Result of a crazy semester.

Ok, First off, I’m not gonna reveal my results here. Hahaha. I know some people are very curious about their “competitors” in the class. Hahaha. Well, if you must know, I got my birth date for my GPA. Getting too obvious now huh?

I’m kinda down with my result. But I accept it all in good will. This is truly the “grand” result of a very very eventful semester. I won’t blame the busy-ness of me being the CSS president, my involvement with YEC, my weekly dose of booze, or my emotional days. In fact, this is all due to my lack of focus to my studies.

By this, I mean I lack fully the commitment to elevate the carry marks that potentially could bring me to back to the Dean’s List. All my subjects consist of a project that carry high percentage of the coursework marks. Out of the 6 subjects, I was group leader for 3 of the projects. You can say I’m lenient, or maybe I was too dependent on my partners and situation where I end up eating the group and costing some of the mighty marks we might’ve gotten.

But yeah, you should stop regretting what didn’t happen and start changing yourself. Yeah, the keyword of the post. CHANGE. You can’t stand by your old habits no matter how much it reflects your personality. You gotta be strict for everyone’s good. I know for sure I’m gonna really try to change this semester. If my bestie Syahmi-Bieber could do it last semester, why can’t I?

I’m still thankful with my results though. Well, I should. I deserved so much lower. My faith and my good mind saved me big time for the finals. I’m around good company and I really think I’m always lucky during any big exams. Pure luck. Next semester, if I can’t grasp the 4 flat, I will be in the Dean’s list. This is my promise to myself. I haven’t done my good brain any justice. Hahaha.

Kalau minda dah cepat tangkap informasi, kenapa tak asah dan gunakan semaksimanya kan? Nak biar berkarat je satu sem, pastu masuk mode overdrive pula tika peperiksaan akhir sem bermula. Kesian sel-sel otak ku. Dah lah mati sebiji-biji dek asap rokok. Haha.

Plus, I’m relieved of my responsibility of the CSS presidency next semester, which means I will have no more excuse not to study much harder than I did this semester.

So, hopefully, all of you are happy with your results. Disappointments, and failure should be a good drive to steer you back to success. right? So, cheers! let’s make the best out of the upcoming semester. Haha.

Oh please click this link.. pretty please.. I’m trying to get more views for my youtube channel. hahaha. Mana tau saya jadi the next Ana Raffali? Ha.. hahahhahaha



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