Language of Texting

Oh, finally got some time to blog. Wee. And this new WordPress updated functionality of “Just Write” is just awesome. Well wokeh, before the juice dries out, let’s get this on!

So, how long have you guys actually own a handphone or cellphone? Pretty long huh? I doubt that anybody still don’t own a handphone. Except for kids under age of 5 tho. They’re so cute. until they hold a handphone.

Texting or Smsing is such a thing now that it becomes a necessity. A necessity to rid boredom, a necessity to communication and you know, to sms AFundi, if you’re a still freaking follow AF. *roll eyes*. haha

If you observe carefully, you could actually see that every person have their own way of smsing. How they space out the … , what type of laughter they use, yeah.

If you never sms with me before (boo you! bo0!), then you’d notice, I’m pretty much a space taker. Haha. A typical sms from me would be :

Ba, jom mkn. .

and if I wanna put laughter inside :

Kitai. . haha. .

Yeah. That’s how I do it. Haha. Oh, some people uses the Haha, Hehe, Hihi, Hoho, Huhu wrongly in my opinion. Like who in their right mind would sms a grieving friend with a Haha when Huhu is intended? Or put comforting words and end with Hoho. That sounds insulting.

Haha : I used em to laugh at what people say
eg : Mcm taik jak ko. . Haha

Hehe : I used em to kinda ease out the words i said before.
eg : Men2 jak ba. . Jan marah ar. . Hehe

Hihi : Acting cute or ease out insult. Hahaha
eg : Mo tidur dulu ar. . Hihi

Hoho : kinda the awesome in between of hehe and hihi.
eg : Cakap jak ba ko suka sia. . Hoho

Huhu : The sorry/sad laughter. If it’s even considered as laughter
eg : Sory2 sia lupa tadi. . Huhu

Yeah, so next time, don’t just say “I love you. . Huhu. . =)” Like wtf. Haha. Word play is important. No matter where you go, it’s the link to communication.

Well, that’s it. I haven’t covered smileys, but I’m damn sleepy now. huahua


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