Top 5 Highs Of 2010

Hey there people πŸ™‚

I know it’s been almost 3 weeks that 2010’s ended, and I promised a post about my 2010. So, after being 2 weeks late, here it is. Haha. Forgive me please.

So, 2010’s been an eventful year. I can’t put my finger on it though whether it was a great or sucky year. It’s just been damn eventful. Let me just list out the top 5 Highs and Lows that I remembered yeah πŸ™‚

..:: THE HIGHS ::..

1. You Found Me

As all of you may know, I’m an avid acoustic guitar player + singer and I upload my covers at Youtube. It’s been a passion for me since I first liked my own recording voice. Hahaha. Sound vain and sick, but I consider it as a gift and I like to share my gift with the world. HAHA. enough nonsense please Lorenzo. I really put myself out there when I auditioned for my campus’ talent search. I joined last year, but didn’t made the cut to my disappointment. This time around, I made it to the finals. Thank You Lord.

What makes this the list-topper in my Highs of ’10 is the ultimate euphoric sensation I engaged into performing on the grand stage of Chancellor Hall and I did my ultimate best for my song. I told my roomate earlier before performing, it’s about proving myself rather than really trying to win it. I did it. personally for me.





PCCG was the camp that made me enlarge the circle friends I had in Semenanjung. This is where my leadership quality shown. Been planning this big event with other excos of PCC, especially with the PD from my campus, my ex-roomie – Jeremy. It was an awesome camp. The activities were sooo awesome, the people were amazing, and and I got to dance during the Expo nite. Click HERE for the video :D. Then, I met a special someone in that camp πŸ™‚ Hmmmm, oh2, and got closer to my wingmen during the camp. Ho yeah! ahaha.

Here’s an awesome Group pix πŸ˜€




3. Sarawak Trip

So, before the July semester started last year, I got the chance to venture Sarawak with my besties Fli roomie, and Syahmi. We were accomodated by another one of my bestie, Nas and Acap. I made a long post about this trip. You should read it. Haha. More pictures on that post. Click Here please πŸ™‚

It was awesome to hang out and eat a lot of chicken in Kuching. Thanks again to Nas for really really being a great host πŸ˜€ Kami nda sabar ni mau kamurang datang KK pula. Sia mo bawa ko round makanan KK pula πŸ™‚

3 pix that I love.








4.Weekly dose of Booze

Need I say more? πŸ˜€



5. Misc Moments

I just can’t simply pick anymore. Too many great moments that made my 2010 an awesome year. 2010, was also a time for family. I had my grandpa and uncle passed away this year, which was very very hard for our family. But, I got closer to my mum’s side of the family during the short un-precidented gathering.

Also had great moments ending the year with family trips, getting to know my cousin’s boyfie (Gay, sia ckp pasal ko ni), the Xmas dinner, Xmas after party, the 3 weeks of non-stop alcohols, New year Celebration, Family Treasure hunt which I planned with my uncle. Now, I only got 3 more days to spend with em.

Also, I met up with my high schools friends during the semester breaks. got those people I haven’t seen for a long time such as Alvin, Ivan, Aiman, Melyn, etc etc. Also, during the June break, I made a cover of AJ Rafael’s When We Say with Anthea and Kenneth. Gosh, these moments are so damn precious.




I can’t think anymore :(.

I just hope that 2011’s gonna be more awesome or at least equally par with 2010. Well, if life gives you lemon, Make lemonade! And, may this year be a blissful year for me especially in the relationship and friendship department.

Cheers everyone πŸ˜€


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