From the last post, I promised another post with pictures, i think. haha.

So, as LAZY as I am to post in this blog today, I will anyway. haha.

*Ok, let’s just get to the post this time. I’m in the office right now and the electricity just went off and my whole post didn’t even made it to draft. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!*

So, during my 21st birthday, I totally did not expect any celebration (although I had big plans for my 21 birthday since last year) because my family is still mourning over the loss of my late grandma’s battle with cancer. It has not been 40 days, so the custom is, to not have any kinds of celebration until the 40th day.

*FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU electricity went dead again! and went up again. haish*


What happened on my birthday. Yeah sory. I forgot. Haha. When I got back from work, my mummy gave me a package and asked me to read the card. Haha. Here it is.

For you, Son. With Love and Pride On Your Birthday

Inside of it

Haha. Mummy's difficult favour.

Ok, so, that was the card. Haha. You know what my Mummy and Daddy gave me? I wasn’t even expecting anything and I don’t really like presents actually, wait. I do. I just hate surprises. haha. They gave me a Gold necklace, with a key. Damn. Means a lot to me. Thank You God for my parents. They are the most awesome people. I’m not even thankful because I received a present from them, I’m really thankful because of their presence and their love. Mummy and Daddy said to me that i should really keep this one properly and take good care of it. If I should fall back to poverty, my mummy said you can sell this. Something like that. Oh! and my Daddy said I can stop paying him for my Blackberry phone. HUAHUA. At least I paid half for the phone. hihi.

On to the next one!

Well, as I stated in my last post, my girlfriend called me that afternoon and asked if I could come over to her sister’s house in Beverly Hills later at night. So, I agreed and went there. She said she’d be there la konon. Hahaha, but in our conversation, she said “Ada barang sia kirim” at first, then she went on saying she’s in KK. Haha. Mana lah sia mo picaya tu dear πŸ˜› Anyway, then, when I arrived there, sempat lagi sesat. But, eventually, I met with her sister, she gave a a big paper bag and inside of it was a birthday cake. Haha. When I got back home, I opened it and it was a Chocolate cake! haha. with the word “Dear <3” I think. ahaha. My mum looked at it and said “Sepa tu Dearo”. She couldn’t tell the ❀ was a ❀ symbol and not an ‘O’. Hahhaha. Mummy, mummy *shakes head*

Dear ❀

Then, my mum told me she bought me a cake although they won’t sing for me, she wanted me to blow off the candle cuz the candle’s pretty. ahahaha. Here’s the cake my mummy bought for me. (The candle’s really is pretty. hahahaha)


Okay so I did blow them both, cuz my Mummy asked me to. Haihhhh.

Nice kan? haha. Well, here’s all I got for my birthday, which I shouldn’t even be getting one IMO Β cuz of my situation, but I still appreciate every single one πŸ™‚

She told me to open this on my birthday. haha

Snow cap and a small Contreau bottle

Hahaha πŸ™‚

Present from my cousin Girly and our bF, gaylenn. hahahaha

Oh, my Gay friend Gaylenn also gave me 1 Chivas bottle. Haha. Well, actually, it was for us. You know, cuz we wont drink that without the other. hahaha. Thanks Gay πŸ˜‰

Okay, well that’s all I got for now πŸ˜€

I’m 21! and I’m all kinds of legal now!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTSSSSS! Cheers to the future πŸ˜€

Cheeeeers baby cheeeeers to the future πŸ™‚

If you made it here, Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ or if you were here to view the pictures, well, good luck! hahahahhaa.

Bye peeps! Til then! Oh, mau promo video lagi skali before you leave this post.. Help add views and click the thumbs up in the page, can? hahaha. thanks alot πŸ™‚



Well hello people! This is my first time blogging through my RebeccaBlackBerry. So, let’s c how this post is gonna turn up yeah?. Let’s get it on!

