So.. it’s the fasting month..

Just wanna wish my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa and selamat menempuh Bulan Ramadhan dengan penuh makna.. hehe.. Btw, I’m gonna try to join fasting too except for maybe Sunday when I have to eat bread at church. Hehe.

Anyway, my semester started already since 3 weeks ago and I’m currently still trying to readapt to this student life I’ve abandoned during the Sem break. I’m living in v3e now, top floor, room 5. I’m still roomates with my best and close friend Flee. Damn it. Top floor. Makes it lazy for me to go down for Sports and jog.

This is bad. This is bad. I need a new mentality. My roomate is gone almost everyday to Sports. I’m always stuck sleeping or watching series or doing only God knows what in this room. ugh.

I’m willing to change that soon. Imma start by doing some pushups and sit ups today. Haha. It’s already 7 la, I would’ve gone to jog if it was earlier. Whatever whatever.

Oh, hillsong, here I come!

btw, I’m gonna be seriously into song writing mode soon. 🙂

Sorry for the lame update.


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