ve uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel. Hahahaha. I won’t give outthe link here. If you wanna see it, find it. Hahaha.

It’s kinda obvious in my blog. There’s a link somewhere. Lol. Rate & Comments Appreciated. hehe.


Panat ni kaki sia.

Hahahaha. ya!! I’m super tired. Anyway, I’m not in the blogging mood just yet. I think I won’t be blogging until the end of my STE. So, await my post ya! hehe..


Thanks loads to Nuge for always willing to send and fetch me home. Hahahaha. Don’t worry Nuge, sia blanja ko nnt! and sia simpan rahsia handphone tu. =)

Thanks ma org2 bofot jua, cuz sanggup tunggu orang KK. Sabar ya Bofotian. wahahaha.

Thanks ma org Ranau, sanggup jalan ma blanja sia lagi tu.. Wahahaha..

Thanks to Sammi, Anus, Hakim, Carmen, and Mort, for that night. I gainedd 2kg kali from dat. Shoot. Good Luck Sammi! I’m ony a message away ya, if you need a friend. Hehe. Oh, Thanks Anus for sending me home. Hahahaha. Thanks Mor cuz blanja Shisha.

Thanks to Melyn and Hakim for taking the sijil with me. Hahaha. Thanks Tcher Rainul cuz blanja us makan. Hahaha.

One more week left in this holiday in KK. Sedih. But, gonna make the best out of it! Guys, Kluar lae kita one more time! Hahahaha..

Await my next post! Chow.

Congrats Meline!

Woo~ !!

Woo~ !! 2 years ago, sama ja level kita.. Now.. hahahahaha

This post is dedicated to my special and dear best friend, Miss Ameline Ronald Dompok!

So, 20th June is the date today, and you’re graduating!! Wow!! Graduate- A-Level ja la.. Hahahaha. But still, an achievement ba that kan! One step closer to your dreams girl!. Anyway, enjoy your holidays. It’ll end soon. Muahaha.

PS: Bila mo jalan ni Melyn?

Hang Out Frenzy!

Didn’t think there’ll be an update huh? Ahaha. Well, it’s the holiday and I have a lot of time to kill. Wait2. I have to type that out again.


I’m dead serious on this. Haha. Being the first week of holiday that I actually spend in KK, I went on a hang out frenzy with my friends, non-stop. Hahaha. Argh. Hahaha. This also means my money was pouring out of the ATM machine, into the wallet and soon after that, it went out of the wallet again. Well, if you didn’t get that, I’m spending a lot! Hahahaha. Well, not exactly a lot la. Anyway, here’s how it went.

– Night time, Saturday –

Ok, So, the plane landed around 8 something. Was in flight with Nuge and Alex. After getting our luggages, met up with Alex’s Papa and my Aunt and Cuz. Went separate ways with the guys cuz it was time to savour home sweet home with family! But, not yet. Hahaha. They were kinda shocked to see the pieces of me, I don’t know why, but they keep saying I’m thinner. Hahaha. Cousin Girly said “Napa ko kurus ni, mari sia blanja ko McD” and so we went to the Airport Mcd. Turns out they had this voucher coupons. Ugh. Hahaha. So, ate there and talked before returning to the sweet village. Met up with the rest of the big family there. Slept alone for the night btw.

– Morning, Sunday –

Woke up around 8 and decided to tumpang pak cik for mass at church. Called up and got ready. After that, we boarded the Avanza and went for mass. After that, went to Karamunsing to eat. Pilipin ja ba memasak sana. Hahaha. Nothing special happened actually. That night played Katam2 and Mah jong at grandmas. Slept alone again. Air Cond Luxury. Hahaha.

– Morning, Monday –

Introducing friend Number 1, Diniy. My high schoolmate and Mcd Crewmate once upon a time dulu. He picked me up at my crib and we went to Karamunsing again. Hahaha. We went there and Kbox! wahaha. After that, we made our rounds at the complex before having lunch at Mcd. Haha. Then, we were of to CP. There, we watched Terminator Salvation.

Awesome Movie!

Awesome Movie!

