Too much perhaps?

I was bored as hell last night and I was gonna blog until my friend jejom-ed me for DoTa. Hahaha. While YM-ing with my friends last night, a thought came across my mind. If I spoke too much with them, won’t they be bored of me? So, the inner-self began talking and conversing with the inner-mind.

Inner-self goes first :
“You’ve been with them long enough
to let them know who you really are, don’t sweat it,
they’re there cause they accepted you for who you are already.

Then came the reply from the inner-mind :
“Yeah, I know that, but, they have come to accept me
but I’m just curious whether or not
they will eventually be bored of me. Hehe.”

So, I kinda held back there for a second, not wanting to talk much with my cliques. I was typing simple replies and lessen the Hahaha word-usage. Haha. But, I couldn’t contain myself any longer so I burst-out into this chat-maniac, typing rapidly and replying almost instantly to every chat box. Hahaha. I guess, you can’t really change who you are. I like my inner-self better than my inner-mind. Inner-self is the one who speaks from the box of my heart. Inner-mind is from the brain but, he’s not that smart. Hahahaha. Apa ba sia merepek ni.

Anyway, I break my own words of updating this blog again, just because I’m super bored here.

3 more days in KK for this term. I have to have a license by next holiday. Warming up the couch every day has warmed-up the arse to be big as well. Hahaha. Haih. Anyway, that’s all for today.

Random thought of the day : hohoho. Some one called home this morning, and I picked up the phone. She talked in Kadazan and I was like so blur cuz I just woke up. But then I remembered, hey, I know this language. Haha. I understood what she said and wala! I was replying her in Kadazan also, fluently lagi tu. Hahaha. Well, I’m kinda proud. Haha. Usually I’d reply in Malay but Nu-uh! I did good. Haha. Excellent way to kick-off this day!

p/s : Baju berkolar x cukup. Terpaksa beli untuk STE and Undergrade. Wahhh


4 responses

    • odoi.. au zou nogi apandai do moboos ngaa obuli2 nogi la.. nung conversation nopo do mangon nu adih, osusa nogii matii.. ahahaha.. nakaanu zou do words ngavii mantad boos do tuhun.. ahaha.. mokinongou nopo.. ahahhaha..

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