Kenapa buli demam
Kenapa buli sumbat idung
Kenapa kenapa?

Jawab dulu kenapa
Baru sia tia tanya kenapa

Kenapa boleh gemuk
Kenapa tidak buli kurus

Kenapa buli cute
Kenapa tidak hodoh

Kenapa banyak nyamuk
Kenapa tidak banyak cicak makan nyamuk

Kenapa bah
Mana sia tau kenapa
Tula sia tanya kenapa

Kenapa ko suka pendam
Kenapa pandai simpan dendam

Kenapa suka trip gembira
Kenapa pura pura ceria

Kenapa nda pandai paham
Kenapa nda cuba pun

Kenapa suka jeles
Kenapa jeles cakap belakang

Kenapa suka mengharap
Kenapa nda cakap seja

Kenapa lah kalau ko pandai menyanyi
Kenapa masih nda femes

Kenapa berbakat
Kenapa nda hargai berkat

Kenapa lah kau beragama
Kenapa kau macam tiada agama

Kenapa banyak pikir
Kenapa nda pikir

Kenapa kenapa kenapa
Kenapalah kalau kenapa

Sudah lah sama kenapa ko
Kenapa lah sia sama kenapa sia.


post teda teda

Sometimes, I’m always left in awe with how things in life work. The miracle of life. The miracle of moment. Even the smallest thing becomes quite the wonder when you look at it at a different perspective. Curious me always leave me over thinking. But of course, when you’re too free, that’s exactly what you’d do.

Family. Girlfriend. Best friends. good friends. Blackberry. Android. Nivea Facewash. Kapok Guitar. That brand of jeans. Canon cameras. Zoom H1 mic. Faber Castell. Lipton Tea. Logitech Speakers. D&J ciggies. Learning Kadazan For Kids app. Top Floor room. Multimedia major. Bachelor degree in ICT.

The list can go on and on. Each of the item can somehow be questioned in more ways than one. I can be so curious that I even annoy myself. I once wondered if I was adopted cuz I have narrow eyes. I once wondered how did I end up with my girlfriend. What made her accept my couple ‘proposal’.  If I should connect all of this with religion. Yeah, the answer would be obvious. God has made a plan for me. Yeah . Well, I believe that. But I can’t stop questioning.

Luck has always been on my side. I once told myself I’m so great. I have a good brain that I won’t have to worry at all in my studies.  Even if I’m lazy. But I guess I have this trait of waiting for a push to actually start doing something. I never do anything without people telling me to do it earlier. But I can’t brain that what I do in the last minutes are still as good as what I would’ve done earlier.

This post is going nowhere. I’m just bored.

massive massive update

hello readers!

im just making an announcement post that after my viva ends next week, i will be posting quite a number of pictures all from my harddrive that are related to my entire uni life.

shit la. now im feeling the last sem blues.

i just wanted more space out of my hard disk, so i will upload a lot of pictures soon.

meanwhile, pls pray for my viva!

I’m here.
Lying on this bed,
Trying to get my mind to clear.

I’m trying to get used to blogging on my blackberry. Cause I just love the feel of this.

Again, I wanna post something about music. Haha.

Lately all my nights have been dedicated to convo dinner performances. Practised a whole lot with virtuoso. Who would’ve thought kan. This is such a big deal.

So, I was exposed to pop music when I was growing up. Mtv, channel v, hitz dot fm, traxx fm, mix fm, lite fm. 90’s music, millenium music, u name it.
Then came the era that changes the pop culture, where rap fuses into a lot of rock music. I start to accept hiphop coming in. Then pop came back with a lot more fusion.

I started to feel bored with the way sounds are coming out from the radio. Everything sounds the same. Then came Youtube. That animal. I saw some people recorded themselves singing with backing track that have faint singing voice still in them. That made me open my eyes. Wow. there’s more to a song than what you listen to. In order words, a song can sound new with a change of singer, instruments, chord progression, song structure. Youtube introduced me to the ‘cover’ concept.

