[LONG POST] si gemuk yg jadi kurus gemuk balik mau kurus lagi.

Hello readers!

Scrolling down my homepage, I can see most of my not-so-recent posts are music-related. haha. Well, today, I feel like totally blogging on something very personal. Hihi

As you could probably deduce from the title, it’s about my freaking weight. Yes. Sia la tu si gemuk yang jadi kurus, gemuk balik, mau kurus lagi balik. kunun. haha

During my primary school years, I was really skinny. Apa tidak, main bubut bubut, rounders, polis sentep(police & thief), bola jak time rehat di sekolah. Then, pada suatu hari, sia pigi Australia with my family, for my father’s convocation. I think that’s where I started to balloon in size. Freakin Aussie.

Time form 1 ok masih, masih comel, kecik, nerd. Masuk form 2, nahhhh. alala, mula suda makan sasau tiap minggu. And aktiviti riadah kurang kurang sudah. So fast forward, sampai form 5, saiz seluar 33. Oh ma god. Sama saiz sama daddy time tu. hahaha

Before masuk Utp, sempat lagi kerja Mcd, so kerja penat, tapi mkn Mcd hari2, omg. tmbh berat adalah. But in that year, sia ada pigi naik gunung for a freakin 4th time, and at that time, I had a freaky accident time naik. Well, ok. not freaky. I just slipped on a rock near a small stream. The thing is, I fell down on my ass. More specifically, my left glutious maximus. hahaha. And I was not even halfway through to Panar Laban. Cramps felt every 50m. But yeah, I did conquered the mountain for the 4th time all the way to the top.

How is that related to this post? Macam out sudah kan. hahaha. Well, since then, I have this recurring cramps on my left thigh, nda buli lari jauh and lumpat tinggi. The impact trigger cramps. Sigh. Plus, I was already around 70 kg that time. Gilaaaa.

So, when I entered UTP, I has this goal of losing weight, especially when I got to know that uni students makan ala kadar and maggi seja. haha. Sorry lah, I’m not from a boarding school before. And it gets annoying when all your friends are from boarding school and think you can’t survive uni cuz you never been toany boarding school pfft. hahaha

Well yeah. So my foundy years in utp is actually pretty amazing. Jog at the tasik and padang every evening, or played futsal especially with the chinese and borneo peeps. Slowly but surely, I knew I lost some weight by the end of the sem. At that time, one sem was 6-months worth. My reassurance was how my pants seems to stick lower and lower down my waist. haha

So, when I met my parents in kl during the sem break, they did not even recognized me. Haha. Went up on a scale at the hotel, and realised I lost 8kg. hahaha. Apa lagi, baju baru, seluar baru, rambut baru! Cuz I freaking looked like a caveman hahaha with my shaggy hair and baggy clothes. Tiba2 pandai pakai jeans sma baju slim fit.

Tapiiii, itu foundy. hahaha belum kenal lagi setan2 di uni. Sia masi juga joging hari2, until I found a new fucked up companion. Sigup. oh and mr alcohol. hahaha. When I started to embrace those things, my evening activities makin kurang. Makin malas, makin nda fit.

Sampai lahhhh 2nd year, when I was going for internship in my hometown. Tiap minggu futsal balik, pigi my uncle’s house, cuz he got some gym equipments. So I got back into groove. But at this time, my weight has gone up from 66kg to 69kg. Haha.

So, when I was back in UTP for my final year, I made an effort to go joging every day. But yeah, final year kot. Banyak barang mo buat cuz it’s final year. haha. minum pun byk.

So fast forward, after I graduated, I ballooned back into a 75kg unemployed dude. Hari2 ikut daddy makan sasau kan hahaha. So, after I started working, I feel that I really need to start to be serious. Enough is enough. Mau sangat kunun jadi artist youtube, tapi.. mau keluar youtube pun nda konfiden with my looks.

Thank God, rezeki bagus, I got a job with my uncle that allowed me to come to and go back from work at a flexible time. Plus, gaji plus commission buli tahan. Well, enough for me to start my savings. Not as much as my friends in oil and gas, but still, it’s more than enough for me to survive and save.

Recently, I took up Herbalife, not only for my weight, cuz my health was deteriorating. And I’m not gonna reveal why. I am now serious in this goal. And I don’t freakin care what people has to say about it. haha. I know what I’m doing.

So, just to share, I have lost around 5kg, dlm 1 months plus. Not just with Herbalife. haha. Finally got the groove back to jog and futsal again.

One thing I regret before, when I lost 8kg, I never really took notice of my body’s physical apperance. I don’t know how my arms look, I don’t know how my tummy looked, yeah you get the idea. All because I never had the confidence to look in the mirror.

Now, I become a narcissist because I want to know how I change. haha. Well, all in a good intention. So yeah. Saja mau blog panjang2, cuz I know i won’t post again until I got another thing come up haha.

So bababai readers! (that’s if you read through the whole post hahaha) bababai