Soon. 1 more week. Make that 6 more to be exact. I’ll be home.

Meanwhile, i’ll be playing Digimon while waiting for my papers to end. YEAHHH!

Btw, ada pendatang asing di bilik depan. HUAHUA.




I was not studying at all this whole night. Nope. I’ve taken measure to relax after the dreaded Moral paper. After cleaning up my table and throwing away my Moral notes and articles (MUAHAHA), I blog-walk and read a post made by my friend Yves. Hoho. He posted about this movie I’ve seen before, Accepted.

Click ->here<- to read his post :D.

So, after reading that, I downloaded the movie from our trusted source, DC++^^ and when the clock striked 1.30am, I started watching it. I turned off the room light and maximized the volume, made myself a cup of Milo, with my ciggy pack standing by. Ah. Perfect for destressation (note:there is not such a word).

Ok2, on to the movie.


Seriously guys, this movie is one of the most awesome movie I’ve seen. Well, not because my friends think that it’s awesome too. This movie has a message, a message that clinged to me the first time I watched the movie which was back in 2006 mind you. What drives you towards your goal in education is your desire to learn and to better yourself. With that comes creativity and inspiration all around you to assist you, don’t you think?

Plus, this movie have a great storyline, an original one too I might add. Tell me you never seen a movie that has a college-rejected guy making his own college and running it. Never right? I hear some Never from your mouths. thank you. The speech Bartleby(The hero) made at the end of the movie made it all perfect for me. Full of drive.

And, I’m inspired to even finish my remaining final exams paper with aces now.  Everyone should take time to chillax and watch this great movie. hehe.

When life throws rejection at you, don’t reject opportunity 🙂

Ps: I’ll be blogging, facebooking, twittering, formspringing like crazy this exam period. Please excuse my behaviours 😀

UTP phenomenon

Ok. I’m angry. I’m pissed.

Why you, you, you annoying little dumb ass.

The bitch. (bukan serangga yang dimaksudkan)

I came back from church with a hope of a fruitful study period. When I get into my room, I switched on the lights and what do you know,

I see something lying in my bed,
I see something molesting my laptop screen,
I see something green crawling on my blue towel,
I see a familiar face I haven’t seen for so long,
I see them everywhere,
On the ceiling,
On the floor,
On the Dinding.
On the Door.

Okayyyy, point is,

I mean, I know I’m kinda over reacting here, but hey, I got my first exam paper on Monday, and today is already Saturday. Your timing just couldn’t get any better could it? Oh boy oh boy, you are so enjoying this moment. Biting the flesh, Cruising through my body hair, and some of you are certified perverts cause you crawl through the inside of my pants. THANK GOODNESS I squeezed you.

Ok, actually I wanted to make a good luck post, but these are annoying. And annoying people/thing/creatures/insects deserve a mention in my blog. So, there insects! I gave you a thing or two to read about yourself. Can you just go on my blog and sleep there or something?

Ok. I’m stopping now.

Don’t make me pinch all of you one by one. And that’s a warning.