Man did that changed my life. I started searching for covers of my favourite songs. I think the video that inspired me the most to create a youtube account to upload my own video was by miarose, she was covering goo goo doll iris? Damn. I wanted to learn guitar so badly and learn how to sing. Actually, I know how to do both. It’s just that I wanted to be better.

Then I started getting pocket money. I remembered one day, during the SPM break, I was stuck at home. I called one of my best friend if he can go out, and he could. He picked me up and we went straight to karaoke. Haha. Good times.

Karaoke did wonders for me. People who never saw the crazy side of me will flip when they see me belt linkin park’s in the end (yes, even shinoda’s rap part) and black eyed peas’ where is the love. All time favourite. And karaoke is the one thing I don’t mind spending my money for. Bagi lah 10 jam pun. Nda kisah.

One thing people probably don’t know about me is I entered the Digi karaoke competition. Haha. Didn’t even got through the first round. Hahaha. That competition was won by Salma, mentor 5 winner?. Oh well, who cares. Haha.

Starting from there, I always thought of myself as this loser who will always only be deemed as a good singer in karaoke or in my own youtube videos only. Joining talent search or eupho in UTP is like a scary shit. Confidence is one issue. Then you have to front a band. I can speak to people but sometimes when I try to be friendly. It’s awwwwkkkward to me. Haha.

Talent search 2009 – I sang katy perry’s thinkin of you. Got good response, but according to a commitee member, I placed 23rd out of 30 participants. Ain’t that sad. A senior’s words gave me back some confidence. He said if I only sit down and sing they will automatically don’t put you thru. Like wth but yeah.

Euphonious 2010 – formed a band with my juniors called ‘Jack Daniel’s’. One of my sweetest moments. Jammed so freely. Caught some attention that night, but didn’t get through to the finals because our set up time caused us to lose marks. Haha. Swore with my juniors to continue joining eupho until we enter finals.

Music pursuit 2010 – entered this new version of talent search. Sang Bruno Mars’ Just the way you are for the audition. This time I didn’t sit. And I got thru. Wow. Haha. Sang a not-so-popular the fray’s song and placed last in the finals. Hahaha. Ketawa jak la. But yeahhh enjoyed!

Euphonious 2012 – wee hoooo. Formed a band with my coursemates. Sang amy winehouse and pramlee’s song during pre lims and got thru to the finals. I blogged about this before. Seriously didn’t expect finals at all. Then, I even played acoustic intro for michael jackson’s billie jean during the finals. Performed pramlee again and turns out, the judges was won over.. Wee hooo!! We won eupho 2012. What made me extra happy, my junior’s joined too and got into the finals too. Hehe.

UITM battle of the band 2012 – joined this so last minute. Jammed only the night before the day of competition. Brought the same song as eupho finals. And we won again! Haha. I think so far, I sang the best in this competition. Flawless in my on opinion. Hahahahahaha dafuq.

Hujan concert, opening act – yeah. Cuz we won uitm botb competition, we won the honour of opening for Hujan band’s concert in uitm. Performed pink floyd’s echoes, which I only start to memorize the lyrics the night before. Memang fakup la. Haha. But still got thru it. Also performed pramlee’s JTD again, but without my duet partner. There was a keyboard slack during the song intro cuz it wasn’t transposed back down after echoes. So we restarted the song again. The crowd was in disapproval with faint hints of boos but I think I did well saying some shits to calm things down.. Haha

TTS, putera sangkar maut show. Joined back the bits band to handle sound effects and extra turn performances for the theatre. Seriously an awesome experience to learn about theatre and sound effects. Then I had to perform Sudirman’s Salam terakhir and P ramlee’s Di mana kan ku cari ganti, after being persuaded by the theatre people. Banyak la jadi. Lupa lirik pun ada. Haha tapi besttt jugak!

Convo dinner – this is upcoming. So far I have to sing 3 songs. All duets. Hahaha. Hopefully it will go fine.

Convo – will perform 1 song. Ahhhhhh takut.. Hahaha..

So that’s my musical timeline in utp. Amazing. I never knew it was coming. I’m more than grateful now knowing that before this nothing was successful. Took several tries before getting noticed. Not that I wanted to, but at least I can do what I love. Hehe.

Ok dahhhh .. Tido!

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