I teared up.

I guess I couldn’t control myself. Losing a girl I really like and come to love. It came so suddenly. Her question makes me skip a heartbeat, and I all I could do is to tell her that I really have come to love her. But, distance is a shitty factor of why our relationship never seemed to work. I wanna be with her, yes. I wanna hug and hold her hand, yes. I wanna kiss her whenever I get the chance to do so, yes. I wanna spend time with her all day long and call her up all night long, yes.

She said she’s confused. She wants a break up from me but she can’t seem to let me go either. She wants her honey to hold her cause she feels so lonely whenever her honey is not around. How can I be around when I’m way over here and she’s way over there. We said we could make this work, but we couldn’t. It’s not that we’re not faithful to each other. I guess sometimes the feelings wear off easily with this distance. The only time when the feeling’s oh-so-high is when we call each other up and text each other.

I love her. Yes. I love her. But now she just want to be friends. It’s hard for me to accept that. She said she can’t trust herself to be faithful to me because the distance is taking its toll on her. I want to say no. I want to continue being in a relationship with her, but what can I do? I feel so numb and helpless. I can’t stop thinking now.

It hurts so much inside. I felt weak thinking on the idea of letting her go. How the hell am I gonna deal with this? Faking happy faces but silently having a broken heart inside. No, I rather not talk about it with people. I don’t wanna tell the whole story over and over again. This is as far as anyone can know about it. Am I starting over? I don’t know. I’m not ready.


Feeling down and sad, feeling empty and mad.


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  1. I faced the same. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain. Unless like some people they really have faith in each other and they can bear being apart. Sometimes I thought what’s the point making him waiting for me, making him wanna be with me so much when I can let him go and let him find another girl who can actually be there when he needs her. It hurts but when you truly love someone, you only want the best for him/her.

  2. hmm..its hard to maintaion long distance relationship…I’m in a long distance relationship too…n i felt like its very hard for us to maintain it coz we can’t see each other everyday, can’t call each other everyday(if u wanna reload,that’s fine with me)….if she want u just to be friend, just respect her decision…maybe there’s something good at the end of ur story…

  3. lolo! i know its hard and i understand that the distance is making the relationship harder. and i know how hard it is to share with people how u feel but i am always here. i have been there the 1st time u broke up and i am here now if u want to talk. just let me know if u need someone to talk to. take care of urself. miss u!

  4. Thanks to u all who read the post. That was the point of me posting it. I need to express how I felt and to take advice from anybody is to tell them first what you’re dealing with. For you guys to reply to this post means a lot to me. Thank you. Deeply appreciate it.

    Life goes on. Not that break ups leads to only despair and sorrow, it actually opens up a lot more room for opportunity to come in. Besides, being friends is better than being strangers.

    Thanks again ya.

  5. I’m not in the right position to comment on this. Being a lone ranger (who’s still searching for the significant other), I have very little or even no experience in this thing called love. Sorry to read about your post.

    But what I can tell you is this.
    I’ve been through enough (in other aspects of life) to understand that things DO happen for a reason. In the worst of your days, weeks or even months… remember to always keep faith as God works in mysterious ways. Two, three or even ten years down the road, things that happen today will make much more sense. And you’ll be grateful for it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ah, sorry again if it’s not related. Just words from an inexperienced bachelor, hahaha. Anyway, hope you’ll cheer up soon! Gbu

    • Hey Edgar. Thanks. Yeah, I know God’s here someway, somehow. Even the night it happened, I listened to Planet shakers Rain Down, and managed to feel a lot better after praying(thru writing). Anyway, thanks.

  6. Hey there lorenzo…

    relationship is a huge thing… distance is always a problem, and tell u what – even i myself also not sure if can keep long distance thingy. Esp when it comes to long long months and years. So try to accept the truth and cheer up ok… ๐Ÿ™‚ keep smiling!

  7. lolo…

    distance is hell not a factor!seriously…look 8 me n ivan now..we r still strong n luving each other like luv is on d air..haha…ok,dats too exaggerating!nway..juz try 2 focus on ur studies..kay?watever juz cntct me arr..hehe..bubye bestie!!

  8. Hey man,

    I know it’s hard and probably a little late for my comment, but what the heck. I’ve been through what you’re going through, and all I can say is, take everything one day at a time. You’re probably gonna go through phases of dealing with this grief, but always remember it’s only going to get better. I’ve learnt a lot from my break-ups, and I hope you will too. The experience you get, will make you a better person, and soon enough you’ll say you’re glad it happened. Hope you get better soon Mr. President. ๐Ÿ™‚

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