Star Gazing

Oh how wonderful Thy creation are my Lord.

I can look at the stars for hours and be amazed every single second.

Some sort of spell put on me as I try to count them slowly.

It’s even more mesmerizing when I tilt a motion and still be strucked by how it’s not all the same when I look at them with different perspective.

I wanna be like a star.

They shine a calming presence.

They are static suggesting stability.

They twinkle endlessly it seems, yet still so peaceful continuing their glory.

I wanna be like a star.

PS : This post would be better with pictures of them. But, I couldn’t get  a clear view of them through the lens of my handphone camera.

PS2: I’m not opting for google-ed pictures as they are not the stars I’ve seen under the sky tonight. They might be, but I wouldn’t wanna believe that.

PS3: Appreciate a clear sky. The clouds are actually giving you a chance to observe more wonders than you can possibly endure through in a day.

Oh I’m in love with Stars.

Song : Switchfoot – When I look at the Stars
Corinne Bailey : Like a Star


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