Jumbled up.

Gila lah.

Can’t express how crazy my weeks been since I last blogged. I know this does not even sound convincing considering how almost everytime I blog, I’ll say that I had a crazy week. ahaha. But, seriously, this time, I’m serious. It has been crazyyyyy!

To kick things off, let me enlighten you a news that was bigger than the issues at Egypt among my coursemates. Well, we’re currently in our 2nd year 2nd semester right now. By right, we should be going on an industrial internship training program next semester (3y1s). BUT, the recent revamp in the academic structures, made the original two-sem per year structure into a three-sem per year. Ok, well, with the new semester, we were bound to go for internship during the month of September this year. To shine some light on this, basically we have one extra sem to go thru before going for intern lah. Then, all of the sudden, when we all came back to UTP, the news spread so rapidly about us having to go through the internship next semester. Which means, we followed the original structure and may graduate early.

That was one long paragraph, but you don’t freaking know how short the time that we have in our hands right now to go through this semester and to deal with application for host companies and to cope with the newly weird adaptation in taking minor subjects.

Whatever it is, I’ve set some target places to intern at. After much consideration, and influences from my friends and parents, my top state to intern at will be Sabah. my hometown. Why? Pfft. Bonus question. Everything made easier when you live and work near home. My second choice would be Penang. A freedom that’s beyond imagination if I’m there. But still, the cons outshines the pros when it’s kinda hard to adapt to renting houses, paying bills, etc etc.

Ok, I’m kinda screwed here too. Not only with the internship agendas, but also with this thing called I quit smoking.

I’m so proud of my roomate, who is currently a non-smoker. Well, mind you, I’ve been trying too since God knows when, but I guess I just didn’t have the right motivation or my will was not strong enough. But, I’ve made a decision to finally stop. But, I’m taking it slow. Trying to cut down the intakes per day, into no stick per day and eventually, no more ciggies. I voiced it out to my roomate one day and he helped me by laying down some room rules. No more smoking inside the room. Yeah, so, I don’t smoke inside my room anymore. My towel’s always smells good this time around.

And my dear told me to stop for myself before everyone else. That is so true in the sense that if I have to stop smoking, it really should be about myself. Because once I’m healthier, and sexier, everyone around me won’t be hurt by me anymore. Not emotionally, not physically, not in a health perspective either.

I’m seriously looking to stop one day at a time. I will get there. I will. No more buying.

Ok, i’m getting kinda sleepy here. Maybe this is enough for one night.

Before that, just got to say, CSS UTP Intro Night and Praise and Worship Night was awesome! Sensational effort and night. The new committee did awesome ;).

PS : I will make a cover of Secondhand Serenade’s Pretend soon. Awesome song.

PS2 : Langadon om Oupus oku id sumandak hilo Tanjung Malim. hehe. – no question about this.

PS3 : Thank You God for the blessings You have showered me with. I pray for Your continuous grace upon me and to others as well. Amen.