First of all, SCREW my last post in this blog. Yeah, I was not gonna update this blog anymore plus, I couldn’t click delete this blog cuz of its sentimental value. aww. hahaha

Anyway. Let’s get down to business. SAYA MAU CERITA NI!


hmm. Been reading a lot of blogs owned by my batchmates lately. Damn those kids really know how to spark my blogging desire. Among the standouts is my coursemate Faris’ blog(click here). Haha. This guy have serious chops in literacy and storytelling. Awesome gila beb. (Saja nak promo. tidak tau macamana mau intro).


Anyway. I’m kinda homesick already.

I wanna go back to the pretty land of Sabah. I want to hear those Penampang Kadazan people say Kadazan-ish words again. I wanna speak Melayu Sabah without filtering my words. I want to live in my messy room and make ritual of cleanliness there. I wanna drive in Sabah this time. I WANT SABAH BAH!!

Ok. Stop dulu ar.

Sambung episod homesick minggu depan.

I almost forgot I have this Moral Test tomorrow evening. Haish. Sudahlah banyak mo baca tu. I just read 1/20 of the materials. Then I started chatting with Ms Anthea til 1.50. After that, I TRIED studying but managed to read only up to 2 lines. HAHAHA

So, suddenly. I was sharing stories with my roomate. Then masak telur 2 biji sorang and makan. Next, the story session continue, until finally we stopped. Looking at the clock, damn, it’s 4.20am already. I guess we over-rest just now. Hahaha. tepa, esok boleh study lagi. haha.

I wanna post personal things here too, but let it be personal for now. I mean, there’s better medium to let go of personal feelings and it’s definitely not here. Ehem. My blog got 8k++ visitor already. That’s an achievement for me. Gila, banyak tu!  Pasal ni la tiba2 mau blog kat wordpress balik. Hahaha.

Ahh. Just rambling to put up new update.

Worry not, next posts is gonna be like it was before! Woot21


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