Well, I won’t put too much words into this post as I am sleepy now. And Yes. This post must be completed in 10 minutes time. No recheck, No re-edit, just 10-minutes of no backspaces and highlighting any lines or words.

So, straight to the point. Ironically, I’ve been quarantined in Duyung block after my roomate got back from quarantine. By this, I mean, Fli was quarantine at Duyung last Thursday and was released on Sunday. The next day, I was feeling hot and in terribly warm all over my body. Yes. It seems that I have caught the fever.

I know I could be infectious to many people, mum even approved, I went on to the UTP clinic after lunch with Fli, Syahmi and Nuge. When I got inside the doctor’s office, the doctor measured my temperature and it was so effing high. 38.8 degree Celcius. Hell, I was literally hot. Then, the doctor start questioning me of my whereabouts and doings. She came to the question how is my roomate feeling? I said to her that my roomate is still recovering from his coughs and I slipped out words that would me feel so guilty after that. I said to her “My roomate just came out of the quarantine yesterday”.

Then the drama starts. The doctor was sighing and moaning “Oh no, dear, this is bad. Oh my God. Who is your roomate?” I brought her out of the room and pointed my roomate, and then she instructed her helpers to check on Fli’s record. Haih. While there were doing that, she asked me whether or not I wanna be quarantined or not. I told her, if you think I should be quarantined, then better put me in there because I don’t wanna put my friends at risk. After that, she called upon her helpers again and scolded them. “This is what happens when you discharge someone but didn’t give proper direction for them. Mana boleh discharge dia pergi bilik bila kawan dia tak balik. Tengok kes ni, Budak ni sihat, tapi kawan dia balik dari quarantine saja, the next morning, he was sick.” “Siapa doktor yang discharge budak Fleron tu?”

Fli was called into the office while I waited outside with Mi and Nuge, telling them I’ve been quarantined. Not long after that, Fli was instructed to put on the oxygen mask and inhale. I overheard the doctor telling her helpers that she’s putting two people in Quarantine, me and Fli. Sigh. I was so down when I know Fli got back in the zone because he did spent 4 freaking days there and just because of what I said, he was put back into it. But, it was the doctor’s fault actually. They didn’t discharge him properly. Hmm.

According to Fli, the female doctor was scolding at him because she thought Fli escaped the quarantine zone before and infected other. Fli said he was pretty angered with the doctor and his heart was beating so fast due to adrenaline. The doctor talked so much until Fli abruptedly pointed out to her at the card the word “Discharged”. Dengan penuh kekoyakan, the doctor was apologizing to him. But, insisted on checking Fli. She said he have asthma. Huh? And he had to be put back into the quarantine because he was infecting others. Sigh.

ANYWAY. After the drama, I did apologize to Fli and we were back as a team. Hehe. I’m pretty stressed up whenever I feel guilty towards my actions especially those that affected my best friend. And Fli is like my ultimate best friend slash roomie, so I was pretty stressed up. But, what do you know, arriving at the Duyung block, the supervisor(Mr Anas) pointed us to a room, and asked us to write our names on the paper on the door. What do you know, we’re roomates!, even in the quarantine zone. Hahaha.

Big Thank You to all my friend who helped sorted out our things and packed them and delivering them to Duyung. So, BIG SHOUT OUT TO SYAHMI AND NUGE, yang memang ultimate best friends juga, sebab sanggup turun padang, naik basikal and hantar barang2 kami. Huhu. More props to Syahmi for willing to cycle alone! and deliver salt and snack to us!! We know how u are always scared of being raped. Haha. Thanks2.


So, how’s Duyung? Erm, actually, it doesn’t even feel like you’re being quarantined especially when you’re in the room. I’m saying that this feels just like the room we have in V1, but only V1 have better view, cuz the room we got here had the view of a loji. eww. Fli said that he was bored to death when he was here last week because there was no human to talked with. We’re roomies, so you can guess how much we talk inside the room. Well, at least we got our laptops and our roomies to make this stay short.

Oh, wait. We got Mark Alex with us too! haha. But, he’ll be discharge soon. But still, he’s a great company also! Hehe.

The food is not that great actually despite them being free. It’s always oily and those freaking oil won’t help me recover my sore throat! Haha. Thank God for the salt! Hehehe.

Hmm. I guess that’s it. I’mma go to sleep and wake up to finish up the ANTM marathon. Ahaha. Nitez peeps. Pray for us. =D appreciate it so much!

* I wanted to upload pictures, but the shitty wireless here is terribly slow. Huhu. Nnt la ya*

PS: I’m sorry that I didn’t report much of the gayness that happened in the room. Cuz it didn’t happen!! or did it? hahahahaha


19 responses

  1. Take care Boy! Drinks lots and lots of water.

    Our prayers to you as always. Even Lala prayed for you last nite.

    Take extra care. Hugs!

  2. kesian bah sama fli..
    bru kuar dh kna kuarantin balik…
    skrg ni dia ada roomate dia kna kuarantin sama2..
    mmg sehati sejiwa la korg ni..
    did any gayness happened like it used to when u guys in v1??
    take care bobo…
    same goes to lili…
    hope 2 c both of u when i get back…

    • ahaha. stakat ni blum ada episod gay. kot. ahahahhaa..

      thanks nana. maybe sia kena kuarantin until monday next week.

      fli ngan mark maybe discharge esok. huhu.

  3. Sia rasa ada tu kan adegan gay..huahaua..tp siapa yg gay dan di gay nda diketahui..huhu..wui gila semnjak kmu teda sia kalah jak ne..mcm ne trus sia nda da mood men..adui..

  4. “We know how u are always scared of being raped.”
    thank god sya slmt tau…
    nsib xda perogol…hahahaha

    get well soon~~
    mggu ne 2 ko kluar 2…ko boleh!!!haha

    p/s : c jai tirik…mmg kala pn sllu…huahuahuahua…ndabhe jai…

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