Just the way I am

I don’t like being alone. This, I mean, in terms of friendship.

The way things are looking up, I’m really glad people around me have come to acceptance on the way I am which is hard to change. As the popular saying goes, which I think is a loser’s way of giving in, “Nobody’s Perfect”, it does makes perfect sense that imperfection of a person is what distinct you from other personalities.

I have this bad trait in myself which I hate so much more than people hate it which is : My sensitivity.

Kalau orang lain cakap, saya sensitive lagi teruk dari perempuan. Hahaha. Oh shit. sorry. Mood was spoilt by the hahaha. Back to the mood. Well, my friends can see what mood am I in just by the look on my face. When I’m tired, my eyes are extraordinarily small, when I’m pissed, my lips go pouty and my brows goes curvy. When I’m happy, my cheeks mouth goes wide. When I feel sexy my eyes go squinty. oh shit. I ruined it again. ahaha.

Well, my point is, some people do know me better now. But sometimes, I just can’t control the way I feel. When anger or pressure gets the best of me, I start to lash out on the environment. If I somehow can control it, but still not in the mood, I stop responding to people, in other words, I start ignoring people.

I detest all of these but still, I still accidentally do them. But, I know I’m always gonna apologize right after everything cool down. Ask my roomate. I don’t know if he’s secretly hating me a s a roomate (ahaha) but I still am grateful he’s my roomate it should be suffering living with a bipolar-like person like me. ahahaha. Sorry roomate!!

Anyway, when you space out, you actually get to know yourself more. You actually learn what you’ve been lacking and what you’re missing being left out. Now and then, you on the down, then moments later, you’re back on top in the ups and downs of life. Whatever it is, I’m really thankful with my circle of friends.

It’s sad to end another semester. Mean’s we’re stepping so much closer to interning, and graduating. Which only means less time to spend with the friends.

All in all, enjoy the journey. Don’t try to be perfect too much. you end up losing yourself. Just let your friends accept you the way you are.


3 responses

  1. i had experience watching you with every single mood u have been through. haha. anyway, u cannot change the way you and u cannot please everyone so love yourself 1st. and i’m glad for the person you have become today. hehe. miss you bestie. christmas is in a month time! yay! 🙂

  2. @Edgar : yeah. ahaha. but still, just becuz they accept the imperfections, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change for the betterment. ahaha.

    @Melyn : ahahaha. kau mimang. sda gone thru suma. haha. miss ya too! jan lupa xmas presie sia. ahaha

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