Of what’s been kept inside far too long.

Hello peeps 😀

So sorry for neglecting this blog for quite some time now. Been too busy! Like,seriously, I’ll explain in this post how busy I’ve been since my previous post.

First’s off, it’s now the study week at UTP. Saddening. Today or rather yesterday was the 3rd last day of Study week and I practically only studied 45% of my subjects next week. Damn it. I just can’t be productive these days.


Ok, so way before this study week, let me start of the updates by telling you about my Music Pursuit experience as a contestant. So, I’ve been juggling the decision to either join or ignore the Music Pursuit workshop and audition. Next thing I know, I took a form and filled it in. Siap hantar personally lagi pergi Moshey.

The night before the workshop, I was drinking with my seniors and batchmate, which explains the hangover I faced while listening to the workshop. Seriously, next time, I’ll take it more seriously. Haha. So, the next day, I had an audition in the vocal category. No drinking this time, but heck, I did a lot of practising. Haha. Because I used a minus one found in Youtube and converted it to an mp3, then, transposed the song into C key. Was a long process but I was seriously focused. Haha. So, I was singing the song Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Awesome2 song. Came to the audition with my good2 friends or rather let me expose them. The bitches : Debbie (Queen Bitch), Tracey (Minion bitch) and Edgar (he-bitch) and the minion’s bitch : Romeo.  . Hahahaha. The one bitch missing was my wingman. Cuz he was still asleep. Bitch. ahahaha. Sorry if I upset you with these bitchy words(literally) but hey, it’s just a “friendly” language we’re using here. Haha.

Okay2 moving on. So, was really nervous in performing. Wasn’t even confident because somehow I feel so thirsty during the audition. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to hit that freaking high note. But thanks to Maylin, I got hydrated. haha. Thanks to Hiqmah too 🙂 then, performing time! Blah. Best feeling in the world 🙂 Just watch.

So, yeah. Went to church that evening with Mosh, Edgar and the wingman, Ansau. I already knew I made it through before the notification came but hey, gonna keep it as a secret on who told me. ahaha. Thanks you-know-who-you-are!. So, was busy preparing for the finals.

The final round was one week after. But, the funny thing is, we only had 1 sound-check session I mean, with the song and the mic on to really listen to our piece. AND the rehearsal/sound check was done the evening of the performance night. Saddening. But still, life throws you challenges ey? After my sound check, my wingman Mosh told me that my mp3 sucked. Haha. and hoped I could find a better quality one to replace it. So, I seek help from my buddies : Syahmi and Nas. hehe. Thank u sebab tolong 🙂 So, we found a better quality one, but actually, I only used what Nas downloaded and increased the bit rate of the song. So, tested it on Fli’s speaker and it sounded awesome. Haha. Felt quite confident after an issue was solved. So, on to the performance.

So, there you go. Was shaking up until the first chorus, and then I just felt on top of the world. Seriously, I know and I’m proud to say this is my passion in life right now. I don’t really care when people said I was drowned by the song. I know for myself what I’ve done. I feel really really motivated to come back and win this thing. Haha. When people told me that I sound good only when I go into my higher register, I feel quite down because I know I didn’t stand a chance in winning now. Haha. Then, the results came and I placed last. Haha. Was faking it though, I wasn’t okay. Duh, I lost. But still, I’m proud of my achievement. Not just because I entered the finals. Because I know I stand a chance in this singing realm. I know I can.

Thank you to all who supported me! Especially the roomate, the best friends, the wingmen, the bitches, the wingwoman, the CSS, the batchmate and I feel so privileged to get to know those talented bunch of people who are so friendly and havoc. See you guys again soon? haha. Ok, on to the next story.


Yeah. the title says it all.

This semester, I’ve taken 6 freaking subject, all of them have Projects to be done and out of this six, I was the Project Leader for 3 of them namely Internet Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering. Let me do this bit by bit. Bear with me.

Internet Programming

This project is so fun to do! My groupmates were Syahmi and Imran . It was a super fun project to do, except for the php part where it was freaking hard to even insert a working Contact details page, but still, we managed to slip one in. Hopefully it’ll be okay. We did a website about food directories. Hee.

Software Engineering

This project was given in week 1. Assembled the group members : Me, Fli, Nas, Azwan, Azry, Yun, Faris and Zainul. We decided to do a system called i-Fit, a health management system. Remarks? Our works were too last minute. Hahaha. But still, it was done and we presented it well. Hopefully that Dr Dayang will give us credible marks. Haha.

Object Oriented Programming

Paired up with beloved roomie. Had this project early, even got reference projects : thanks Lyana Hamka, and Melissa Lee. haha. But still, me and roomie took it to the last minute. Everything went well until the final minute where our project didn’t build the jar file. Shit. Then, we were the last to present. Told Mr Yew my laptop died and we only have the uncomplete version and he gave us 2 hours to charge the battery and come back to his office and present. During that time, we still can’t fix our system and decided to go with the flow. We presented using the preview in Netbean and I think our presenting skills were commendable. Still got awesome marks. If only we prepared earlier.. Had great time with roomie doing this.

Data Communication & Networking

Roomie was the leader, Me, Nas and Syahmi were under him. We got confused from the start. Couldn’t even tell what the GA wanted when he briefed us. Was busy preparing for Music Pursuit I think that I didn’t do much for this project. But still, I done my part. Pity the others that they have to think about the rest of the projects. Thankfully, we did it and presented it well. hehe.

Human Computer Interaction

Teamed up with roomie and Nas for this one. We were to design an web interface of a library system. Worked our ass of for this project because we didn’t do it until the last minute. We didn’t even know the deadline. Started the project 6 hours before submission. But still, we finished it, panda eyes included and presented it well. Haha. Simple but nice. Still alot to improve but I’m still proud of that 6-hours product.

Health, Safety & Environment

Was offered a group by Aisyah and Azry. I voluntarily joined because joining my usual clan won’t do as only 3 people from the same course were the quota for a group in this project. My part was hard. Was battling stress while doing it. But after all was compiled, I was in the 7th heaven. Haha. We even participated together in the HSE Green Quiz and made it through to the finals and earned ourselves bonus mark for the coursework. This group was awesome too. 🙂


So, that was it. Some updates. Sorry. I can’t write no more.. I’m feeling so tired. haha.Anyway, before I sign off, I wanna congratulate my lil sis for attaining 4A’s and 1B for her UPSR exam. Awesome! It runs in the family . haha.

So, lights off peeps. til the next post, don’t die of stress. please.