Word Jab

This week I’ve seen and heard how words people say can leave a deep scar in other people’s heart. It’s sad in a sense how people couldn’t control what they wanna say.

When a guy comment about inability of a girl to get hooked with a guy, when a girl comment about a guy’s inability to be useful, when parents says your sibling is better than you, when a boyfriend says his girlfriend is like a total stranger to him, when a best friend says s/he lost her/his trust to his/her best friend, when a leader get compared with previous leaders who done better, and so many others. These are some of the situations I’ve seen and heard of from friends (some I experienced myself) where words really do stab you in front of your face.

I’ve been reading some of my past post and I realised how I said I lost some best friends. It does hurt to think how much trust and respect you have for that person shatters in a matter of second just because they said something so hurtful and you can only stare in disbelief with a realisation why are you actually still friends with that damn person. Well, words can jab you in the face, but it can also mend those broken relationship. Yes. Because trust are built with words and action. I’m feeling contented with what I have now. I got my best friends around me, my friendship with certain people which was hanging by a thread before is now just plain better and the only issue I have with relationship is that I’m now single because I chose to end mine with truthful words.

If ever you said something so hurtful yet you intended it as a joke, the rightful thing to do is to APOLOGIZE. It may not make things better and the awkwardness will still be present but at least you make an effort to make it better right? When you get too comfortable with people, you tend to say what ever is on your mind but sometimes you stop thinking of how your words can hurt even your best friend because you are so used to being accepted by them. When things go wrong though, 1 word can break a lot of friendship to pieces. Believe me, you do not want to be in a position where you can’t even talk to your best friend when they’re around because now they feel what you are gonna say is all crap.

Haih. Sigup dulu. I’ll update with life soon.


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  1. i like this post. well, maybe because i may have gone through those situations u have mentioned. haha. but whatever it is, thank you for still staying true to yourself and for being my bestie. n i apologize if we ever did went through such ‘bad’ phase during our friendship. haha. just wanna let you know, i miss you bestie!!!!!!!! haha. go buy new fon la so i can talk you without interruptions or go somewhere where the line is good. haha. k, talk to you soon.

    ps. dropping by to show that i still read your blog even though i dont comment. hehehe.

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