Happy Birthday Roomie!!

Ok, I know I said i’ll be blogging last night, and the night before, and the night before..

It’s not completed yet, still in draft. Oh well.

I just HAVE to post something for my roomate considering we never celebrated his birthday in UTP, cuz his birthday always falls on our semester break. haha. Escape saja dia dari birthday torture.



Me and roomie

I know how gay this post will appear, but yeah, I love my roomie, in a tiny gay sense and a whole lot of non-gay-related sense. hahaha.

Just wanna wish you happy birthday bang, and hope God bless you always.

Now you’re 20 and officially the “beliau” in the room. wakaka.

To those who don’t know Fli, he’s awesome because :

He’s a damn good listener, he’s a good adviser as well, he’s damn sexy (ops.), he’s very funny, opinionated, patient, makes living in campus easy for me, he’s a family person, he’s a shy person(according to him, but i think nah), he’s a very2 handsome person, a confident person, a very healthy and fit person, a football star, he’s straight (sigh. HAHAHA), and he’s just an awesome person to hang around with.

Haha. Actually banyak lagi, and of course every person have their good and bad traits, so memandangkan ni bday ko bang, sia tulis yang baik saja la, cuz yg kurang pun sikit jak kan. oh, but i have to mention one. He’s a bully. HAHAHA


Again, Happy birthday roomie!! I miss you! and ur duit.

ok, sign off.

PS : await my updates a little longer. hahaha.


I’m Going Home

Fuhhh. Finally I’m able to post a title as such. I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this semester seems the longest although maybe it’s just like an average semester to you guys.

Everyday, you learn a lot. I’ll tell you this semester probably mature me in more ways than one. I believe in trust, I believe in friendship, I believe in reconciliation, and I believe in my Faith. A lot have actually happen this semester, all I’m glad that I got to know more people in a deeper sense,  and I’ve lost several some. I made a few regrettable mistake but of course, you learn from mistake. You never repeat those mistakes ever again, or at least you try not to.I wanna move on and carry on a new leaf next semester with some people.

This semester too, I’ve been busy being the President of the Catholic Student Society in my campus. I know in my heart I’ve been chosen because it’s His plan. Although I can admit most of my excos could probably lead better than me, I’ll take it as a calling to serve Him. Yes, I had my share of doubts, but people around me never cease to shower me with words of encouragements and support. I know I can’t please everyone, but I can try right. A quote stucked with me throughout my term this semester : “God never gives you more burden than you can carry.” Yeah. It’s that awesome. It makes you believe that even God above believes in you.

I’ve been a bad boy this semester. Smoking. Yeah. Reading that word may be suprising to some of you. Some may be disgusted, some may be disappointed. I’m a teenager, and a rebel at heart. It’s cutting down my health, I know. It’s cutting down my allowance, I know. It’s cutting down some people’s trust to me, I know. But, I need some time to stop. It’ll pass. Just don’t judge me just because I do so. My parents don’t so what are you so mad about? This tar-stained heart still have my name built on it.

Study’s been usual. I only have 12 credit hours this semester, but still it’s a challenge to maintain my so-far-so-good result. Thankfully, I have great coursemates especially my ICT gang : Fleeroomie, Nas pok, Abang Azwan and Terry pok. Oh, shout out to every BITS member who’s reading this post now :). You guys are awesome! Tunggu la aku jadi nerd-est ICTian next sem. Haha.

Oh, I got my driving license recently and I’ve driven several times from Ipoh. Hoho. And I’m proud of it. Who knows I can get my own car here soon? 😛 (Mummy and Daddy take note. HAHAHA. JUST KIDDING). Still kinda sad my partner in crime in getting the license didn’t get his. Kesian kau sau. Mesti dapat ar nanti. hehe.

It’s just 1.47am now and we just finished visiting the juniors at V6 to take care of our things for the holidays. After that, this idea of playing barefoot futsal suddenly popped up and the next thing you know we were at the Sport complex barefoot and playing futsal. Haha. Siok juga la. bagagar lemak. HAHA. Haih, but now it seems like I’m heading back to Sabah with a blister on each foot. KITAIIIII.

iklan : SHIT. I’m HUNGRY! and my heater is at Blok O, there’s no more food here. : iklan

iklan 2 : Actually waiting for pok2 di V1A tingkat atas west wing to play dota. Cney kitakorg tok? Panjang dah post ku tok : iklan 2

Oklah. I’m too hungry to post more. Will be blogging regularly during the holidays, hopefully. And I do wanna meet all my friends, if possible. Plus, wanna spend more quality time with my personal favourite friend and girlfriend, Miss Erin <3. hehe. Mummy, pinjam kereta mo pigi dating buli? hahahahaha (okay, that sounds cheap.). Oh, speaking of mummy, I wanna spend more quality time with my parents, and more quality time bullying my sisters. Haha.

A special message to all my besties here (paham2 la sapa tu ar. Kalo mok ku sebut, comment jak permintaan tu) : Best gila menempuh sem ni sama korang. Biar ada saat aku emo, lagi banyak saat aku happy cni. Haha. Oh ya, looking forward to the Kuching trip and next sem’s apartment. Haha.

Erm. erm. erm. For the last word on this post :

SABAH, I’m coming home, sweet land of mine. 🙂

damn, saying that feels good. Nites all. Pray for our safe journey across the Laut China Selatan.