Ok, I’m just tired of posting updates on my life, well, at least, this is the case for the time being. So, for a change, I wanna rant about something that I’m really into.


I can’t believe I’ve been so blind before. The ones you keep beside you always aren’t always gonna be at your side. I’m not saying that they won’t stick to you when you in dilemma. I mean, physically, it’s not always possible for a friend to be at your side when those times do come. This is where you start to find new clique, and new best friend to try to fill in the shoes unintendedly left by the old best friends. Translate the situation into an analogy, it’s as if there’s a torch of best-friendship passed on from a best friend to a replacer. This stuff does happens. Believe it.

I was holding so tightly on the relationship I built with my best friends back home that I didn’t make up space for new best friends here, until I did realise that it’s not gonna work like that. Thankfully, I got over that, and I made many awesome people here. I started a new journey in building ties with these people I now call best friends and what’s quite different now from back then is, I’m living with this people. I mean, literally. I live with them. I see their faces everyday, without fail. Heck, like it or not, I’m gonna have to live with that. For now, I’m on the like side. Aha.

Okay, so what’s definitely treasurable for me is learning new things with this people seems really worth it as they can’t judge me for we just known each other. Then, I could still do many things that I use to do back home, for example Futsal, this time, learning a whole new level of play, a different perspective in strategies etc etc. But hey, cut the analytical crap. I just really appreciate what I have for now.

I’m really grateful, people from my past are still in my present. Hey. That sentence sound so wicked. Yeah. If for some reason, you don’t get what I just typed, here’s a another way to put it. I’m thankful friends I met before during high school time are still keeping their promises to keep in touch and to not forget each other.

Recently, it hits me. I get jealous when I see how my best friends go over to make new best friends and yeah, I feel kinda abandoned when that happens. I found out a simple way to get rid of the jealousy. I go make friends with the new best friends, and we all become good friends. Ain’t that nice?

I guess I can’t rant much.

Wait. Maybe a little more.

I hope my friends treat me the way I treat them. I’m always trying my best to be there for anyone who’s facing trouble times, no matter what case it is, be it a financial difficulties, relationship issues, study stresses, self-esteem dilemma or other kind of trouble. I’m the type of person who rarely forget what others’ done for me but forget easily what I’ve done for them. Argh.

So. I wanna make more friends, and hope among them will rise some new best friends. It’s actually pretty nice. Not that I wanna be everyone’s best friend. Hey, I’ll be hypocritical to think like that. Might as well be realistic right? You can’t get along with everyone. It’s a matter of chemistry. When it’s right, it’s right. Hehe. So. Nice to meet all of you. This is just thoughts.



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