Kamek Oghang Maghi Kuching nun

Ahaha. ok2. Maybe not so right with the klakaring part.

Soooo. Last semester, right when we really bonded with the Sarawak Clan, we planned a trip to Kuching. By we, I meant me, my roomate and Syahkumi. We set out a date and booked ourselves ticket to Kch. So, waited for the day.

So, after almost two weeks of waiting, I guess you should be enlighten with this post today. Haha. Damn. I should’ve posted It’s go be legend……wait for it…… 2 weeks ago and post ..Dary! today. Why didn’t I think of that!!

Ok, shut up. Mari cakap pasal Kuching.

So, at KK international airport, our flight was around 10am. So, woke up early and sms-ed roomie and Kumi (I love it, they rhyme!). Then, had breakfast with Daddy at Apiwon. Met up with Mummy and went to the airport. There,  I saw Miss Kumi looking scarily small with his baby blue tshirt(ok, i made u sound gay. Hahahaha) and roomie looking sexily hot (I made myself sound gay. oh well). Used the free Mcd coupon courtesy of cousin Ayo and ate a bit. abit ok. haahha.

Then, it was goodbye to the family. Bye2!!

So, we boarded the plane and ate a bit again inside the flight. Hahaha. Sedap juga oh. haha.

1 hour 24 minutes later…








wait for it…






wait for it..






wait for it..







we arrived Kuching. Safely!!.

So, I smsed Nas pok and Acap pok upon our arrival.

approximately 15 minutes later…










They arrived. hahaha. ok2, won’t do that again. haha. Nas had a new hair color. He looked James-bond-ish with that hair. Acap looks, erm, healthy pok! hahaha. So, went straight to Nas’ aunt’s house and our stay began.

We went to get our jerseys and it looked awesome kot. Smart juak baju color biru tu. haha. That night we had barbeque at Acap’s house. hoho. Makan ayam, spaghetti, and other dishes. Oh before that, mark my word, during our entire stay at Kuching, they fed us with CHICKEN. tunggu ar, tunggu ar. Nanti sia cerita.

2nd Day

Next day, we prepared to move to Nas’ house  and Acap went and brought us more chicken. hahahahahha. No complaints though. Then, we rode the car and crashed at Nas’ house. Hoho. Best juga jadi nomad ni.

We explored the City Center area next. Went to Riverside, Sarawak Plaza and Tun Jugah. I got that dejavu feeling many times. But, damn. I’ve been there already rupanya. hahahaha. Nas bought new futsal shoe. Hebat2. At Tun Jugah, we snacked some waffles and Tokiwado and some kaya balls. While sitting, we kept looking at the people stepping in the front door. Hohoho. Tun Jugah macam tempat orang nerd jak. ee. hahahaha.

Look at us. hahaha

Then, we went back and ate Mee Kolok. GILA KAU SEDAP!!! Nasib baik time tu kenyang. If not, I’ll take another bowl. Slurrp. Haha. After that, it was a night for  futsal.

3rd Day

So, we kicked off the second day by going to Emart (the so-called rumah nas) and ate at SCR there. Sedap sial. Oh wait, 2nd day pun ada ayam !! Told ya!. Then, fetched Acap and we went on our way to BDC something2 to bowl, pool and Karaoke. Hohoho. Oh2, I forgot, I drove a car in Kuching! Woot2! So bowling was fun and frustrating until I lost my mood cuz a silly intuition of something bad’s gonna happen (yes, I have that sense). Pool was meh. Haha. Then we karaoke-ed! I love this part. haha. Heard everybody sang, even my coursemate and bestie Miss Nas. Hahaha. Here’s a sneak peek of the singing part which I emo-ed at.



