BITS .. Euphonious.. wtf [1]


What the fuck.

What the fuck.

What the fuck.

That’s what  we’ve been saying since our band was crowned Euphonious ’12 champion.

Well, let me tell you some bits (no pun intended) and pieces of  the journey of this band.

I’m not quite sure myself how the band really got started. I guess it was when the Multimedia dudes (and a dudette) were passing through Pocket D and the Eupho poster was there kot. I dunno. Haha. But anyhow, it was that moment when someone chips in an idea then everybody gets into it adding more fuel to the fire. I dunno who threw in the idea to form a band with the BITS people. But yeah, we definitely were excited for the idea.

But it was kinda on and off, the idea never turned into a decision. We thought about who would sing, who would play the keys, who would play the bass, the guitar, the drums, and who else should we bring ?

Oh yeah, then the idea simmered down and then those Final Year 1st sem stuff keeps bugging us. CVIP, CGA, TTP etc etc. Nobody really talked about it again. haha. After those torturous final weeks of lectures and final exams, I went back to Sabah to escape my horrible academic progress for a good 2 week.

While I was still in KK, Faris BBM-ed me about it again. And he really was serious! He told me about Amy Winehouse (RIP) and MJ (RIP) as our choice. Since I was still in the holiday mood, I just said wokeh. hahaha. When I got back into UTP, they already made early arrangements of Billie Jean and Rehab.

Anyway, long story short, we went to the jamming studio several times, where we also found our first few supporters, who happened to be listening to us outside the jamming studio, haha. They said we were good and surely gonna vote for us. We also hanged at mamak quite long, just talking about band stuffs, like the 3rd song idea, attires, gossip about a lovey dovey couple in the band (ops..) and played Yves’ Galaxy note toilet paper game.

I’m gonna fast-forward to the part where we had our last jam before the preliminary round. It was like everybody was finally feeling the pressure of performing. We thought about was the solos too long, What do I do during the solo part, can I do this with the mic stand? and etc. After kinda finalizing the arrangements, well, in actualty, we ran out of jamming time, we continued brainstorming attire ideas. So, we did. 60’s theme it is. Buttoned-bright shirts tucked into Jeans. Sigh. I was objecting big time for the tuck in part. hahaha. If you know personally, you know I look ‘cute’. If you didn’t get that, well, get to know me and get to know wth cute means. ahahaha.

So prelims. There was no crowd.  Haha. But the pressure was mounting up. Watching the other bands perform was nerve wrecking too. There were still uncertainties at that point with our band. Haha. I even swapped shirt with Jun Li (Cheryl’s bf) and discussed what to do with Ying on stage during the instrumentals part right before we went backstage. Caen came just in the nick of time and we finally were ready to go and rock it.

So we did. I did awkward hip gestures, even screwed up some lyrics which was thankfully undetected, and most of all, sang the hell out of the song. Jangan tinggal daku song was scary for me cuz I was scared of losing the harmony part. But, performing Rehab and Jangan Tinggal Daku made me love the stage oh so fucking much. That moment where adrenaline just made your ear become more attentive, and made my face make some high and also weird expressions. Don’t even get me started on my dance routine. ahaha.

But I was fucking proud of my band mates. They were the soul and star of the band. Beautiful sound coming out of each instruments. The judges comments just made us ecstatic. I couldn’t really remember what the judges said, but it was something along the line of our band sounds were balanced on stage and the vibe of Jangan Tinggal Daku was superb. That was actually the first WTF moment.

Everybody was already happy. Made us wanted to enter the finals real bad. And we did. I can’t tell you how much we were jumping and shouting when the announcement came. Second WTF moment. We were so into winning by then. Well, dah masuk final, xkan xnak aim for the win kan.

So the finals came that night, and the two bands before us was awesome like shit. Made me nervous so much more. And the pressure really did came into an all time high when I saw how many people turned up. I was even more nervous cuz I’ll be playing an acoustic guitar while singing on stage later.

When we finally went on stage, everybody set up their instruments, performed sound check while the BITS montage were on. The amp I was supposed to use had no mics attached to it, so I fear it won’t be loud enough for people to hear. Took quite some time to set up actually. After switching amps, I went to the stool and took a deep breath. Everybody was ready, so I started strumming. Everybody else in the crowd were laughing to the shots on the screen. I dunno. My face was funny kot. Or I had a booger somewhere. oh well.

Then I started singing, taking necessary breath at small intervals. I was hungry, but I managed to hold my breath and reached the high notes for the front part of Billie Jean. Let me tell you. I really only hit big notes when I’m under alcohol influence or when really loud music is playing in the background. This was totally different. I didn’t drink that morning or the night before, and I was playing the acoustic guitar softly with matching soft accompaniment behind me. But once that was done, we went into disco groove mode. Fuck yeah baby! the worst part have ended. Let’s just do this, I screamed in my heart.

During Jangan Tinggal Daku, I messed up some harmony, but I still covered it kot. Then, the drama part with Ying was actually humiliating, but for the sake of the band, I did it with shirts tucked into my jeans. Tsk tsk. But really, everything went well. The judges gave the comment that we really wanted to hear ” Meremang bulu roma time lagu kedua tadi”, “Most creative band” and we got all 6 out 6 facebook likes from the judges.

So we went back to our seats, enjoyed the show and 2 hour plus later, the results was in. A bunch of awards were award to individuals. Our very own Eet Ying won best female vocalist and Ah teck won Best background performer. Wooow!

The final results was next. Number 6 was Athena, Timmy’s other team. Number 5 was Last Minute, my beloved Sabahan Juniors’ band. Number 4 was Blacklist, the Indonesian dudes. Then, it hit us. Fuck. we’re in the top 3!! After that, Bro’s Code was Number 3. It hit us again. FUCK WE’RE TOP 2!! After that the remaining two bands, were asked to go on stage.

At that point, I think most of all dah pasrah because the other band was Threnody. A very very musically awesome group. But when the MCs said the Champion of Euphonious 2012 was BITS…




It went through my mind a dozen times. Also my mouth.

yeah.. I’m just super glad and touched that someone does believe in our talents,

So.. nak tido lu. hahaha. really tired. will continue tomorrow kot. with pictures (hopefully)