So now I’m 20.


It’s an awe to hit the capital two-O milestone. It simply means I have been living in this world for 20 freaking years already. As you get older though, i bet everybody would like to think they’re getting mature every day. And I like to think that too about myself. If I compare myself as a 20 years old with 15 years old Lorenzo, then I can confidently say I have mature a lot in a lot of aspects of life. Yeah, we still make the worst mistakes ever sometimes but that’s exactly how maturity is. You make mistake, you learn from it. You repeat it again, you’re immature. But, when you finally think hard about your mistakes, there’s no doubt there’s a sense regret inside of you which will make you wanna be better next time. What’s that? It’s maturity in my book.

Every single year, I do expect people to wish me just to see who remembered my birth date. Each year though, it still takes me by surprise of how I’m still gonna be touch and shocked by people’s word. Even a simple phrase of “Happy Birthday and MGBU (May God Bless You)” can put a smile on my face.

Some people expect celebrations and birthday surprises or pranks to be thrown at them. For me, I don’t mind any of it. I just like to be appreciated for who I am for a day. It’s nice to be able to re-connect with people who you’ve lost contact with or to bond closer with your close buddies. I’d like to give those who I appreciate hugs but I didn’t get to do that for this 20th birthday.

It was awesome to see how my facebook notification went into a frenzy from people I just knew and from family members back home and even friends who I never thought who’ve still wanna be in contact with me. It’s way more awesome to see people craft such long sms-es just to make sure they didn’t miss out anything important to wish me well.

The feeling of gratefulness boost up my spirit to be better for another year. It lifts my spirit up to be grateful to my ever loving God above who still prolong my life in this buzzing Earth.

So here’s to leaving the teen years behind and to look forward to an awesome journey towards eternity πŸ™‚

Thanks to all who called me on my birthday especially close friends and family.
Special thanks to warga v4 for calling and singing the birthday song through phones. Kita berpisah tapi kamu masih awesome πŸ™‚
Thanks to those who changed their gtalk status to wish me
Thanks to people who gtalk me to wish Happy Birthday.
Thanks to whoever wished me on Facebook because you guys took the time to even write on my wall.

Thanks to Mummy who called me for nearly an hour to talk with me and for giving me bday cash!!
Thanks to my awesome gang in v3 for that birthday cake – Nas πŸ™‚ Fli roomie πŸ™‚ Syahmi πŸ™‚ Stiel πŸ™‚ Acap πŸ™‚ and Awang kot πŸ™‚ ahahahaha. Thanks juga to Azuwan and Apip.
Makaseh juga yang kasi blanja minum Zebra tu malam πŸ™‚ Yuck tapi sadap juga la kan. ahahaha.
Thanks to my wingmen! bros!
Thanks to a person juga sebab mms πŸ™‚ walaupun mula2 salah antar mms πŸ˜›

Thanks to Edgar, Mildred and Tracey for that bday treat with Debbie (the bitch) at Waraku. Hehe.
Thanks to whoever included me in their prayers.

And most of all, Thank You God for this abundant grace and blessings you always have granted me.


What Up worthy camp! [LONG POST. with pictures. and videos]

Hey doofuses! how are you people? Mesti baik2 saja. I’m super sorry if some of you were looking forwards to consistent updates on this blog. Truth is, I just don’t have the time. Or, rather, I forgot the very existence of this blog. Haha. Ok, whatever’s whatever. Mari kita blogging πŸ™‚

So, tonight’s post will be about this camp that I went during raya break. So, this camp was in Cameron Highlands. We had planned everything out for the camp and thankfully, everything did went as planned. We boarded Uncle Paramjit’s dull but awesome school bus from UTP to Medan Gopeng. There, we met up Lydia, Flo, Lai, Ayung, Jen and Gilda. Best juga dapat jumpa dorang sebab semua pun satu kepala juga. Haha. Sadly, there was a misunderstanding about the bus ticket so they had to wait an extra 5 hours there for the next bus. Kesian tapi apa boleh buat kan.

OH! My mistake!! I didn’t mentioned the people from UTP who signed up for the camp. Haha. Ok2, so there was me, my vice President J, his mistress Maylin, her roomie Clare, her bestfriend Isabel, her statemate Erize, her statemate also Monica, her boyfriend Had, his Deputy Moshey, his wingman Aaron, his bday-mate Holinson, his coursemate Rick, his bestfriend Josh, his statemate Ignatius, his buddy Johnny, his housemate Edgar and his friend Jill. Ha! talk about the links we have with every individual. Hahaha.

Ok, so, sambung cerita, we made our way to Cameron and I sat next to my wingman Moshey. Both of us initially was sleepy but we talked all the way to Cameron. Skill2 mengurat kaka. hahahaha. We talked until we created a mission for ourselves. What mission? Tapaya Cakap. Haha. So, near Cameron, Moshey’s bladder was bursting out. Sorry Mosh, ni part lawak ba. ahaha! Yang mo terkencinggg suda tu. ahahahahaha.