After that, we made our way to Hartz. Hoho. Ok, lemme tell you. Hartz is a chicken heaven. eh, wait. One more time. Hartz is a CHICKEN HEAVEN damn it. Hahaha. Chicken!! Told ya! Gila, kenyang pok makan banyak ayam. Oh, and Miss Nas made a record bah with his chicken streak. Everybody else did a good job eating. hahaha. Oh, ice cream sia lawa!! Looks like my Mcd experience paid off.

I like it!! Cantik ni. haha

Ok, this is the only pic of the food I took. Wouldn’t want you guys to know how much I ate. Haha. If only I took Nas’ total chicken. You’ll be surprised.

After that, we went strolling at the Waterfront. Did something with them *not gonna mention* and sat around taking photos. Damn it, I didn’t bring my camera. Haih. Anyway, here’s some pix from Acap’s phone cam.

At waterfront

With roomie and Azuwan

without Acap. haha

Ok, then we set our way back home. Or did we? MUAHAHA.

4th Day

So, woke up quite late as usual and I think Acap brought us Laksa Sarawak this morning. Not sure though. Haha. Ok, then, we headed to The Spring! The place is somewhat similar to 1Borneo at KK, but hmmm. Where are all the people? I was expecting a crowded mall. Haha. So, we ate there for lunch and had Nasi ayam lagi. Nas, it’s 5 already. Ayam! Told Ya! Nasib sedap juga. haha.

The roomie

The Host and Driver

The House Host, The Host and The Chicken King

the Bieber and The Kumi. (check out the girl behind)

The Blogger.

Ok, so, we went and checked out The Spring. But no mood to shop, so we just strolled around being bored. hahaha. After that, we watched Ong Bak 3. Nice juga. Especially the actions.

In the cinema

Okay, during the movie, I went to find the toilet and got lost, so this guy asked me in Sarawak “Mok gi cney ktk?” or sumting along that line. And I said “Mok carik toilet”. Then, he said “Tandas kat dba”. Ok that’s it. Hahahaha. I’m just excited to be conversing with a Sarawakian using their slang. Hahahhaa.

Oh, check out this pix.

I know, I can take good pix sometimes. haha

nice kan!! Hahaha. Ok, so after that, we visited Awang and initially wanted to go to a funfair but the place was closed, so, after that, we went and have dinner at this place. haha. (Syahmi, sia pun xtau nama tmpt tu. haha) We had Ayam Penyet. Ok, AYAM LAGI!! TOLD YA! Sedap eh ayam penyet tu, tapi pedas la. Suprisingly I almost finish my veges. Haha. Ok then, Back to the cribs and lights off. Or did we really?? MUAHAHAHA.

5th Day

So, we planned the day already and we’ll be going to Damai beach. Hoho. Beware people, you might find some of this pictures offensive. Hahaha. But I wont upload all. Hahahaha. Anyway, before that, we took our breakfast at SCR again. Again, ayam. Chicken, manok, manuk. TOLD YA!! Then, we fetched Acap and headed to the Beach!

So, there, we swam and covered ourselves in sand. Pictures, do the talking!

Sand Sculpture 1

Sand Sculpture 2

Sand Sculpture 3

Sand Sculpture 4

Sandy hair sculpture?

What up?

Awesome shot. Macam Postcard. 🙂


Panorama shots are awesome no matter how many times ur gonna look at it

My fav 🙂

Roomie took this


Depan kami ada orang putih mandi kolam. OOH

No caption for this one. hahhaa

Enlarge this pix and zoom. You'll notice we have awesome after-beach-hair 😛

*Wordpress is being shitty now and won’t allow pix to be uploaded, so I’ll wait to post the rest of the Beach pix later*

So, after the beach, we went to another shop to have dinner. The name is Ayamku. Hahaha. Shit. AYAM LAGI!! TOLD YA! ahaha. That place banyak lalat. sial. Anyway, we headed back and crashed for the night. Or did we? MUAHAHA. Ok, so no. We searched for a saloon and found one and I dyed my hair brown. So did Nas and Kumi with different color of course. Haha. I don’t have picture of myself. So, come and see me to take a closer look. Haha. Oh, and I don’t sparkle in Sunlight. hahaha.

