day 11 – What’s in your make up bag?

Nothing. Sorry. I don’t own a make up bag. wtf. Easy post. HAHA


day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat

So, whenever I’m in KK, I’d love to devour dim sum here. Foo Phing Dim Sum. Located at Hilltop, Damai. Sedap!!

Ok, first off, I need to credit where I get the pictures from. That’s :, and , thank you thank you.

So here’s the pix.

Foo Phing!!!

This restaurant is a bit pricey, but lemme tell you, it’s heaven for dim sum lover. Oh btw, it’s non-halal =)

So, here’s some of the food that I love so much 😀

Well, this is the prawn mayo. There usually 8 or 10 half pieces served in a plate. You eat it with mayonnaise. Heaven. My favourite dish this.

Sasau/Char Siew Pau!!

Sasau pau. Sedap kalau panas. Damn. Mau makan!!

So Mai/ Siew mai!!!

Gila. Meliur sia post ni. Sedap ni. Seriously. Eat it like that or dipped it in chilli/tomato sauce. Droooool
Ok, well. I think that’s enough. haha. The challenge was to post the restaurant, not the food. but what the hell. Haha. We bend the rules 😀

day 09 – A photo of the item you last purchased

Hahaha. Damn. Nice timing. So, here’s the last item I bought.


Just being honest. hahaha.

Peace. haha

Know what that is? hahaha.

That’s Sigup Premium or Rokok Premium or Premium Cigarette

Rm3 di Sabah. Haha.

Well, haven’t spent on anything except for cigarettes here.

Awesome =D


day 08 – A song that match your mood

My all time favourite acoustic song :

This is how I feel right now 🙂

Meant to be with her ❤