9 days to Xmas!

Don’t you just love the feel of the Christmas shrugged by these snows falling at my blog? Haha.

So, what Imma do today is check out my dyed hair under the stars and take a pix of it. Hahah

Then, this household got serious housekeeping issues. Imma be in charge and make sure the impossible mission of cleaning this house be possible soon, little by little.

Ha! Then, before hitting my cousin slash neighbour’s gym this evening, Imma make a cover of a Christmas song and a Japanese song. And if time and space(memory) allow, Imma do a Katy perry Cover too ;D

I’m just so damn excited for Christmas. Let it Snow Let it Snow!!!


Star Gazing

Oh how wonderful Thy creation are my Lord.

I can look at the stars for hours and be amazed every single second.

Some sort of spell put on me as I try to count them slowly.

It’s even more mesmerizing when I tilt a motion and still be strucked by how it’s not all the same when I look at them with different perspective.

I wanna be like a star.

They shine a calming presence.

They are static suggesting stability.

They twinkle endlessly it seems, yet still so peaceful continuing their glory.

I wanna be like a star.

PS : This post would be better with pictures of them. But, I couldn’t get  a clear view of them through the lens of my handphone camera.

PS2: I’m not opting for google-ed pictures as they are not the stars I’ve seen under the sky tonight. They might be, but I wouldn’t wanna believe that.

PS3: Appreciate a clear sky. The clouds are actually giving you a chance to observe more wonders than you can possibly endure through in a day.

Oh I’m in love with Stars.

Song : Switchfoot – When I look at the Stars
Corinne Bailey : Like a Star

Sabah Getaway : Day 1-3

So, I’ve been backed for like 3 days now.



So, what have I been up to? Mari2 kita bercerita sikit.

Ok, so landed on KKIA with the company of Fliroomie and Syahkumigol. hahahahahhaa. Sorry. Kumi’s name is so funny.

Anyway, right after landing, I got to go home and meet the family! Mummy even tapau-ed some sweet sour fish slice for me. Sob sob. my favourite dish ever. But Sofie, that sister of mine tidak masak nasi betul2. Dia lupa tekan “cooking”. hahaha. So, we waited for another hour. So, I watched “Invincible Youth” while waiting.



That pix above is one of the scene that make me laugh so damn hard. This series include Yuri & Sunny from SNSD, Goo Hara from Kara, and some other girls that are so cute and hot. I don’t remember their group but their names are Narsha, Hyunnah, Hyomin, Sunhwa. Gila, best tol series ni. It’s a variety show where you get to see them doing things so outside their comfort zone as they live in a village they call Yoochiri. haha. Mau pecah perut tengok tu.

Ok, then, after that, I followed my dad along with my uncles to go to MAS Kargo and helped transport 124 boxes to Kolombong. Hehe. Best. Trus pegi makan lagi sana Beverly jam 1 pagi. Mi sup SASAU!!. Then, went home and slept through the night without any Internet connectivity in my laptop because my stupid wi-fi/bluetooth device is broken. I can’t connect to the wireless. Argh. So, I opted for my dad’s laptop instead.

So, the next day, I wake up to find an sms from Digi about this karaoke competition in KKBOX. I was so interested cuz the grand prize was RM3,000. Three fucking thousand worth of cash bebeh! So, I told my friends about it and asked em whether I should join or not. haha. So, all gave good feedback especially my roomate. Told Diniy about it, and went to KKbox to register for it. Diniy was up for it too. Sadly, there was no more forms left that day.

Then, we go to City just to find that the Karaoke is closed. WTF. Haih. I was lloking forward to that. But anyway, we lingered around for awhile before we headed for Upperstar Damai. Met Navin and Shanu there and got ourselves treated for drinks (which we order 2 times each). Haha. Ate Chicken Chop and it was effing amazing. After that, we waited for Navin and Shanu before heading home.

Was kinda out of cash already but then at Grandma’s that night, news spread about my aunt kena number lottery. Haha. God Bless You! Then, I was lucky enough to be “tokis-ed” or to be given some money. haha.

Next Day, went to church and found out I couldn’t donate my blood cuz I was high. I mean, my blood pressure was high. Dededemn. But anyway, quickly got over that by eating more red meat after church. LOL. haha. So, headed to Wawasan and bought my self a pair of singlets and a new short. Yay! Daddy is so nice. Haha.

After that, I was dropped at Karamunsing, cuz I wanted to be early to take the karaoke registration. To my surprise, adede, banyak juga pilak berbaris depan sia ni. Matai. Is this my competition? Mati sia kena bunuh. Haha.

So, took up the form and browsed through the audition song list. Alala, punya tinggi2 semua ni. I should just withdraw. Haha. after that, I went back to the counter and asked for room for two and got to a headstart in Karaoke before Diniy came. Karaoke-ing alone makes me hear my voice better. Hahaha. So, made up my mind that second which song to sing for audtion. Then Diniy came and he did the same.

After Karaoke, we went to McD to find my cousin and got ourselves free Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe Medium meal! Then we filled the form right there and then and got back to KKBOX to submit the forms. The receptionist said the audition will be on the 11th. Tapi, dia xda bagitau pun ni pukul berapa konon mau perform. Haduh!

So, after that, I followed my aunt home since she was in the complex and we live right next to each other. So, I won’t burden Diniy to send me home. Haha.

That night, Katam2!! I was drinking some beers and played katam2. Surpirsingly, with limited pokok, I won Rm130. hahahaha. That ended the night 😛

Next day, which was today, I went out with Cousin Girly and Elom because we all won last night, so we went for breakfast at Donggongon. My goodness sedap. Then, we stopped by and chat with our old employer, Valen and then we’re off to Karamunsing. Karaoke lagi. Hahahaha. gila owh sia.

Then, after that we rounded the complex and I pierced my ear again. hihi. ShhHhh.

Then, we played some arcade games before heading for Roti Canai at Kepayan. Sadly, the maker wasn’t there, so we opted for the regular curry house roti canai at Putatan. Tapi sedap juga la. Hahaha.

After that, I was back home. And blogging. hahaha.

Okay, will do a 3-in-1 update again in the next 3 day. Hehe. I promise next time there will be pictures.