Losing Myself

Again, I’ll start off with my popular line “Sorry guys, I know I haven’t updated my blog for a long time already, I’ve been too busy…”

Hahaha. Seriously, It’s hard to find time to blog when the ideas and passion just flow like now. Owh whatever. Haha. Just be happy I updated.

So let’s see. Been through some tiring weeks of quiz, test and assignments. Oh, and plus projects too. It’s hard when life becomes a routine. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s getting boring for me to keep this optimism shit rolling every single waking day and try to make myself work for class, assignments, test, quiz and projects. Safe too safe, I got too much in my hands. Haha. Thank God for friends and fear of failing. I still do it anyway. SIGH.

Oh, still haven’t been able to fulfill my Lenten promises to myself. Haha. But I’ve been praying. I just don’t know if that’s enough. Even abstinence on meat on Friday seems hard nowadays. Temptation temptation temptation. Well, you know, they say it’s all in your mind right? and it is, it’s just that sometimes your mind really can be a bitch sometimes. It allows you to manipulate situation and make it okay to do things you forbid yourself doing in the first place. Haha.

Damn. I’ll try harder.

Oh, I wanna rant about my internship progress. I’ve been applying to some companies in KK, managed to score 2 deals for now. Applied at Innosabah and wanna apply at Petronas Dagangan too, but Innosabah haven’t replied anything, and Debbie-da-queen-bitch said no intern placement at Dagangan. Aish, sedih sial. I can’t think of many more place to apply. There’s a company called Zuma E. in KK, applied there but still no response, then I found out from my mum, who found out from my cousin, that the place have : tidak tentu punya internship training. Haha. So kinda glad that they didn’t replied me.

Point is, I’ll be interning in Sabah. WEEEEE. Plus, my girlfriend is having that long holiday too from May til Sept 🙂 Yay. Can meet her 😀

Oh, I’m having a flu or a hidden fever right now. It’s going on and off. Shit betul.

Bah, I’m back to tweeting. I just don’t know what else to talk about. Hahahaha.

PS: Happy <3<3 anniversary dear 😉

PS2: Happy 13th birthday Sandy(tondu) – my lil sister! Jgn lagi nakal2, suda 13 tahun tu.

PS3: Happy 23rd birthday Sofie – my big sister! Jgn lagi trip2 muda, tua suda ko. HAHA.


“Lord, help me through this semester with fruitful effort and success. Amen”