Anyway, so we reached Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands and met up with J and Herman who picked up our luggages and we were free to take lunch and release bladder tension. Turns out majority had to pee. Haha. So, we took our lunch in different groups and headed to Barre Center to settle in after that. Okay. Pictures at the end of the post. Thanks!

I’m not gonna go in details for every single activity. That would be torture to your connection to load the pix and torture to my mid to recall all the details back. haha. So, i’ll just freely blog about the camp yeah!

Alright, so, the Centre was a fine facility I supposed. Had almost everything and besides the town is so damn near to it. So, we boys all slept inside a dormitory. All the beds were double-decker beds so siapa cepat dia dapat. No air-cond needed there! and no fans too! Natural air-cond owh.

So, I was a facilitator for my group. The Red Group! I love em! ahaha. Got to know awesome people and had a crush on one of em. AHAHA. Johnny was in my group too so makin best la. ahaha.

So, one highlight was picking up body parts and explaining why we chose so. Then, we got to incorporate that body part we chose into the nobody song. So, our group picked Tongue. Ahaha. For the explaination, I forgot ody. Then, we did the nobody song. We were the only one different than the other groups, because we didn’t sang the lyrics. We sang the nobody song with our tongue sticking out. Imagine that! ahaha. best2.

There was some talk given by invited speakers in the camp. I forgot the topics too. Huhuhu. What the hell is wrong with you memory?? Anyway, one of the topics were sexuality and the others I completely forgot. The talk was okay la. Ada part boring but the inputs were so informational to say the least. Haha.

What I love most were the Praise and Worship sessions. Particularly the ones that NUCS did. It was awesome! The action songs before every session was also fun. You could see everyone was into grooving and singing with each others. Haha.

Oh2, can I say something again about UTP students during the camp? ahaha. We slept a lot. ahaha. Until at most morning prayers, I don’t think you’ll see all 17 of us praying. haahahaha. Sorry guys, buka pekung di dada sikit. ahaha.

Next, let’s talk about the exposure trip. We were divided into groups if 10 and I got into the Migrant Workers trip group. I love this exposure!! Had a blast taking photos with the guys and had an eye-opening experience with migrant workers. Through their stories, you could see the determination they had in their eyes when they tell their stories of leaving their country to provide for their families. Their life is not glamourous at all but they live to survive and still live to provide for their families back home. Pictures at the end ya.

Then another highlight was the X-pose Night. this was the night you had to make performance on based on what you learned in the camp or what you learn from any culture since you been there. Haha. So, we, the Red group decided to dance, and Walter choreographed our moves and we fused Kadazan/Dusun, Jawa, Chinese and Hindi, and Bidayuh kot. Ahaha. Up until the 11th hour, we still weren’t sure of our performance. The music was either too long, too fast or too confusing. Haha. Just 10 minutes before the event, we just used Mamarayou and just did the dance we practiced with. Jeng Jeng Jeng. best! We were the first group to perform so sambutan memang hangat. ahaha. Play the video at the end. ahaha.

So, besides all of these, the moments worth remembering was the awesome time bonding with people you already know, getting to know new people, sparking a friendship with someone who caught your eyes. ahha. The eating time lagi la best. You mix and mingle here and there and get some pictures lagi.

Oh, there was one thing all the participants had to do. We had to make a PCCG mail. Which we decorate and stick to this wall and people can leave you notes and messages inside. Before leaving, i wrote many notes for people I got to know at the camp and I got around 23 mails. Haha. I’ll take pictures of the mails soon. I sticked all of those onto my wall. Hee.

Owh, and after the X-pose night, we went out to mamak until 3am before going back to the centre. So awesome there hanging out with Lita, Stacy, Vil, Burun, Moshey, Edgar, Ansau, Arry, J and Ho. haha. Best2^^. Tingu la di gambar.

So. Talking aside now, here’s the pictures! Hopefully I’ll be able to put caption to all pix ^^. Told ya it’s gonna be a long post. ahaha. Don’t say I didn’t warned you. πŸ˜€

Oh, you’ll see a lot of my face. AHAHA. BLOG SAYA BA!! Testing out slideshow instead of showing gallery .. haha


My good friend Anthea Fuilyn Peter!

It’s a bit random but I know u’re always my tipsy, gila2 and love-life-story buddy. ahahahahahahahaha.

You’re awesome chubby!!

I like u just the way u r!!

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Paduli la sia tipsy. I know my grammar is still awesome eventhough I’m high. hahaha

To u people, stop reading. This ain’t about u!!

Oh, ps ; i’m in love!!!