6th Day

So, it was practically our last day at Kuching, so we just hang at Nas’ house. We had our lunch at the shop near to the house and I ate another Mee Kolo. Sedap eh. Sedap eh. I even finished Syahmi’s bowl. HAHAHAHA. okay, fine. So I washed my clothes and dried em. While the guys tengok Final Destination 3. Hoho. Best2. Then we had dinner with Nas’ Aunt, her children and Nas’ grandma. Hohoho. Makan KFC jo. Kena blanja. Haha. Sedap2. Wait. KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ehem. AYAM LAGI!!! TOLD YA!!. So, we went back and crashed. And we prepared for next morning.

7th Day

Woke up early and got sent by Nas’ aunt to the airport. Bid her farewell and we checked in. Ate free burger at Mcd and waited there for a while before we finally say “Bye2 Kuching!!”


So, a trip like this is damn fun once in a while. What more when you get to hang out with your besties. Yeah! Thanks biggie much to Nas, his family, Acap, his family, Awang, Azuwan for being host to us. Haha. Next time kamu datang lah Sabah. Siap kamu kena kasi expose ngan Pilak2. Hahahahhaa. Okay, finally. Done!


We’ll Be a Dream

Ok, never lose the chance to pen down a great post.

Have you heard the song We’ll Be a Dream by We the Kings & Demi Lovato?

You know how at some point of your life, you encounter numerous situations where you can easily relate back to with the help of music. Well, I’m so hooked on this song because it reflects on my recent downer in life.

Yeah, my on-and-off relationship with my girlfriend met another off and probably will stay off. It’s hard to describe something when you do not want to be among the cliches. I am still bummed about my decision. Yeah. I asked for it. I just don’t wanna be burdened by the thoughts of her hurting more in the end when I just can’t love her the way she should be loved.

I’m sorry. Maybe I was too ahead of myself. I know I’m always like this. But I’m not gonna take the risk again just to break your heart again because I know how much you loved me. I hope you can move on, but take what’s good from our relationship and I know you’ll find the perfect one cuz you are an awesome person, just not for me.

My interpretation of the song is, the song describes reminiscences of a broken relationship and having good memories from the connection and still having those memories even when the lights are out. Do you remember the night we made our way dreaming, hoping of being someone big? Damn.

Am I out of your life completely now? Truth is, I still wanna be friends, but I’ll understand if you don’t wanna be.

My prayer of doubts.

You people don’t have to read this. Thank You.


This is me. It’s been so long since I’ve say a prayer of doubts to You. If there was a time I did, I don’t remember it probably because I didn’t really mean what I prayed last time. This time, I’m coming to you asking You to give me strength. I’m feeling like such an insecure person right now.

I know I do have a lot to be thankful for, but my doubts are clouding my appreciation for those graces You granted me. I can’t help but to give in to them sometimes and feel so low. If those were challenges, If those were trials, I wish You would give me the will to survive. It’s never gonna be easy in life, but doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be hard.

I’m deeply wounded by some words people throw at me. Taking them in one by one breaks me down little by little. I’m definitely thinking too much, but that’s just how I live my life. I don’t really know how to change that. Amidst all that, I realized the same people who can hurt me are the same people who lift me up. It’s just me who can be so negative at times.

I know the problem lies in me Lord. I wanna change all of this for the better but my faith tank is really low right now. I need an intervention. I need a wake up call just so that I’ll be moving forward. I’m sitting duck even though I know what the problem is. I need. You. I need You desperately now. I wish I could just sleep and dream right now and be reminded of how this life is suppose to be so much more than feeling sorry for myself.

Thank You Lord. Even thinking about reaching out to You calms me down. You never put this burden on me if You know I couldn’t get through this. I know that. Stop this jealousy, stop this self-doubt, help me persevere.