You Found Me.

A song I’ll be singing for tonight’s music pursuit competition.

I don’t how this song came about til I considered it as a choice for tonight.

Usually people will go for songs with high range in them. I’m going with the message. I’m not that skilled of a singer but I just what this song means to me. Especially when it relates so much to my talent.

Hoping for the best πŸ™‚


Salam Perantauan. HAHA

So, lately there’s been a hot issue in the campus regarding the juniorsseniors’(i think it’s the juniors) act of tricking/lying to the media or specifically Utusan Malaysia. This is just so damn funny. Yeah, come on lah. Just because of one thing people did as a joke, you treat it like it’s a national threat. Oh shit! now the University student’s are too smart that they’re are starting to use their brains to lie to people.

Like wtf. Haven’t you heard of jokes before? And why didn’t you guys at Utusan do your jobs to edit or to audit those entries for Salam Perantauan? Yeah yeah yeah, say all you want about it’s not in your right conscience to even be thinking that people won’t be lying to submit an entry. If student’s are too stupid nowadays to be joking around with media, I guess you’re just plain lazy then. Makan gaji buta kot kalau x buat keja as editor.

Now it’s just becoming such a big deal that the nation’s upcoming generations are bound to repeat this act through out the year. As if people haven’t been doing this before. Why just use one silly mistake done by some university student and make it like it’s a national threat, or why make it seemed that UTP just declared World War 3? Hahaha.

It’s hard for people to take Utusan Malaysia more seriously when you want our generation to grow up (read:matang) and yet the one who’s not able to forgive and forget is the one pointing fingers here.

I’m not in the defense of my own University, but still, I think this has gone from a simple joke into a literate joke. Stop lah. Tell me how legitimate are the news in Utusan anyway? Like ALL of them are 100% true? Hmm. Think about it, and stop deeming my fellow unimates from University Teknologi Petronas of Toronto, Perak as foolish. You’re only hurting your reputation honey. Lalala.

Freedom of expression πŸ˜€ Peace !

So now I’m 20.


It’s an awe to hit the capital two-O milestone. It simply means I have been living in this world for 20 freaking years already. As you get older though, i bet everybody would like to think they’re getting mature every day. And I like to think that too about myself. If I compare myself as a 20 years old with 15 years old Lorenzo, then I can confidently say I have mature a lot in a lot of aspects of life. Yeah, we still make the worst mistakes ever sometimes but that’s exactly how maturity is. You make mistake, you learn from it. You repeat it again, you’re immature. But, when you finally think hard about your mistakes, there’s no doubt there’s a sense regret inside of you which will make you wanna be better next time. What’s that? It’s maturity in my book.

Every single year, I do expect people to wish me just to see who remembered my birth date. Each year though, it still takes me by surprise of how I’m still gonna be touch and shocked by people’s word. Even a simple phrase of “Happy Birthday and MGBU (May God Bless You)” can put a smile on my face.

Some people expect celebrations and birthday surprises or pranks to be thrown at them. For me, I don’t mind any of it. I just like to be appreciated for who I am for a day. It’s nice to be able to re-connect with people who you’ve lost contact with or to bond closer with your close buddies. I’d like to give those who I appreciate hugs but I didn’t get to do that for this 20th birthday.

It was awesome to see how my facebook notification went into a frenzy from people I just knew and from family members back home and even friends who I never thought who’ve still wanna be in contact with me. It’s way more awesome to see people craft such long sms-es just to make sure they didn’t miss out anything important to wish me well.

The feeling of gratefulness boost up my spirit to be better for another year. It lifts my spirit up to be grateful to my ever loving God above who still prolong my life in this buzzing Earth.

So here’s to leaving the teen years behind and to look forward to an awesome journey towards eternity πŸ™‚

Thanks to all who called me on my birthday especially close friends and family.
Special thanks to warga v4 for calling and singing the birthday song through phones. Kita berpisah tapi kamu masih awesome πŸ™‚
Thanks to those who changed their gtalk status to wish me
Thanks to people who gtalk me to wish Happy Birthday.
Thanks to whoever wished me on Facebook because you guys took the time to even write on my wall.

Thanks to Mummy who called me for nearly an hour to talk with me and for giving me bday cash!!
Thanks to my awesome gang in v3 for that birthday cake – Nas πŸ™‚ Fli roomie πŸ™‚ Syahmi πŸ™‚ Stiel πŸ™‚ Acap πŸ™‚ and Awang kot πŸ™‚ ahahahaha. Thanks juga to Azuwan and Apip.
Makaseh juga yang kasi blanja minum Zebra tu malam πŸ™‚ Yuck tapi sadap juga la kan. ahahaha.
Thanks to my wingmen! bros!
Thanks to a person juga sebab mms πŸ™‚ walaupun mula2 salah antar mms πŸ˜›

Thanks to Edgar, Mildred and Tracey for that bday treat with Debbie (the bitch) at Waraku. Hehe.
Thanks to whoever included me in their prayers.

And most of all, Thank You God for this abundant grace and blessings you always have granted me.