Pre-Graduation photo TAG


So, I’m really bored. Actually I have my last test in UTP tomorrow. muahaha. but nanti2 je la study.

So here’s a list of 10 things to do before you grad from UTP. It’s all my idea. Just do it for fun. Grab your besties and do it! hahaha. No pressure, Tiada paksaan dan Majulah sukan untuk negara. All these are to be done with a camera (camera phone, digital camera, dslr, etc) and each number are to be posted as individual post 😀

1. Theme : Lecture hall/room.Go to three different lecture halls/rooms and snap a photo of yourself sitting, standing, jumping in each room.

2. Theme : CafeteriaGo to at least 3 cafes in UTP and snap a picture of you (or with your friends) in front of the counter, tables, sinks, or wherever. As long as you know it’s a cafe that you’re at.

3. Theme : Academic Complexi. As UTPians, you should know that there’s a big rock seat that is placed in front of every block. Take a photo of yourself with that rock. haha.
ii. Depending on your course, go to your faculty block and take a picture with the Signage that shows the department and block name.. eg: Block 1.. Computer and Science Department..
iii. Take a photo near the ‘sungai kering’ or the bridge near the academic complex.

4. Theme : Crazy Coursematesi. Graduating soon huh? Who better to take pictures with than your coursemates!!
You must take photo with at least 10 of your classmates, be it boys or girls, or mix em up! Don’t  go for your best friends. Just choose random coursemates!

5. Theme : Awesome Lecturer
I won’t believe you if you said you don’t have any favourite lecturer. Ok, if you really don’t have one, just take a photo with your FYP or internship supervisor :D. If you really don’t have, just take a random photo with any lecturer you see. I DARE YOU

6. Theme : Mari bersenam
Have you ever exercised in UTP? If yes, where? haha. So, take a photo at the Sport complex, or the lake in V6. If you regularly jog behind v5 and the academic blocks, you should snap a picture there too!

7. Theme : UTP night splendorTake a photo in front of chancellor hall/IRC at night time. Awesome lights. Then you should take a photo at the pavement from the chancellor hall to the roundabout at night. Ala, tempat orang dating tu… haha.

8. Theme : Hostels
I dare you to take a picture in front of every room you’ve occupied before. Ok, maybe at least 3 if you have bad memories. haha. If you really can’t remember, just take a photo of yourself in front of all the villages 😀

9. Theme : Best Friends
Take some group photo with your bestfriends, and post it. then, look in your hard drive for past pictures of all of you together. Post it too. See the differences.

10. Theme : Final Goodbye
Before leaving UTP, take a photo of yourself, in front of UTP gate, where there’s the UTP logo and name is at. You don’t wanna miss that. Sob Sob Sob.

So.. that’s it. You can choose to do it. or not. just giving ideas here 😀 now get those cameras and snap snap snap!


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