I’m telling you. It’s ****ing awesome. Well, at least for me it is. The actions are like the ones you could expect out of the first Transformer. After the movie, we went straight to Mcd below, hey, no, we were not eating again. We were meeting Samantha or Sammi or as I call her, Su there. Hehe. She was having her break and got to meet up with her. Talked a whole lot before heading back. Diniy wanted to take some series out of my hard drive so borrowed him the thing. After he was gone for about an hour or so, I came to realise my contact lens cases is still in his car. Damn. Buta la ni. hahaha. Anyway, cooked rice and ate. Slept alone again!

Thanks Diniy!!

My bestie from high school!

My bestie from high school!

– Evening, Tuesday –

Was browsing the net that afternoon when I got a message from Nuzul, saying he’s coming over to my house. Hahaha. He don’t even know where it is. But, hey, I told him to bring along his sport shoes cuz I wanted to jog so badly. Haha. So, he brought along our guitar and we jammed a while before heading out to Tun Fuad’s Stephen’s Hill. We went for shortcut and reached there shortly. Haha. Parked the car and soon after that, we were jogging non-stop making full round at the place. After one whole round, we met up with Edgar, who was wearing green, and tired. Hahaha. After ONLY one round, well, Nuge was in a hurry to go back, we went to Lido and tapau-ed KFC. omg. Hahaha. Then, he sent me home before heading back. Again, cooked rice and ate kFC. hehe. Slept alone again. Huhu.

Thanks Nuge! Hahaha.

Bestie from Likas

Bestie from Likas

– Morning, Wednesday –

Chat with Hakim, confirming on today’s plans. Apparently, Agnes mistakenly saw my sms saying we’re meeting each other at 1. Well, it was suppose to be 10, but, anyway, Hakim managed to woke her up in time. Haha. Su changed her mind about going cos of a misunderstading before it was cleared up and we were up and running again with the plans!. So, here comes a white MyVi into my house’s porch and was honking away. Haha. Nda pandai stop hon ba si Anus. Haha. Then, we went off to CP. We met up with Keith, and dragged him along to Pizza Hut. Over there, we saw a junior of ours, working as a waiter there. We ordered up and waited SO LONG. Even the people who came way after us got their order first. Damn. And I tell you, I was damn hungry by that point. Thankfully, we talked a whole lot and it got my mind off of the hunger. Haha. So, then, we ate, I didn’t pretty much care about manners anymore. Hahaha. I think I ate the most slices among us. Hahaha. Then, they decide to praise and compliment our junior over there by writing good words on him on the receipt, and handing it to the manager. Haha. Then, parted ways with Keith, we were in the white MyVi again and headed out to 1borneo. Wee. Hakim was a disturbance in the car. Haih.

Funny! Go watch it!!

Funny! Go watch it!!

We bought tickets for 17 again and entered the cinema. I HAD to sit with Hakim. Jahat oh dorang Su. No offence ya kim. Hahaha. Anyway, Hakim was asking me best or not the movie, and when the first scene played (which featured a shirtless Efron), Hakim said, PUNYA BEST NI MOVIE. I like it already. hahahaha. So Funny. But the movie was funny. hahaha. After the movie, we went downstairs and Su was browsing through wallets. She eventually bought a new one. Then, we headed to Veda Blu. Haha. Can you believe it, there was Tapai flavour! OMG. Haha. I have to test them out! Haha. So I did, I tested em. and yeah, it’s tapai. hahaha. The guys were busy testing it out also. I was last to picked out a flavor so I got to kinda talked with the girls at the counter a bit. Wahaha. This one particular girl was pushing Rum and Raisin to me. So I took it. Niceee. haha. Then, we reminiced the past and soon after that, we went back. Anus send me off to the front gate. Hehe. Met up with my family back home(they just came back from Kuantan), and finished the night with Katam2 again. hahaha. Not alone tonight.

Thanks Su, Anus & Hakim!

