So it’s the final year.

Can you believe it? It’s now 2012. The year the freakin Mayans predicted that the world would end. Well, they were right in a sense. My university years will end this year. It’s a mind blowing thing for me, actually. You knowing the fucking cliches : Time pass by so quickly. Macam baru semalam terkesima dengan environment UTP. Sigh.

As much as I hate to be in UTP sometimes, I do love several things inside of it. The heat of the weather, the in-the-middle-of-nowhere-location of it all, the strange and weird people (they know who they are.. huahuahua), and the bored moments.

Well, I’m kinda over all those stuff. Damn. It’s my final year for goodness’ sake. I find it both bitter and sweet. Sweet cos yeah, I’m leaving UTP, hopefully with a second class degree in ICT. Then, bitter because I’ve adapted so well to a student life, like for a freaking 15 years? That’s more than half my lifetime. Hahaha, well exaggerated!

Anyway, this final year, I’m finally embarking on a different route from my closest buddies, Fli and Nas. haha. Got through my foundies and undergrad studies with these two along side me to all my classes, well except for foundation years with Nas. haha. Why? cuz I’m taking a different major.

I’m still very much unsure of my Major decision, literally. I took Multimedia because I am in fact in love with programming, although I can get so rusty because of my procrastination skills, and I am in fact a artsy person. The idea of Multimedia just attracts me. Wanted to take Software engineering too, but then , I do feel my heart lies in the Multimedia stream.

Whatever happens, I know God will be by my side, guiding my every move. I truly believe that. I don’t freaking care if I’ll be at the bottom of the class, but I do hope I won’t stray too far from what’s expected of me. I can bring it when I’m on, and I’m super on!

Whatever comes our way, we’ll see it through. Let’s just hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I wanna really get to know and appreciate my friends before I finish this year. I know this year’s study period has just begun, but I do want to implant this idea in my heart and mind. My engineering friends from the same batch are going for their internship soon. Huaaaa. Sad but true. I hope they’ll miss us as much as we’re going to miss them. Kot.

Oh2, and I want to make something big for my youtube career this year. HAHA. YOUTUBE CAREER WTF. No la, I just wanna do more covers, nicer and more professional looking than what’s been uploaded in my account. Sigh.

Oklah, enough for one post. I need to nap for a while. PCS at 6 til 8 mafa.

PS: Sem ni susah sikit mau kurus kot. I got evening-night class from tuesday til thursday. No jogging time 😦 unless I’m pumped enough to wake up in the morning to jog. Oh kemannnnn Lo!!

Wish me luck peeps!