day 04 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend

Not much words on this one. Let’s let the photos do the talking 🙂

My Bros : Syahmi, Stiel, Fliroomie, Nas, Acap

Wingmen : Sau & Mosh (left most)

The bitches/wingwoman/eldest bro 😀 : debitch, tracey, mildred, edgar

My highschool besties : Melyn, Nigga, Ivan cTboy 😀

Highschool besties 2 : Hakim, Anthea, Agnes, Zeff

High School besties 3 : Diniy, Sam, Anthea (again) haha

highschool besties 4 : Ray, Kenneth (middle)

So, that’s about it. My best friends comes in all shapes and sizes, gender, race and states, but I do treasure them all =D


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