2 of my besties ~ Agnes and Sammi

2 of my besties ~ Agnes and Sammi

Hakim~ My bestie yg gila

Hakim~ My bestie yg gila

– Morning, Thurday –

Got a call from Jimi and smsed with him and Syahmi. They already arrived at CP. Hahaha. I was still waiting for my sister to send me off. My mum took her Kelisa out, so we took the Prado. Arrived there and met up with Tuition boy, Mimi and Jimo. Hehe. Waited for Nuge and finally the day started! We ate the Chicken Rice shop first cuz everyone was tired of Mcd. Hahaha. Thanks Jimo for spending me! Hahaha. Then, we went to for 3 games of bowling. Hish. Jimo menang first 2 games and I won the last one. Hahaha. I’m sorry. There’s a group of Doofuses who played next to us. The way they spoke was damn hilarious, I couldn’t help but lose :P. Hahaha. Then, we went browsing for handphone cuz Jimo was buying a new one and but we didn’t find any luck at CP. Then, we went to Wawasan Plaza and Mimi went to pay for his bro’s postpaid bill. After that, we left Jimo there and we went to CityMall. Karaoked for an hour before heading home. Hehe. Nuge, thanks cuz hantar balik! 2 hari suda! hehe. Anyway, I made this short cuz Syahmi posted this on his blog also. Read up! Click the Click here to go to Mimi’s post —> CLICK HERE! . After going home, checked up AirAsia and MAS website and HOLY SMOKE! harga tiket naik suda. Haih. Called up Fli, and can u believe it, I’m his best friend (I think), and he don’t even recognize my voice. Hahaha. Called Nuge up too, and he knows my voice. Terharu. hahaha. In the end, we settled for AirAsia, 5th July, 9.45 am flight. Anybody wanna stalk ? hahahaha.

Here’s some pix. Sorry, was not in mood of snapping pix. hahaha.

Thanks Guys!!

Nuge // Mimi // Jimo

Nuge // Mimi // Jimo

– Whole day, Friday-

Was so bored cuz wasn’t going out. Haih. haha. But got to play many games of Dota with my bestie, Jimo. Hahaha. Smooth lagi tu. Hehe. Then, we planned to go out tomorrow.

– Morning, Saturday –

I woke up and watched John Carpenter bla bla with my sis at the living room while texting Jai and Jimo. They were in KK already. Haha. So, then, mummy finished washing the clothes and after I got ready, I rushed mummy to send me off. But before that, I hung all the clothes, except for the bras. Hahaha. Then, it was off to our destination! So, after guiding mummy the road, hahahaha, I showed her the shorter way ok, She dropped me at Karamunsing and she was off to her kebun. I met up with Jimo and we go round the Complex. After that, we had lunch at Mcd and then, went for a hair cut. Haha. My hair is shorter now. The picture you saw in the previously post is no longer valid. Haha. Anyway, jimo wasn’t even gonna cut his hair at first. This guy talked to him about hair and started touching his hair and told Jimo he’d style em up for him. So he got a haircut and looked a whole lot more like and artist. hahaha. Then, he delivered a bad news, that he have to follow his mum back cuz they were gonna go to their kampung. Haha. okla.

Frikkin awesome!! My fav out of this week!!

Frikkin awesome!! My fav out of this week!!

So, I walked all the way to CP, cuz initially, we planned to watch Drag Me To Hell together. Haha. So, I went there alone. In the cinema, the full house cinema that is, the movie was so frikkin awesome. It lived up to the trailer’s awesomeness you know. Haha. I was sitting next to an a Chinese lady who was hugging her daughter who was crying. Stupid. Hahaha. I understand a bit Chinese, and the mum was saying, Bu yao Kan, Bu yao Kan( Don’t see, don’t see) to her daughter. I couldn’t help but laugh. Hahaha. Then her mum was out of Chinese words I think so she said Alamak, Alamak while covering her daughter’s face. Hahaha. Can you believe it! The daughter was older than I am. Hahaha. Pergghhh.. Hahaha. Then, bought a new Wax at Watson before heading back with my sisters.

Thanks Jimo!!

Ni kes xda gmbr.. hahahahaha

Ni kes xda gmbr.. hahahahaha

FUhh… So. That was the full update. Haha. I don’t care if it bored you or what. Hahaha. The point is, it’s my blog, and I intend to read back my posts in the future. Hahaha. So, that’s it. Take Care Peeps.

PS: Lesson learnt : I need a driving license.

PS2: Watch all the movies I watch. They’re f***ing awesome wei!!

PS3: Thanks for reading if you made it here. Hehe.