Where I was, Where I am, Where I’ll be

First off, let’s listen to some 90’s song!

[Lisa Loeb – Stay]

So, this post is kinda suggested by my good friend Anthea the chubbarooney. Well, actually she suggested on doing where do you see yourself in 5 years time. You know how I’d like to blog really lengthy post. Haha.

..::Where I was::..

5 years back, which is the year 2006, I was still in high school. Still in form four. I just passed my PMR (with flying colours. hahaha) and I was in a relationship for the first time in my life. Wow. That happened exactly 5 years ago. By then, I was at a good place in my life, and I do mean that in literate terms : I was a good boy.

I got good friends around me, I didn’t know who alcohol was, I didn’t know where cigarette was, and I didn’t know what club/pub was at that time. Well, to avoid myself being called a frog who lingers under a coconut shell, I do know what those things are in all contrary, it’s just that I never thought I would be attached to these items.

During my post-SPM life, I worked in McDonald’s as a crew, for a good 4 months, before I got offered to pursue Matriculation and also Foundation studies. I thought really hard about my studies, even arguing with my parents on the righteous path to education glory.

The issue was, the course offered on both institution were different. One was of the IT or Information Technology stream, while the other was of Engineering stream. I was torned myself. I thought real hard. I was good at Physics and Chemistry, and I kinda loved Chemistry (even aced it) during Form 5. But then again, the reality is, I’m not an engineer at heart. As much as I wanna pursue my studies, I’m still not that type of student who loves to study. I just think of studies as an obligation, to entitle myself to a better life in the future.

So, with that, I took the offer from PETRONAS, the sponsorship and the chance to study at its university. If you were in my shoes at that moment, I was mortified. I was scared of expectation. You see, my dad was a staff in PETRONAS Dagangan, at that time. Since this university accepts 9 A’s students for engineering, and a minimum of 7 A’s for IT stream, I was feeling insecure. Well, I scored 7 A’s for my SPM, and mind you, that means I was just about qualified, and the fact that my daddy was a staff didn’t help at all. I hate it when people make statements about myself getting into the university not on my own term, but rather with my Dad’s help.

Anyway, that all changes. that was within 5 years ago.

.:: Where I Am ::.

I’m currently in a good and awesome state.

I choked on my previous relationship and ended it before it got worse. If you’re smart, you would’ve guessed that by “previous”, I meant that I am in a relationship now. With a new girl. Someone so different from my ex-girlfriend. That’s just about all I can say, because I don’t wanna compare. What I know is, I’m happy. I met her at a church camp, in Cameron Highlands. I was attracted to her instantly and pushed through some circumstances just to get her number (I never do things like this). Sparks fly instantly and I asked her to be my girlfriend after 5 months really getting to know her.

The sad thing about our relationship, is that we’re in a Long Distance Relationship. LDR is something people wouldn’t wanna be in. Statistics shows the people who are in LDR are not gonna last. Well, We’re gonna be an exception to the statistics. Anyway, if you follow my tweets, you may have read that I brought her to meet with my family already. Seems like it’s too fast to do that especially in a LDR right? But it’s okay. Only Mummy haven’t her. Haha. (and she’s mildly pissed about it. haha).

Ok, enough about relationship. Where I am? I’m currently undergoing my practicals at Innosabah Securities Berhad, A Stock Trading Company under Bursa Malaysia. It’s been almost three months, and I’ve got 4 more months to go, but it’s all good right now. hehe.


Mind block.

Anyway, It’s been 20 minutes already, and I will finish up this post with Where I’ll be, soon. Thank you for reading 🙂


Monday Blues?

Well well well.

It’s Monday again people!

Don’t be fooled by the exclamation mark. I’m not excited at all.


I wonder why this Monday blues thingy is hitting me. I still long for the weekends, I still wanna wake up later than 8 a.m. yaaawnn.

Monday is a bloody day that a handful of people dread. It’s the weekend killer, it’s the trigger for the 5-days routine to start, for some reason people just wanna get through the day fast. I’m in no exception as well.

Now that the EPL season have started, I’ll be expecting more late nite slumber because of the matches I wanna watch. Dedemn! Here’s a few things I can think of to kill this mood-killer.

.::==> Lo’s way to own and pwn Monday <==::.

1. Loud Music!
Well, this is my way just to get my brain start rolling. I just plug in the speaker to my phone early in the morning and blast some upbeat or any band song that I know so that my brain tries to remember the lyrics while singing it on key, and the piercing loud sound just slaps the life into the senses in my body. A fresh start that is, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Exercise?
Nothing wrong to do light exercise just to get your sweat rolling down your head to your buttocks. Aha! Just wiggle here, wiggle there and together with the loud music, you are sure to be fresh in a matter of minutes! No need to shower! Just let the sweat drench over your body! Let your body heat and odour make you loosen up.

Well, screw number 2! You MUST shower baby! Bak kata Hilary Duff :

” Let the rain fall down
And wake my dreams
Let it wash away
My sanity”

A shower is all you need baby in the morning! Don’t ruin others’ Monday morning by your stinky armpits or your marvelously dreadful breath.

4. Good Breakfast
Breakfast is really needed. You need the energy to get through the day. If you wake up with a hangover, then coffee and hot noodles are the best to push down those dreadful alcohols and gases along your intestinal tracks. Shit, I’m hungry for food and thirsty for alcohols just by typing all of these. Kimet.

5. Good bitchings
If you so annoyed by Monday, don’t make it worse by living through the day with anger and frustrations. Find a friend to complain to about Monday. Let them cheer you up. Or if both of you hate Monday, then bitch about Monday together. The day will get better because conversations that starts with a gossip usually goes into more juicy gossips or goes into something personal, which actually make you think about something else rather than Monday.

Fuck You Monday!
So, there you go.

Just an insignificant read to start off your Monday morning. Haha. Just know that, almost everybody hates Monday, so you’re not alone, and that if you live through Monday as if it’s Friday, it’s easier to go through the day.

Be positive bah! Monday ain’t that bad!

Buhbye peeps!

PS: What if your birthday fall on a Monday? Now wouldn’t that be interesting.

The doofus is back!

How long have I been gone?I know, this question always, yes, ALWAYS, arises when I’m posting a new post. Sucks for me.

For that, I’m sorry. I should cling more to this blog. Kan? What was I thinking. I bet there’s about 50 drafts in the draft bin all contained around 2 paragraphs of juicy post but yet, they remained as draft. I’m just too lazy to blog.

No Idea!

I’ve lost inspiration!But here I am again. I’m not gonna waste my time making empty promises to update this blog oftenly, because I’m not sure if I’m able to. I guess a pat in the back with a whisper of “Good luck with that, Lo” would do for now. *Pat in the back**whisper:good luck with that, Lo*

The thing is, I have lost my inspiration to write/blog because I’ve been to caught up with the idea of making long posts like I usually do. Well, I won’t say that I ran out of ideas or ran out of stories to tell (Mind you, that never happens). I get bored reading back what I typed and end up closing the tab right away. Even the javascript pop up message box warning me that everything aren’t saved yet couldn’t stop me!

But this time around, I feel better. Well, that’s cuz I have a lot of time in my hand. A lot of time at hands in the office, that is. Haha.

Let me revive this blog for good and hopefully, hopefully, I won’t falter along the way. Viva la doofus!