How do you pronounce Mocha?

Ahaha. Yeah, that’s it. Ahaha. Start your gloomy morning with a dose of my laughter. Ahaha.

Ok, cut the crap.

Hahaha. Yesterday, or rather my whole life, have been filled with some people who constantly pick on what I say, or specifically, how I pronounce some words.


Ok, it’s not really an issue for me because mind you, I’m Perauddd(typo:Proud) of who I am.

An awesomely-cute boy who grew up in a village called Kg.Terawi, who’s blood is of Kadazan and KadazanDusun (I think, no seriously). Well, you know, Sabahans have this unique way of speaking Malay which translates to BM baku Sabah.


Sekadar untuk gambaran

Yesterday, my two besties : Fli-roomie and Nas-not-my-roomie were at the Kopetro. I was thinking of which 3-in-1 drinks to buy so I asked my beloved roomie :

Ui, jom share beli minuman. Mana satu ar mau beli?

Then, he was just walking past me and his hand picked a random packet. It was Mocha. M-O-C-H-A white coffee. What came out of my mouth was the issue of the day for him.

(Staring at the packet and said) “Mockahhhh?”

Instantly, he turned around with his big fat grin and Exaggerated on what I said!

Mokkkhhaahh?? Mukahhhh??

He was laughing all the way and then I said:

Manada sia cakap begitu.

Then, he seek support from Nas (shit ko pok), and said :

Ada, c Nas pun dgr. Kan nas?

Heartbreaking, Nas was nodding all the way (Shit ko pok).


Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but hey, now you’re laughing aren’t you? Blame any Mocha drinks you know.

Wait. Ada kesinambungan cerita ni.

Then, after withdrawing some money, we headed to Pak Ali and Mak Ali’s house V1 Cafe.

Nas and I was taking food first while Fli and Terry duduk diam2 jaga tempat. So, I was thinking of eating nasi lemak, tapi tidak jadi sebab ada roti canai. Haha. Then, I told Nas :

Pok, sia mau makan ruti sanai la

And there he was, laughing again (shit ko pok). Hahaha. Then, he said :

Lo, ko nda mau makan Nasi Guring?

Funneh. And we laughed til we sat down. Then, came up more and more words. Haih. Talur guring, Milu ais and several others, But my roomie(Shit ko Fli), brought back Mokahhh. And the story ends.

Oh wait, it drug on and on again til we have dinner at the same place. This time with Syah-kumi-kumi. Damn these guys! DAMN!! hahahahahaha.

Hah, sia suda post di blog! Malas mau tag kamu di FB cuz mau bagi dramatic sikit. Hahahahahahahaha.

Friends vs Love

Hohoho. Went to the mighty Euphonious event last night. I only have one comment for the event : AWESOME! but too long. hahahaha.

Gratz to the bands who won.

Hohoho. Let’s skip and reread the title of the post. Friend vs Love.

Friend vs Love.

*oh wait. Let’s make it dramatic*







Last night during Eupho, I got this sick lonely feeling inside of me when I realised that almost all my friends here are attached to someone here too. Well, of course, I don’t care much because I’m happy for them as a friend, but it makes me miss my Babe so damn much. haih. Thankfully, Stiel sat next to me all night. Hahahaha. Kami dua saja lah yang mengagumi efek2 gitar Eupho semalam.

Dulu pernah ada sorang kawan cakap “Bromance before romance”. Saya ingat tu sampai sekarang. Hahaha. Tapi, the fact remains, when we have our significant others on our side, it’s easy to forget the world for love. Kan? Lain lah dengan kes saya. Long Distance Over the Sea Relationship. Mau jumpa pun susah. Huhuhu. Distance can play it’s toll very sickly on me. I easily forget sometimes I have a girlfriend.

Nevermind. Good thing comes for those who waits. I know adn I believe. Hahaha.

*According to U~ I’m stupid~ I’m useless~ I can’t do anything right~ *

*^best ba lagu Orianthi the Aunty diatas ni^*

Oh, got off track pula.

*Jom try klaka sarawak pula*

Smlm ku padah ngan Stiel pok, next year tggl mek dua gik nangga Euphonious sma2 ba. Mun Syah jadik MC gik, konfem konfiden la mek dua dok nangga Eupho sama2. hahahaha. kakya, ku rasa next year Stiel pon sikkan dudok ngan mek juak. Ney tauk nak stiel? hahahahahaha. Sikpalah. Mek tangga Eupho sorang pun sik kisah sgt.

Jadikan tok motivasi perform well rah prelims kakya masuk finals. Sik boh dok sorang2 gik. Nak2? hahahahhaa.

*okay, that was hard. stop dulu cakap sarawak*.

My last words for the post : Cigarettes and Alcohol. Damn u. Addictive!

*p/s: Gaga rock!*

GAGA ~ U left me speechless~ so speechless~~



Lesen Minum —> CHECKED!

Lesen Sigup —> CHECKED! (kot)

Lesen Memandu —> CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t care if you have your P licensed expired already or how you’re such advanced drivers already. What I know is I got what I worked for :D. So, please, don’t rain on my parade.




First of all, SCREW my last post in this blog. Yeah, I was not gonna update this blog anymore plus, I couldn’t click delete this blog cuz of its sentimental value. aww. hahaha

Anyway. Let’s get down to business. SAYA MAU CERITA NI!


hmm. Been reading a lot of blogs owned by my batchmates lately. Damn those kids really know how to spark my blogging desire. Among the standouts is my coursemate Faris’ blog(click here). Haha. This guy have serious chops in literacy and storytelling. Awesome gila beb. (Saja nak promo. tidak tau macamana mau intro).


Anyway. I’m kinda homesick already.

I wanna go back to the pretty land of Sabah. I want to hear those Penampang Kadazan people say Kadazan-ish words again. I wanna speak Melayu Sabah without filtering my words. I want to live in my messy room and make ritual of cleanliness there. I wanna drive in Sabah this time. I WANT SABAH BAH!!

Ok. Stop dulu ar.

Sambung episod homesick minggu depan.

I almost forgot I have this Moral Test tomorrow evening. Haish. Sudahlah banyak mo baca tu. I just read 1/20 of the materials. Then I started chatting with Ms Anthea til 1.50. After that, I TRIED studying but managed to read only up to 2 lines. HAHAHA

So, suddenly. I was sharing stories with my roomate. Then masak telur 2 biji sorang and makan. Next, the story session continue, until finally we stopped. Looking at the clock, damn, it’s 4.20am already. I guess we over-rest just now. Hahaha. tepa, esok boleh study lagi. haha.

I wanna post personal things here too, but let it be personal for now. I mean, there’s better medium to let go of personal feelings and it’s definitely not here. Ehem. My blog got 8k++ visitor already. That’s an achievement for me. Gila, banyak tu!  Pasal ni la tiba2 mau blog kat wordpress balik. Hahaha.

Ahh. Just rambling to put up new update.

Worry not, next posts is gonna be like it was before! Woot21