So, the end of September turns my age count up another notch. I’m finally at that age. The age some dread, but it’s also the most awaited age in one’s lifetime – 21.

Wow. Don’t that make you wonder. How fast time flies. I can’t really recall any of my journey to this age. But I know for sure, it has made me the person I am today.

This 21st birthday was the awesomest 1 yet. I can’t celebrate my birthday the way I planned it with my cuzzie (who turned 21 6 days before me), cuz my grandma’s passing have not reached 40 days yet.

But the day of my birthday, it was a working day, on Friday. Wanted to take leave for the day but I didn’t anyway. Had fun in the office replying all the wishes on fb,twitter, sms, gtalk. I got temporary high reading through my fb wall. Gosh, everytime I see who posted, I remember a bit about that person’s rship with me.

What’s more sweet is, all of my best friends wished me in all possible method. One BBM that made my day, was from my cousin. She said “Happy bday to my fav cuzzie :D” yes, with that ‘:D’. Made me feel honoured.

Another wish that made me ‘touchy-feely’ was when my dad sms me on 11.30 a.m. to wish me happy bday with a well-constructed paragraph. I almost cried reading it. What was bothering me was how my mum and girlfriend haven’t wished me. Hahaha.

Then, when I got back home from work, my mum gave me a package and hugged me. She said happy bday and asked me to read the card carefully. When I opened the package in front of them, there was this box. I thought it was another watch. But when I opened it, it was a beautiful gold necklace. Wow. Maybe that’s how women/men react when they are proposed or got jewelry. Haha. What I love most about that necklace was that there was a key hung to it. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say ‘ buah rantai dia kunci” hahaha. I love it. Too symbolic for me.

So, when I tried it on, woahhh. It fits me perfectly. Apa lagi, pakai terus lah! Ahaha. Then I opened the card, the card was entitled “For you, Son” hahaha. My immediate response was “hallmark punya card ni kan?” Haha. My mumy even wrote “PS : a special favour on your bday. Please quit smoking – Mummy”. Well, I will try mumy!

I was asking them why did they bought me that cuz it was pricey, but they said that’s the last thing they could put in my life investments. So, imma take good care of this necklace. They even said when my sister turned 21 before, they also gave her a necklace.

After that, I went to my girlfriend’s sisters’ home in beverly hills. She called me that evening asking me to come to her sis’ home at night. Went there around 7.3opm, called her, got lost for some 1o mins, cuz I was parking at the wrong block. Haha. Then, when I was at the right block, was calling her, but I saw her sister coming my way holding a birthday cake box. Ahaha. Damn. I’m proud and blessed to have a girlfriend like her. Very thoughtful. She thought she fooled me, but she was the one who gave the idea of passing a package to me earlier. Ahaha. Surprise jadi, tapi xjadi juga. Ahaha. Oh, incase that didn’t made sense, my gf is way over the sea, in UPSI now. She called me to meet her at her sisters’ house. But she said she wanted to pass me a package. She gave out the surprise! Haha.

And when I got back home, they called me to blow a birthday cupcakes, saying happy bday lorenzo. Felt appreciated much by my families at my grandma’s house. They didn’t sing loudly, only to an barely audible level. Haha. But I blowed the candle anyway. Thank you Kak Ella for sponsoring the cupcakes!!

So, that was how my bday went. But secretly, I was planning to go out with my friends the day after. To keep this private and confidential, imma make another post, with password for that, to protect myself from getting scolded. Ahhahahaha. Well that’s it!

Thank you to everyone who wished me for my 21st birthday, thanks to all who gave me presents, angpows, and hugs. Thanks abundantly to my parents for the necklace and for still standing by their ‘naughty’ son. I love you guys most, you know that. Thanks also to my girlfriend who never seems to stop making me smile and be more appreciative of her. Thanks to my besties who went out with me. And thank you God for this life and journey that You have planned for me.

All in all, THANK YOU!

Ps: other pictures will be up here soon.

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